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Nightmare! Incense of Spring Sleep (悪夢! 春眠香 Akumu! Shunminkō?) is the final OVA to be released. It debuted in 2008, after a twelve-year gap. It was created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Shōnen Sunday and as such was released with a special non-cannon mini-episode which featured characters from two of Rumiko Takahashi's other notable works, Urusei Yatsura and InuYasha. Its style differed from previous anime in the series, as it was released in high definition, and was animated using digital ink and paint animation instead of cel animation.

Plot Overview

At Furinkan High School

Happosai has broken into the Girls' Changing room and stolen a haul of underwear, but Akane and a couple of other female students find him and take chase. Ranma is playing Keepie uppie with a Soccer Ball and sees Happosai being chased by the girls. Akane then shouts to Ranma and tells him to get Happosai. Ranma then kicks the Soccer Ball at Happosai and it appears to hit him in the back of the head. However, when Akane and the girls catch up to where Happosai fell they just find a straw dummy with Happosai's clothing.

Akane and Ranma argue over Ranma's lack of modesty.

Ranma then looks up at a nearby roof and sees Happosai on top of it. Happosai shouts down to Ranma telling him that he's got to do better than that to try and defeat him. This annoys Ranma who tells Happosai to try this. Ranma pours the bottle water he was holding over his head, thus turning him into his female form. Ranma then lifts up her shirt showing Happosai her breasts. Happosai is unable to resist and jumps towards Ranma's revealed chest.

However, before Happosai touches Ranma, she hits Happosai to the floor and lets the girls finish Happosai off. While Ranma watches and laughs about how surprisingly easy that was, Akane hits Ranma with a Badminton Racquet. Ranma asks what was that for, to which Akane replies that if Ranma's got enough time to gloat about her victory then she should hurry up and cover her chest. Ranma shouts at Akane telling her that she told her to catch Happosai, to which Akane retorts that he should've picked a better way to do it. An argument quickly ensues between the two.

Later that day, Happosai is still battered and bruised on the Furinkan High playing fields. He curses Ranma for what he did and says that he'll remember this.

That Evening

Happosai swears to get his revenge.

While Ranma and Genma (who's in his panda form) are sleeping Happosai makes a pill. Happosai explains that if Ranma were to take this one whiff of his Deep Sleep Incense he won't wake up until the end of Spring. Ranma (who had been talking to Happosai, unnoticed by Happosai himself) then punches Happosai at hearing the Incense is going to be used on him. Ranma tells Happosai if he just expects him to sit back and take the Incense. Happosai asks Ranma how long he's been awake, to which Ranma replies that anyone would wake up with him shouting in the middle of the night (although Genma remains fast asleep).

Happosai then jumps backwards and says they'd best speed things up then. He then puts on a gas mask, lights the Incense and begins trying to use a fan to waft the sent at Ranma. However, Ranma covers his mouth and nose and tries to avoid Happosai and the Incense. The two of them then leave the room, the noise of the two wakes Genma up, but he just looks around and goes back to sleep.

Happosai continues to chase Ranma, trying to get him to smell the Incense for the rest of the night.

Next Morning

Akane smells the Incense of Spring Sleep.

Akane wakes from all the noise caused by Ranma and Happosai. After walking downstairs Akane encounters Ranma still being chased by Happosai. Happosai then wafts the Incense at Ranma, but Ranma jumps out of the way causing the Incense to waft into Akane; which she then smells and lose her footing slightly. This causes Happosai distress since he got the wrong person with the Incense. However, his attitude quickly changes as Happosai decides he'll just have to play with Akane instead until she wakes up.

Happosai then jumps towards Akane, but gets punched and sent flying by Akane instead. While Happosai flies off Akane asks him what he thinks he's doing.

Back at Furinkan High School

Ranma explains to Akane about Happosai and his Sleep Incense, but Akane says she feels fine so Ranma decides that means Happosai screwed up. Ranma then turns to Gosunkugi and tells him they won't be needing the Voodoo doll he's making anymore (to Gosunkugi's slight disappointment). Akane then begins to read a book, but she then yawns and decides it must be because of all the racket last night so she couldn't get much sleep, so she closes her eyes and puts her head on her hand.

Hinako about to hit Akane with her toy hammer.

