Mr. Green Turtle (ミドリガメくんin Japanese, Mr. Scaly Green or Mr. Green Turtle in the English dub) is Kodachi Kuno's giant pet crocodilian. He wears an electrified pink collar around his neck that reads his name. This collar is made of 'memory metal' that cannot be removed without receiving a painful shock. Splashing it with hot water nullifies the electric field and allows it to be reshaped. It also contains a small hidden compartment. Kodachi once used the collar to stash the negatives for some photographs Hikaru Gosunkugi[1] (in the anime, it was Sasuke Sarugakure[2]) took that displayed her and Ranma having what appeared to be an intimate moment, forcing the latter into a fight with her pet.

Mr. Green Turtle - manga

Mr. Green Turtle in the manga

Mr. Green Turtle is frequently used for comic relief. In the manga, when Kuno destroyed one of the large posters of Ranma that adorned the walls of her room, Kodachi paralysed, wrapped him up like sushi and fed him to Mr. Green Turtle[3]. In the anime, the family's ninja servant Sasuke is usually used as his chew toy. More commonly, Ranma gets blasted into the air courtesy of Akane, subsequently landing in Mr. Turtle's pond, turning him into a girl and inadvertently giving Kuno a chance to catch his "pig-tailed girl," and on one occasion Kodachi had found a distracted Mousse in his duck form and she adopted him as a playmate for Mr. Turtle who chewed the poor duck boy to shreds. Mr. Turtle did not appear in the OAV, but a large tiger shark acted as his replacement.


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