Mikado Sanzenin (三千院 帝 Sanzenin Mikado?) is the male half of the Golden Pair, which he forms with his partner, Azusa Shiratori.



He is the student at Kolhotz High School which he attends with Azusa, together as the Golden Pair they have 950 consecutive wins as of their first appearance in the series.


Mikado makes a cameo in Tendo Family Christmas Scramble.

Mikado is window shopping with Azusa when he sees Female Ranma being chased by a mob, Mikado comments on another romance re-entering his life. Azusa, however, spying her Charlotte in the crowd, puts on her roller skates, and pulls Mikado along by the scarf, nearly strangling Sanzenin to his obvious discomfort. The two are later seen roller skating after Ranma, but are knocked into the air by Jasmine the Elephant.[1]


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Mikado is a handsome, charismatic, yet lecherous sixteen year old boy and a master of Martial Arts Figure Skating. Mikado is without a doubt the brains of the pair. He is a cool, calm, collected and intellectual, he lacks the ditzy, bubbly nature of his partner and can focus on the fight. If he has one weakness, it is the fact he is a playboy unparalleled. He admits to Ranma Saotome that he lives to charm women and seduce them into allowing him to give them a kiss, moving on to new targets once he succeeded. Despite this, or perhaps even because of it, he has a large, female fan club, in part due to his attractive appearance. By the time he appears in the series, he has kissed 998 girls, and claims his 999th kiss from the female form of Ranma Saotome, unaware of her true identity and taking it without her/his permission.

Presumably, it was Mikado who developed the Couple Cleaver technique, as it matches his combination of thoughtfulness and perversity. The technique is aimed to seduce a couple into betraying each other, with Mikado gladly picking up the female once it is done and trying to woo her into allowing him to kiss her.


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Azusa Shiratori

Azusa is his figure skating partner and they are commonly seen together. Despite this the two do not appear to be true friends. Mikado often yells at Azusa and she enjoys tormenting him. Eventually their combined selfish natures leads to their defeat. It is unknown if she is one the 999 girls Sanzenin has kissed.

Mikado employs the help of a team of men called to practice his "Assault of a Hundred Foes" on. Though they would not appear to like him, eagerly taking part in joining Azusa in drawing on Mikado, and writing phrases such as Give me Back My girlfriend.

Despite this tendency to earn the ire of others, Mikado has his own fan club called "We live for Sanzenin."


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