When Hinako Ninomiya is instructing the class about English by reading a book aloud to them, she notices Akane asleep (Ranma was also eating in class as well, but that goes unnoticed). Hinako walks over Akane (during which time Ranma tries to tell her to wake up) and tells her that only bad students sleep in class, she then takes out a Toy Hammer and is about to hit Akane with it. However, Akane (who's still sleeping) takes the hammer of Hinako and hits her with it instead. This upsets Hinako, so she runs off crying, while the other students comment on how it's unlike Akane to go against the teacher.

Ranma gets out of his seat and tries to nudge Akane's shoulder, but Akane grabs Ranma's arm and throws him against a wall. Ranma asks what's going on. Happosai then pops up and says that the effects of his Incense have finally kicked in and jumps towards Akane, only to get punched and thrown back at the same wall as Ranma. Happosai also asks what's going on, to which Ranma tells him they should be asking him that. Happosai he doesn't understand since he made the Incense just like his Grimoire told him to.

Happosai then takes out his Grimoire, which Hiroshi takes off him and reads. Hiroshi reads that the Incense is meant for those who can't sleep because they're lives are in constant danger, so this Incense allows them to sleep and still be able to fight off those who may try to harm them. Ranma then looks at Happosai angrily and then throws him out through a window, telling him to read what he's making before he makes it.

Ukyo asks Ranma what they should do about Akane. Ranma says he doesn't know, to which the student with the Grimoire says that if they don't do something soon Akane will sleep until the end of Spring.

Akane's Dream

Akane's first dream.

Ranma is at a party with Ukyo and Shampoo (who are sat on his lap). While Ranma kisses Ukyo (much to her enjoyment), Shampoo calls to Akane telling her that they're out of Booze and that she should hurry up and get some more. Shampoo then returns her attention to Ranma who begins to rub her butt (to Shampoo's enjoyment). Ukyo then tells Akane that maids aren't good unless they're working hard, to which Akane obediently agrees. Ranma then tells Akane that he's hungry, so Akane tells him that she'll bring refreshments immediately. When Akane brings the food, she lifts up the Cloche revealing that the food is Ryoga and Mousse (both in their respective cursed forms), Ranma says he doesn't want this so throws it at Akane.

Back in real-life, Akane (still sleeping) begins to clean the floor with a cloth. She then starts to cry and talk about the horrible treatment she receives, whilst Ranma, Ukyo and Gosunkugi look on wondering what's going on, but they quickly deduce that Akane must be dreaming.

Returning to Akane's dream, Akane is now looking on at Ranma with Ukyo and Shampoo through a slit in the door. Akane continues by saying that it's alright though since this way she can at least be near her beloved Ranma. While she performs in her dream about this, the students look on in disbelief about how absorbed in the dream she actually is.

Ranma Tries to Wake Akane

Ranma decides he's had enough of this so shouts loudly into Akane's ear. At first Akane seems to have woken up since she's now in her bedroom and says what an odd dream she just had. However, when Akane walks downstairs she finds Ranma with Ukyo and Shampoo again, who are both feeding him their home cooked food. This angers Akane who begins to attack the real-life Ranma with a desk. After avoiding the desk several times Akane stops trying to hit Ranma, however, when Ranma asks Akane what happened because she'd stopped Akane replies that nothing's happened but now Ranma's wide open, so she throws the desk at him again; this time hitting Ranma successfully.

Ranma then gets angry with Akane, since she's trying to make a fool out of him. However, just before Ranma can do anything Kuno breaks through the doors Ranma was stood in front of (and crushing Ranma under them in the process) on a horse. Kuno then says that trying to wake a maiden by force shows that Ranma is truly a peasant and when Ranma asks Kuno what he's talking about, Kuno replies that from time immemorial it's been the duty of a prince to wake a maiden with a kiss.

Ranma sees Gosunkugi dressed like Kuno just was.

Akane then has another dream where she is a Snow White-esque maiden, lying fast a sleep surrounded by Roses. Kuno (dressed like a stereotypical fairytale prince) then arrives and comments on the beauty of the sight of Akane is. Kuno then goes into kiss Akane, but Akane is disgusted by this so hits Kuno and sends both him and his horse flying. Ranma comments on how far the two of them flew. Gosunkugi then comments on how it seems that plan isn't going to work then, Ranma then looks at Gosunkugi and notices he's wearing the same prince outfit that Kuno was. When Ranma asks Gosunkugi what the outfit is for, Gosunkugi replies that he wasn't going to try to do anything to Akane. Ranma then hits Gosunkugi for lying.

