Nekonron is a remote, mountainous region in China that is the home of the Seven Lucky Gods Martial Artists and their followers. An odd characteristic about the people from Nekonron is that their metabolisms can only handle Rice and Pickled Vegetables. It takes a few days’ travel by flying ship for them to return to Nekonron from Furinkan. A prominent feature of the area is Seven Luck Mountain, which has massive statues carved into it. Another characteristic of the mountain is several Geysers on top of it powerful enough to throw hot water in columns high into the air. Kirin lives in a tall pagoda located on the summit, while his six warriors occupy five castle gates that guard the path to this pagoda. The first gate is destroyed by one of Happosai's Happo Daikarin bombs, while the second one was demolished by Ranma himself when he split Daihakuse and Daikokuse's go board, making the castle gate collapse in on itself.

During his fight with Kirin in the pagoda, Ranma succeeds in punching through its floors all the way down to a water vein, creating a new geyser that flows up through the pagoda to its top floor. When he unleashes his Hiryū Shōten Ha, the attack overcomes Kirin’s Hundred Chopstick Sting, but also exponentially magnifies the flow of water passing through the pagoda, creating an immense and powerful whirlpool that destroys it. The area afterwards becomes a large lake. For reasons unknown, Happosai was in the area and stole half of The Scroll of Luck many years ago. Cologne also knows about Nekonron, but not about The Scroll of Luck.

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