Moonlight Serenade (ムーンライト ボンバー Munraito bonba?) is the 66th chapter of the manga and the fourth chapter of the Happosai Intro Arc.

Ryoga finds his way back to the Tendo home and is shocked to see that Happosai has moved in. He blames Ranma for not protecting Akane from the perverted master and as P-chan promises to do his best to keep Happosai from stealing Akane's panties.

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Ryoga Meets HapposaiEdit

Kasumi tells Akane that she's gotten a special delivery, consisting of Pineapples and a letter. Akane reads the letter, which reveals that delivery is from Ryoga. As Akane reads the letter, Ryoga explains he's gotten a train north to Hokkaido. The letter continues that the tropical weather is slowing him down and how he was nearly bitten by a poisonous snake. Akane is bit confused by this, while Kasumi adds that it seems the Ryoga's gone to south to Okinawa again.

P-chan meets Happosai

Happosai is attacked by P-chan for trying to steal Akane's underwear.

Meanwhile, Happosai is in Akane's room and raiding her drawers until he finds a pair of her panties. Happosai is overjoyed to find them and believes they must be a gift from God. At that moment, P-chan tries to strike Happosai, but Happosai senses P-chan's presence so is able to dodge. The pair then begin chasing after each other around the room. When the chase stops Happosai states that P-chan mustn't be an ordinary pig and declares that he must be one of those panty thieves he heard about.

Just before Happosai can finish his sentence, Akane appears and steps on the back of his head asking who the thief is (having seen her panties in his hand). Akane then crushes Happosai under her leg, while she hugs P-chan and tells him how glad she is to see him and thanks him for catching the panty thief.

That evening Happosai learns about P-chan being Akane's pet pig. As P-chan is getting held by Akane, Happosai says that he never thought he'd want to swap places with a pig. Akane turns to Ranma and happily tells him not to start picking on P-chan again, Ranma just thinks to himself about why Ryoga doesn't just give up and leave them alone. Happosai then begins pestering Ranma about if he wouldn't want to be in P-chan's place, but Ranma just replies that he doesn't.

Happosai's PlanEdit

Happosai disguised as P-chan

Happosai tries to disguise himself as P-chan so he can sneak into Akane's room, but is stopped by Ranma.

Akane then stands up and heads for bed, taking P-chan with her. Happosai notices this and notes how sweet it is, he then soon decides to turn in himself. Ranma, however, is suspicious and grabs Happosai to stop him. Happosai tells Ranma that he must be mistaken as he's P-chan (by this time Happosai is wearing a outfit which resembles P-chan, but Happosai's face can still be seen). Ranma then asks "P-chan" where he's planning to sleep.

A few seconds later, Akane is getting changed in her room when she and P-chan hear a ruckus outside the door. Happosai (still disguised as P-chan) and Ranma barge through the door, causing Akane to cover herself as P-chan scratches Ranma's face only to slammed into the floor by Ranma. Akane then takes back P-chan and puts her shirt back on (Happosai, meanwhile, has managed to go unnoticed so hides behind a basket).

Ranma and Akane argue - Moonlight Serenade

Ranma and Akane argue with each other, shortly before Akane notices Happosai disguised as P-chan.

Ranma tries to clam down Akane by saying that he didn't do it so he could see her in her underwear as a turn on. Akane picks up a nearby Shinai and tells Ranma that he barges into her room; hits her poor P-chan and then says that to her and expects her to be fine with it, she then proceeds to send Ranma flying out through her bedroom window.

After landing in the Koi pond, Ranma begins shouting up to Akane that she was only trying to protect her from the old pervert. Akane calls Ranma a jerk for thinking she needs him to protect her. She continues by saying that she has P-chan to protect her, at that moment Happosai appears next to her and says that Akane's correct. Akane turns and is terrified at the sight of Happosai disguised as P-chan, despite Happosai's attempts of still pretending to be P-chan Akane quickly sends him flying skyward. As Akane looks around her room she notices that P-chan seems to have disappeared.

Onto the RoofEdit

Some time later, in the bathroom Ryoga questions Ranma about how he could an old lecher like Happosai into the house while he was away. Ranma responds by telling Ryoga to stop squealing. Akane's words then echo through Ryoga's mind, so he pours some cold water over himself to turn back into P-chan and runs towards Akane's room again, with Ranma in hot pursuit. Happosai then reappears (still disguised as P-chan) and steps on Ryoga.

Akane asleep - Moonlight Serenade

Ranma finds rendered unconscious by Happosai's Shiatsu.

The trio begin going after one another in Akane's room, while Akane becomes more infuriated with the ruckus. She manages to hit Ranma with a chair and locks him out of the room by nailing several pieces of wood around the door frame. However, she then sees Happosai has knocked out P-chan. Happosai then, rather darkly, suggests to Akane that they turn in. Akane is extremely terrified and calls for Ranma.

Ranma hears Akane's plea for help and despite the wood on the door, he easily breaks through it and sees Akane lying on the floor. He then demands Happosai explain what he did, to which Happosai says he just tapped Akane's Shiatsu Sleep-Spot.

Happosai proceeds to take Akane (along with a pillow) and runs across several rooftops, while Ranma chases after him. Ryoga reappears and joins Ranma to try and stop Happosai, the sudden appearance of Ryoga gives Ranma an opening to kick Happosai which Ryoga follows up with a punch to Happosai's face. The pair then beat up Happosai until he gives up.

Happosai beaten by sleeping Akane - Moonlight Serenade

Ranma and Ryoga look on as Happosai is beaten up by the sleeping Akane.

With Happosai seemingly stopped, Ryoga tells Ranma that he's disappointed with him as seeing all the trouble he was having with Happosai made him think he'd be a formidable opponent, but instead... Just before Ryoga can finish, Happosai snuck behind him and hit over the head with a small mallet. As Happosai laughs at his achievement, Ranma tries to land a punch on the old lecher, but Happosai suddenly disappears before Ranma makes contact.

Happosai soon reappears directly in front of Ranma's face and manages to launch him into the air with one hand. Ryoga, meanwhile, has just recovered and is about to take on Happosai again, but before he can stand up Ranma lands directly on top of him and the pair effectively end up head butting each other.

Now his only obstacles have been removed, Happosai goes to sleep next to Akane. At first thinks seem to have worked out for the old lecher, but Akane begins to toss-and-turn resulting in Happosai getting punched and kicked several times over. As Ranma and Ryoga look on, Ranma asks if Akane usually sleeps like this, to which Ryoga replies that this is a lot calmer than usual.

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  • This chapter introduces Ryoga to Happosai.
  • Soun breaks the fourth wall this chapter as he flashes the V sign at the reader.
  • This chapter shows the potential of the Ranma and Ryoga team-up, showing that, if they remain focused, they are capable of taking on Happosai, by far the strongest character in the whole series.
  • While this chapter wasn't fully adapted, elements were used in the season 4 episode "Ryoga's "Tendo Dojo Houseguest" Diary".


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