Ukyo then walks up to where Ranma's stood and says that the boys in their class are just like lower life forms. Gosunkugi (who somehow got the Grimoire) says that there's an "important notes" section on the next page of the Grimoire, regarding the Incense. Gosunkugi reads it, revealing that if the Incense is used during a time of peace then the present affected by it may have they're anger rise and begin lashing out indiscriminately.

This revelation shocks Ukyo and Ranma, but before they know it Akane has left the classroom and has broken a hole in the door in the process. Ranma and Ukyo decide they'd best chase after Akane before it's too late and run off, while Gosunkugi tells them to wait for him.

The Chase After Akane

Akane has another dream where she's an Indiana Jones-esque explorer in a dark cave with only a torch. While Akane looks at the walls she sees odd looking statues and wonders where she is, just then a circular piece of stone rolls towards her. This stone in real-life turns out to be a American Football, Akane then picks it up while the people who were using it ask her to kick it back to them.

Ranma and co. see Akane sending the Football team flying.

Returning to Akane's dream, Akane feels the ground shake and then the statues next to her begin to move. This frightens Akane who begins to attack the people who asked her to return the ball as they represent the statues in her dream. Ranma, Ukyo and co. see the Football team being thrown into the air in multiple directions and say that this is bad and that they've got to stop her before she does anymore damage.

Akane walks up to the school gates (still carrying the Football) and then the sound of Ukelele can be heard which turns out to be from Principal Kuno. The Principal then tells Akane that breaking out from class is useless and that he'll have to punish bad students like her. Back in Akane's dream, she has placed the circular stone in the centre of a large stone wall. The Wall then opens revealing a gold statue in the middle of the room which was behind the wall. Akane is glad she's finally found the "Illusory Statue" (which looks identical to Principal Kuno but gold), but finds it too dirty to see anything so decides to clean it up with some polish. The statue reacts to this in concern.

Ranma and Ukyo are inspecting the damage Akane did to the Football players from earlier when they hear the Principal screaming, so run towards the direction of the gate. Once there they find the Principal wrapped up in bars of the school gate (which has since been opened and nearly destroyed) with the Football in his mouth. While Ukyo wonders just how Akane could've done something like this, Ranma worries about what Akane could end up doing now that she's outside the School.

The Chase Continues

Ranma, Ukyo and Gosunkugi leave the school grounds and find a long trail of large-scale destruction which must've been caused by Akane. They then find Soun and Genma (who's in his panda form) behind an "Under Construction" sign. Ranma tells them that they don't need to be told it was Akane who did all this damage. Soun then explains that they were doing some manual labor when they saw Akane. Genma then holds up a sign saying that they looked away for a moment and she threw them into the Construction site.

Shampoo meets up with the group.

Shampoo then arrives on her bike and runs her front wheel into Ranma's face. Shampoo then asks Ranma if he skipped out of class so he could go on a date with her, she then jumps off her bike and onto Ranma (causing both of them to fall to the floor). Ranma tries to get Shampoo off him and says that they've got to find Akane. Hearing this Shampoo gets off Ranma and tells him that Akane went to the Cat Café. Ranma says that the place must be in trouble if Akane's there. Ranma then takes Shampoo with him as he runs off with Ukyo, Gosunkugi and the rest of the group of students, leaving Soun and Genma wondering why they were just left behind.

At the Cat Café

Ranma and co. run towards the Café hoping that they're not too late. When they arrive they find Akane sat down with Mousse and Cologne serving her noodles. Mousse comments on how Akane can still eat while she's sleeping. Cologne then looks at Ranma and co. and explains that Akane is now on her 24th bowl. Ranma and co. look back at Akane in disbelief wondering if she's actually sleeping at all.

Akane's eating contest dream.

