Never, Never, Never (断じて認めん Danjite mitomen?) is the fourth chapter of the first volume of the manga and the second chapter of the Tatewaki Kuno Intro Arc.

After having a very eventful walk on his first day at Furinkan High School, Ranma finds himself challenged by the Head of the School's Kendo Club, Upperclassman Kuno. To make matters worse Ranma has yet to notice the Storm Clouds gathering overhead.

Plot OverviewEdit

The FightEdit

A bolt of lightning strikes behind the School, then a student shouts that somebody's challenging Kuno to which another replies how dangerous that is. Kuno and Ranma are then seen staring at each other, silently. Kuno breaks the silence by saying he's going bring Ranma to justice. Ranma then asks who's "hounding" anybody, while Akane tries to explain to Kuno that Ranma's only staying with them.

Kuno slashing Wall

Kuno slicing the wall.

Kuno refuses to listen and begins to charge at Ranma, however, Ranma is able to dodge causing Kuno to slice into the brick wall that was behind Ranma. Kuno turns around to see Ranma on the tree that was nearby. Kuno shouts blast and swipes at the tree and cuts it in half, but Ranma is once again able to dodge. Ranma jumps down and lands on the tree half that fell on the floor. Ranma then tells Kuno to hold on and then runs towards Kuno and says to Kuno to let him make it perfectly clear. Meanwhile, Akane is astonished by the speed of which Ranma got to Kuno.

Ranma then begins shouting to Kuno telling him that Akane means nothing to him, however, Kuno doesn't believe what Ranma's saying is true. Ranma then continues if Kuno wants a crazy, violent chick like Akane he can have her. Akane is greatly angered by this and calls Ranma a pervert and throws her bag at him, Ranma then replies to her that he wants her to quit calling him a p--, but before Ranma can finish Kuno slices Akane's bag in half and says he forbids people talking ill about Akane. Just then Kuno looks up and sees Ranma jumping up and coming towards him, about to touch his head, but then it begins to rain.


The Panda appears

Genma appears with a Tetsubin.

A Panda then appears, carrying a Tetsubin. Genma runs up to Ranma, grabs him, and pushes Kuno to the floor with ease. Akane can't see clearly through the rain but believes the Panda to be Mr. Saotome, she then watches the Panda carry Ranma off into the school. Meanwhile, some students comment on how easily Kuno was knocked out by the Panda.

The door to the P.E. Equipment room slams shut. Ranma, who has turned into his female form from being soaked in the rain, and Genma are then seen inside the room. Ranma then says that if it hadn't rained he'd had nailed that buffoon in one. Akane then comes in through the window before Ranma can finish and says that she wouldn't be so sure. Ranma asks Akane what she means. Akane tells Ranma to look at his throat, which does and notices a bruise. Ranma then remembers back to the fight when Kuno moved his Shinai towards Ranma.

Ranma then says that it was a good thing Kuno didn't touch him, while Genma pours water from to Akane continues by saying that if Kuno had then Ranma would be breathing through a hole in his neck. Akane then asks Ranma if he thinks this makes Kuno an even match. Ranma replies by saying that he doesn't know.

A Little LaterEdit

Spelling Buffoon

Kuno and Nabiki spelling "buffoon".

Kuno is now in his class, 2-E. Looking at the word "Bufoon" which has been written on his forehead. Nabiki then says that it's amazing that Kuno doesn't even remember being touched. Kuno then replies that at first he thought Ranma was good, but he can't even spell. Kuno then goes to the Chalk Board and writes the word "Boofun" on it and says that's how it's meant to be spelt, however, Nabiki then writes the word "Buffoon" and says that no this is the correct way to spell it. This causes Kuno to turn to Nabiki and say that he detsts her, to which she responds that she's so glad.

Meanwhile, Ranma and Akane are now in their own class, 1-F. The teacher then says that while it is true that he was in China until recently, it doesn't excuse the fact that both he and Akane were late and he makes them stand in the hall. Akane and Ranma then go to the hall with buckets of water.

