This is a page describing the possible romantic relationship between Nabiki Tendo and Tatewaki Kuno, including hints.

Canonically, Nabiki and Kuno not only do not share a romantic relationship, but actively seem to dislike each other: Kuno is disdainful of Nabiki's mercenary ways and constant swindling of money (particularly from himself), while Nabiki seems to regard Kuno as nothing more than a vaguely amusing, more often irritating, source of frequent cash. However, a number of fans believe that the two have the potential to establish a romantic relationship, noting the somewhat playful teasing and insults that Nabiki gives Kuno (particularly in the anime, where she mockingly calls him "Kuno-baby" -- "Kuno-chan" in original manga), the fact that she has done small favors for Kuno (such as taking him to the nurse's room after Ranma first knocks him out cold), and, in a less idealistic note, the fact that Nabiki enjoys manipulating others and money, whereas Kuno is both easily manipulated and very rich.

Judging from his actions Kuno has a fondness for strong and independent women. Nabiki is very independent and while not strong physically, she has a very strong personality. Indeed, in the anime episode mentioned below, Kuno mentioned he liked her cool demeanor, devil may care attitude, and intelligence.

The anime and the manga have each hosted a story where the idea of Nabiki and Kuno as a couple was brought up, and both times it was treated as a joke and the two were shown to have no interest in each other. That said, the same thing happens with virtually every other relationship in the series.

Possible momentsEdit

  • Cursed Tunnel of love: Kuno is knocked out by Akane after giving her an unwanted hug, afterwards Nabiki then takes money for their fare from his wallet and drags him in the cursed tunnel. When attacked by a lantern ghost, Nabiki throws Kuno in front of her, the lantern burning him(though he is fine). This wakens the startled Kuno and Nabiki flirtatiously says Kuno saved her life. Later Kuno is seen negotiating with Nabiki for her to depart the sinking boat when Ryoga knocks him into the water, causing Nabiki to wonder why Kuno was so stingy. They leave the tunnel in the boat made by Cologne and are seen at the cafe at the end.
  • Extra, Extra! Kuno & Nabiki: Read All About It!: One of Sasuke's old friends, Gendo, a gluttonous but supposedly very talented fortune teller, came to visit Kuno's manservant. Upon hearing of the fortune teller's skill, Kuno asked for a firereading to determine who would be the girl he would marry. However, roughly halfway through the reading, the fire begins to run out of wood and, not knowing that Gendo uses a very special wood, Sasuke adds a bundle of regular firewood, which Gendo will later claim threw the reading off. Following the fortune teller's instructions, Kuno ends up meeting with Nabiki and assumes that he is destined to marry her. Being a strict believer in fate, Kuno tries to forget his obsession with Akane and Ranma's female form, but is unable to do so (admittedly, Ranma shows up in female form at one point to taunt him, and while Nabiki is content to enjoy his sudden generosity, she otherwise does not treat his new "feelings" for her at all seriously). At the episode's end, after arousing the wrath of all three girls by proclaiming to the school that he will wed Nabiki and keep Akane and "the pigtailed girl" as his concubines, he discovers that the prediction was wrong, angrily assaults Sasuke and Gendo both, and promptly forgets all about trying to forge any sort of relationship with Nabiki.
  • Nihao my Concubine: Several indications, in the first instance while resting after fainting, Ranma leaves Nabiki to take care of Kuno, in the background Kuno is heard mumbling Nabiki Tendo. Later when Nabiki is being courted by Wanton, Kuno arrives with Ranma to save her. Kuno says Wanton is his foe and charges. While Kuno puts out a valiant effort, he is unable to defeat the speedy Wanton. As Kuno is being thrashed by Wanton, Nabiki decides to lend a hand by exploiting Wanton's nature as a dog turned human by throwing a bone out the window. Ranma tells to Nabiki to look after Kuno and runs off to confront Toma. Nabiki says Kuno is a mess, as he comes to Kuno asks what happens to Wanton and Nabiki tells him that Wanton dropped out of sight. Kuno laughs, saying that Wanton must’ve ran off in fear of him, Nabiki rolls her eyes, then smiles and says I guess we’ll leave at that. In the end credits Kuno is seen fanning a reclining Nabiki.
  • Stormy Weather Comes to the School! Growing up with Miss Hinako: Kuno and Nabiki are seen talking to each other several times through out the episode. When Hinako pulls off her Happo Five-Yen Satsu attack in the direction of Akane and Nabiki, Ryoga runs in front of Akane and Nabiki pushes Kuno in front of her then says she’s grateful for him protecting her.
  • The Umbrella of Love: Kuno and Nabiki are one set of victims of the "Umbrella of Love", a magical old umbrella that causes whoever is under it at the same time to fall in love with each other for as long as they are under it. While under it, Kuno asks how she can become his, and Nabiki responds that for only 10000 yen her heart is his. When she gets the money she cries tears of joy at being loved by Kuno. When the umbrella is folded and the two come back to their senses, Nabiki is aghast that she would ask so little for allowing Kuno to stand beside her so intimately.

Other Edit

  • In the Doco Music video, Never-Ending Summer Vacation, Nabiki is seen spending time with a shadowed out boy. His height and hairstyle highly suggest it is Kuno.