Meanwhile, Akane is having another dream. This time she's at the Jusenkyo Eating Contest with the Jusenkyo Guide telling the spectators that they're nearing the climax as the only remaining competitors are Akane and Picolet and there is only 30 seconds left on the clock. Picolet begins using his Martial Arts Dining and Absolute Mouth Control to put large quantities of noodles in his mouth. However, Picolet puts too many in so chokes, falls back off his chair and spits out all the noodles, thus making Akane the winner. As Akane jumps for joy at how she won, the Jusenkyo Guide announces that the prize for winning is a kiss from Happosai. This upsets Akane.

In the Cat Café Happosai has caught up with the group and manages to squeeze his way through and is about to jump at Akane. However, when he does because of Akane's dream she flips the table in front of her, causing Happosai along with several chopsticks and bowls to fly and hit Gosunkugi. Akane then begins thrashing out again and a ruckus ensues within the Café. Outside, Hinako has also caught up to the group and shouts at them telling them that class is still in session and they should all return.

Akane then emerges from the ruckus, scaring Hinako who doesn't want to get hit again. However, Akane has no interest in Hinako and grabs a bucket of water and throws it over everyone in the Café. This manages to calm everyone down, while Ukyo comments on the mess they've made. She then looks and sees Ranma running from Shampoo as they've changed into their cursed forms and Mousse chasing after the both of them.

Ukyo decides that she's got no choice and throws two Spatulas at Akane, which have a rope attached to them. The Spatulas wrap around Akane and makes her unable to cause anymore damage. Ranma then compliments Ukyo and tells Hinako to absorb her aura.

After Akane Gets Tied Up

In another one of Akane's dreams, she is imagining she's part of InuYasha's group of protagonists (all of the other group have fallen to the floor and Akane is the only one left standing) in a stone corridor. The person responsible turns out to be Hinako in her older form, using her Happōgoensatsu technique. Back in real-life and Hinako gets slapped by Akane using the two Spatulas which tied her up. This upsets Hinako who runs away crying. Ranma and Ukyo look on at Hinako in disbelief of her childish behavior.

Returning to Akane's dream and she has now been tied up and captured by Ukyo and Shampoo, who have taken her to Kodachi. Kodachi congratulates the two on their work and tells Akane she'll experience pain like hell itself. In the Cat Café and Ranma has returned back into his male form by using water from a boiled Tetsubin. Ranma comments on how it seems Akane has finally calmed down a bit now. Shampoo then covers Akane with a blanket while Mousse says they should play her some music to sooth her.

Akane hugs Ranma.

Akane's dream has now led to her being placed in the bottom of a well while Kodachi, Ukyo and Shampoo look on as Akane gets engulfed by the water that they're pouring into the well. Just before she becomes completely submerged, Akane hears Ranma's voice calling her. In the Cat Café again and Akane (still asleep) rips the blanket Shampoo placed over her and jumps into Ranma's arms saying how she's so glad he came to save her. This sight angers Ukyo and Shampoo who ask Akane what she thinks she's doing.

While Ranma stands confused with Akane embracing him, Soun and Genma (now in his human form) arrive and tells Ranma that he's done it now. The two of them continue by telling Ranma that so long as Akane is holding onto him she can't lash out, so Ranma should hold onto Akane with all his might. Ranma tells Soun and Genma not to decide things on their own, while Gosunkugi looks on slightly angered and annoyed.

As Akane hugs Ranma, Sayuri observes that Akane's smiling to which Yuka says that Akane must be having a pretty good dream. Mousse then tells Ranma to do as he's told. Ranma shouts that everyone is just blabbering on about whatever they want, he then looks down at Akane and begins to blush when he sees her smiling and saying his name.

Ryoga Arrives

Just then Ranma hears a noise behind him and looks to where it came from. At the door of the Cat Café a man who's dropped multiple gifts on the floor looks at the sight of Ranma with Akane. The man turns out to be a very angry Ryoga, who tells Ranma that even though they've yet to finish their duel he's in embrace with Akane. Ranma tries to make Ryoga understand, but Ryoga isn't having any of it and goes to attack Ranma.

Akane then dreams about Ryoga and Ranma fighting each other, which they continue to do despite her telling them to stop. This causes the real world Akane pick up a table and slam Ranma and Ryoga into the counter of the Cat Café, this causes a kettle of cold water to fall on the two thus turning them into their cursed forms. Shampoo and Ukyo are shocked that even Ranma and Ryoga aren't a match for Akane and begin to wonder if she's always had this strength.

