Nannichuan wo Sagase is a piece included in the Fighting Songs Karuta album. It is performed by Ranma's female form's voice actor, Megumi Hayashibara, along with quest vocals from Ryoga, Shampoo, Mousse and Genma in their cursed forms.


Oyaji wa ii yo na
Betsu ni panda no mama demo
Saakasu haireba
Tachimachi ninki mono da ze

Onna wa iya da kedo
Buta ya ahiru yori wa mashi
Fuzaketa taishitsu
Sore demo naoshitai ze

Konna karada ni dare ga shita
Nannichuan wo sagashite kure yo
Haruka Chuugoku Chinhai-Shou
Nannichuan ni wataritee

Oyaji Oyaji Oyaji Oyaji...

Pops, he's gonna be all right
Even if he stays as a panda
If he enters the circus
He'll surely be a hit

I hate being a girl
But it's better than being a pig or a duck
It's a ridiculous situation
Or I'd like to fix it

Who's responsible for this body of mine
Please find the Spring of Drowned Man
Faraway China Ministry of Chinghai
I want to get to the Spring of Drowned Man
Pops Pops Pops Pops


Full Version

Ranma 1 2 - Kakuto Uta Karuta - 5 - Nannichuan Wo Sagase

Ranma 1 2 - Kakuto Uta Karuta - 5 - Nannichuan Wo Sagase

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