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Naval Engagement (婿とりマリンウォーズ Muko tori marin wozu?) is the 49th chapter of the manga and the eighth chapter of the Full Body Cat's Tongue Arc.


Ranma and the old ghoul begin their showdown and they both break each other's melons at the same time. Even with their melons gone, both continue to fight, but now Ranma seems to be winning easily. After taking the ghoul's cane from her Ranma makes her promise the Phoenix Pill if he wins. The ghoul has a few tricks up her sleeve and tells Ranma if she wins, he must marry Shampoo.

Plot Overview

Ranma and the ghoul break each other's Melons simultaneously.

Ranma, still carrying her Melon, runs towards the old ghoul and the two begin to try to break the other's Melon. The spectators look as the pair continually try to strike the other with incredible speed. Suddenly Ranma and the old ghoul manage to strike the opposing Melon at the same time, meaning that it's a tie as both competitors Melons have been destroyed.

As Shampoo and Akane are shocked at this result, Ranma oddly continues to attack the ghoul. While trying to keep Ranma at bay, the ghoul asks her when she got that good, to which Ranma replies that she owes a lot to the tough training she's been put through (by the ghoul). At that moment, Ranma manages to knock the old ghoul's walking stick out her hand (to the surprise of Akane and Soun).

Ranma catches the landing walking stick between her toes and begins to comment on how the old ghoul's age must be catching up with her. Akane, meanwhile, is cautious about this situation as Ranma shouldn't have been able to beat Shampoo's Great-Grandmother so easily.

Continuing, Ranma tells the old ghoul to make a deal where should she (Ranma) win, then she'll get the Phoenix Pill and turn back into a man. The old ghoul doesn't see herself as having any other choice, but adds that should Ranma lose then she'll have to marry Shampoo. Without a seconds thought, Ranma agrees to the terms (causing polar reactions from Shampoo (who's overjoyed) and Akane (who's against the idea)).

The ghoul then chuckles and tells Ranma to remember that a deal is a deal. She then quickly regains her walking stick and begins spinning Ranma around, before slamming her into the floor. The crowd are shocked by this sudden regaining of youth, Soun, however, realises that the ghoul was only pretending to be defeated. Akane decides that Ranma has the stupidity of a youth.

Ranma tries to defeat the ghoul, but can't the upper hand.

Akane the goes on to call Ranma baka (or "dummy" in the english translation) multiple times over, until Kasumi calmly pipes up and tells Akane she's made her point. Ranma tells Akane to shut up and returns to fighting the old ghoul.

Despite Ranma's determination, she just can't hit the ghoul and this isn't helped when the ghoul begins throwing sand quickly from all angles into Ranma's eyes. Ranma tries to punch the ghoul, but misses and gets sent flying by the ghoul's walking stick instead.

Ranma continues to fly until she ultimately lands in the ocean, soon followed by the pursuing ghoul. The ghoul, after jumping into the ocean herself, decides that while she's here she'll show Ranma a "fun trick". This turns out to be her spinning her walking stick until she creates a Waterspout. Inside the spout the spectators notice Ranma being choked by the ghoul and her walking stick. Gurgled, the ghoul asks Ranma if she gives up, but Ranma (gurgled as well) replies not yet.

The members of the Tendo household look on helplessly, while Shampoo tells Ranma just to give up. Ranma, however, manages to break the ghoul's walking stick in half and throws her into the ocean, while falling back into it herself. Surprisingly, the ghoul appears to able to walk on water, although Soun identifies that for a master of Martial Arts like her they can find a foothold on even a single floating twig.

The shark appears and the spectators reaction.

What the old ghoul is standing on is soon revealed, when a shark suddenly jumps out of the water towards Ranma (which the ghoul appears to be almost riding). Everyone just stands in shocked silence by this turn of events.

After recovering from the pure obscenity of this scene, Akane declares that this dirty, although Shampoo disagrees. Back to fight and the ghoul notes she's only needs to use the shark as a foothold, while she can use her "Sahrk-fist" on Ranma. Ranma is then hit by a large jet of water in the shape of a shark and begins to fall beneath the waves.

Ranma and Akane about to be attacked by the shark directly.

The ghoul, however, decides that one more blow should finish this so uses the Shark-fist again to launch Ranma into the air. Akane has seen enough so jumps into the ocean in order to try and rescue Ranma. Kasumi and Nabiki watch as Akane goes under the water as well. Kasumi then asks Nabiki if she knows if Akane ever learned to swim, to which Nabiki retorts that Akane is a lead wight.

Underwater, Ranma turns to see Akane flailing uncontrollably so frantically swims over to save her. Ranma manages to get Akane to the surface, where she questions Akane about what she was thinking just then. These isn't much chance for Akane to answer as the ghoul reappears and although she notices Akane she decides it's just too bad as she'll have to get rid of her as well. Ranma and Akane are then faced with the Shark being right behind them.

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  • The character's reactions to the Shark appearing could be a reference to the Jumping the shark idiom.
  • The last panel is this chapter seems to be inspired by scenes (or the infamous movie poster) from the 1975 film, Jaws.


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