Cologne then explains that it's Akane's latent capabilities (which Mousse mishears as "lather" capabilities so asks if it's the power to remove even the toughest stains, causing Cologne to hit Mousse to the floor with her walking stick). Genma and Soun explain by saying that usually humans don't use 100% of their true potential, but as Akane's asleep she can utilise her full latent capabilities.

Ranma gets angered by this and says that there's no way he'd allow Akane to be stronger than he is. Ukyo tells Ranma that this is no time to be concerned with something like that, to which Shampoo continues that if they don't do something soon to wake Akane up the whole of the Cat Café is going to be ruined. As Ranma realizes the severity of the situation, Ryoga (still in his P-chan form) walks up to Akane and begins to rub his head against her ankle. Ranma shouts at P-chan for taking advantage of the situation. P-chan just smiles maliciously back at Ranma.

This just angers Ranma further so decides to take the boiled Tetsubin and pour the water over Ryoga, turning him back to his human form. After Ryoga shouts at Ranma what she thinks she's doing, Ryoga realizes he's naked which doesn't please the still sleeping Akane, who screams and proceeds to beat up Ryoga. As the fight between Ryoga and Akane goes on Cologne says that she has no choice but to use this, she then pulls out a metal spiral from her sleeve.

Trying to Wake Akane, Again

Mousse notices the metal spiral and asks if it's some sort of Mosquito coil. Cologne tells Mousse that it just looks that way at first but it is actually a "Spicy Incense" and one whiff of this is enough to wake anybody. Shampoo and Ranma are glad that Cologne has something like that to wake Akane with, but Ukyo just wonders why they didn't just use it earlier.

Akane is now dreaming that she's in a jungle, where she's activated a trip wire and begins trying to avoid all of the booby-traps that've been set off. In the Cat Café this turns out to be Ranma trying to get Akane to smell the Spicy Incense, but she keeps avoiding it until she pushes Ranma into Shampoo and Ukyo. Shampoo and Ukyo wonder if this is more of Akane's latent capabilities. Just then Happosai calls Ranma foolish and breaks free from the rope which had been wrapped around him and attached to the ceiling.

Happosai takes the Incense from Ranma and tells her that a frontal assault won't work on Akane while she's in this state. He then places the Incense over his mouth and breathes in, showing that the way to get her to take the Incense is mouth-to-mouth. However, Kuno and Gosunkugi also want to do this so begin to fight Happosai over the Incense. As Ukyo and Shampoo look on unimpressed, Ranma goes to tell them to break it up. Kuno (who seems to have inhaled a lot of Incense) tells his "pigtailed girl" that he'll postpone her invitation to kiss if they passionately embrace right now. Ranma then kicks Kuno in the face and asks him who would do that with him.

Ranma then hears Akane make a noise so looks at her. In Akane's dream she's now seeing Mosquitos flying around her, only they have the heads of Kuno, Gosunkugi and Happosai. This terrifies Akane so she slaps the real life version of them to the floor, while Ranma looks on and says that they don't ever learn. Genma then appears and pours some hot water over Ranma, turning back into his male form. Ranma shouts to Genma why he did that, but Soun tells him that this is no time to be standing around and Genma tells Ranma that he needs to try and wake Akane with some mouth-to-mouth. While Ranma asks why it has to be him, Soun (who is now using his "demon face") tells Ranma that he'd better not be thinking of kissing his daughter, or else.

To reassure Soun, Ranma tells him that he would never think of doing such a thing. Ranma then looks for the Incense, but can't see it and wonders where it is. It turns out that Ryoga (now fully clothed) took the Incense while everyone was distracted. Ryoga looks at the Incense and thinks to himself about how he would never usually kiss a lady in the sight of others, especially if they were sleeping. However, Ryoga decides that for Akane's sake he'll throw away his shame and then inhales the Incense. Ryoga then jumps from behind the counter and shouts to Akane, only to be splashed with cold water and turn back into his P-chan form.