Akane turns angrily to Ranma and says that this is his fault. Ranma responds by saying to Akane that it was her fight in the first place. However, Akane says that every morning she gets her fights finished before school starts. Ranma then has a flashback to the fight and asks what the whole thing was about anyway. Akane explains that it started by Kuno saying that anyone who wishes to go out with her, must defeat her and he'll accept no other terms.

Back in class 2-E, Nabiki tells Kuno that Akane and Ranma are fiancées as her dad and Ranma's dad decided that Akane is going to marry Ranma. Kuno is greatly angered by this as he shouts Ranma's name, the teacher then tells Kuno to go and wait in the hall. Kuno then runs downs the hall, now in his Kendo outfit, carrying a bucket of water.

The Challenge is RestartedEdit

Ranma avoiding the Water

Ranma avoiding the water being thrown at him.

Ranma is surprised that Akane fights Kuno every morning, which Akane then says that for some reason she always wins. Ranma then says that any guy who fights a girl lets up a lot. This angers Akane slightly and she tells Ranma that he shouldn't underestimate her. Akane then says that Ranma should try her in a real fight sometime. This doesn't change Ranma's mind who then says that even though she's violent Akane's still a girl. Akane then threatens to throw the water in the bucket over him, but just then another bucket of water gets thrown at Ranma and he manages to avoid it.

Kuno is then seen holding the bucket which the water came from. Ranma then shouts at Kuno asking him what he thinks he's doing. Kuno replies by saying that he won't accept Ranma's engagement to Akane. As soon as Kuno says this multiple students appear from the room behind Akane and Ranma, with the male students exclaiming about the engagement, while the female students ask Akane how she could get engaged when she says she despises men. Akane and Ranma then begin to defend themselves, with Akane saying that it's not true while Ranma says that they didn't have a choice and their parents decided.

Kuno then swipes at Ranma with his Shinai, cutting Ranma's bucket in half in the process. Ranma avoids the water than comes out and begins to run down the corridor. Kuno demands that Ranma stands his ground, but Ranma says that this is no place fight and that Kuno should follow him. Kuno does and runs after Ranma. The other students decide to follow, then one of the female students says that whoever wins should get to go out with Akane on a date.

No running in the Hall

No running in the Hall.

The group of students following Kuno and Ranma run past a teacher who shouts at then telling the students not to run in the hall, Akane replies "Yes, sir" but continues to run with the other students. Ranma then jumps out of a window and tells Kuno to follow him outside, Kuno follows Ranma out of the window. The teacher who shouted at the students to stop running shouts at Kuno and Ranma in horror saying that they're on the third floor. Ranma looks back at them and begins to say that they shouldn't sweat, while Kuno looks down at the ground very far below him. Ranma then turns around and sees there's a pool beneath them. Akane calls Ranma a buffoon, while a male student says that it's lucky there's a pool there. Ranma hears this and says "Lucky, he says!". Kuno and Ranma then fall into the pool with a large splash.

Kuno grabs Ranma

Kuno grabs the now-female Ranma.

Kuno floats up, presumably unconscious, while a male student asks where Saotome is. Ranma is then seen under the water, now in his female form, thinking that he's gotta get away. Ranma then looks up and sees Kuno staring at him. Ranma begins to carry Kuno to the side of the pool, but Kuno wakes up grabs Ranma and says that he fights on. While Akane looks on thinking that the jig is up and Ranma's secret has been revealed.

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  • Violent or not... you're still a girl. I couldn't do it. - Ranma responding to Akane telling him to try her in a real fight.
  • Hey! Don't run in the Hall! Yes, sir. - A teacher telling the group of students to stop running and Akane replying, whilst still running.


  • In the original Japanese version of this chapter Ranma wrote "baka" (馬鹿, meaning idiot or fool) on Kuno's forehead, while in the English translation he writes "Bufoon" which a misspelling of "buffoon". This leads to a gag in which Kuno also misspells the word (as "Boofun"), only to be corrected by Nabiki. In the anime equivalent of this story, "School is No Place for Horsing Around", both gags are replaced with a gag on the different kanji that can be used to write Kuno's name - Ranma and Nabiki using unflattering kanji ("Insufferable" and "Incapable" respectively), and Kuno using "Capable".


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