The Side Effects of the Spicy Incense Take Hold

Ranma then steps on P-chan and asks him what he thinks he was doing. Happosai then kicks Ranma in the cheek and tells him that he'll pay for interfering. However, Kuno, Gosunkugi and P-chan have now turned into almost zombie-like beings who are obsessed with getting Akane's kiss. When Ranma asks what's going on Cologne explains that the side effect of the Spicy Incense is that if those who have wicked thoughts inhale the Incense then they will become taken over by it.

Akane begins to back away worryingly from the obsessed Kuno, Gosunkugi, P-chan and Happosai. Ranma tells them to snap out of it, but they don't listen. Mousse then holds up another coil in the shape of a heart and tells Ranma it's the "True Love Incense" and that although it's difficult for him to give Ranma help he must for the sake of the restaurant. When Ranma asks what the Incense does, Akane goes on the rampage again causing Mousse to get hit in the face by one of many flying objects and break his glasses.

What Happosai sees while affected by the Love Incense.

When Akane seems to have calmed down, Mousse explains that the Incense will make anyone who smells it believe that everyone is their beloved. Mousse then tries to light the Incense but without his glasses struggles to do so, so Ranma lights it for him. Mousse then tries to use to Incense, however, he mistakes Cologne for the group affected by the Spicy Incense, causing her to hit Mousse with her walking stick again.

Ranma takes the Incense off Mousse and says he'll do it himself. Ranma then proceeds to waft the Incense over Kuno, Gosunkugi, P-chan and Happosai who all begin to believe that each other are Akane and then start kissing each other, much to the disgust of Ukyo, Shampoo and the others present.

Returning to Waking Akane

Ranma ties up Happosai and co. (with heart eyes) so they can't cause anymore trouble. Genma then turns Ranma's head around and stuffs the Spicy Incense burner into his mouth. After Genma removes the burner Ranma coughs and then pushes Genma away asking him what if he ends up like Happosai. Soun, who's carrying Akane, tells Ranma not to worry about them now since he has to concentrate on waking Akane up. Then he puts Akane into Ranma's arms. Shampoo and Ukyo aren't happy with this and begin to protest, however, Nabiki arrives and says that it doesn't matter about the odd kiss here or there since she has the "One Smell and You'll Wanna Kiss Magic Incense" which she'll sell at ¥3,980. This causes Ukyo and Shampoo to argue over it as they both obviously want to use the Incense on Ranma. While the two argue Nabiki looks on happily about the money she's going to receive.

Akane's penultimate dream.

Meanwhile, Akane dreams about Ranma being dressed like a prince and her being a princess. Ranma tells Akane he can't hold on any longer and despite Akane telling him they can't, he places himself on top of her while stage curtains close in front of them. Soun and Genma then tell Ranma it's time for him to act like a man and wake Akane. Ranma doesn't like being put on the spot and hesitates. Ranma then looks at Akane's face in his arms then tries to bring up the will to kiss. Considering it a mission to wake her up. As he keeps looking at her lips she moans a bit and Ranma blushes and accidentally gulps, thus swallowing the Incense. When Soun, Genma, Shampoo and Ukyo ask what happened Ranma tells them he swallowed the Incense, this causes Genma to look for the Incense burner but it, along with the Mosquito coil, have been smashed by a Tetsubin and put out.

While Soun, Genma, Shampoo and Ukyo blame Ranma and ask him what they're going to do now, Kasumi walks past the Cat Café and wonders what all the ruckus is about. Akane is dreaming that she's in bed asleep, with Kasumi preparing some food. A timer then goes off and Kasumi shouts up to Akane that it's time to get up. Akane then wakes up and shouts okay to Kasumi, much to the shock of everyone at the Cat Café as Akane wakes up in real life. Kasumi tells Akane that it looks like she slept a lot, to which Akane asks what she's doing here and says she has no memory of what happened.

Kasumi manages to wake Akane.

As the rest of students etc talk to Akane's lack of memory about today. Cologne talks to herself that the Incense of Spring Sleep reacts to the thirst of blood of an assassin and since Kasumi hasn't the slightest sense of bloodlust about her so that's probably why she was able to wake Akane. Mousse then asks what they are going to do about this disaster area of a restaurant, to which Cologne says they can get those to clean it up and points to Happosai and co. who are still under the influence of the Love Incense.

Akane and Ranma Walk Together

Ranma and Akane begin arguing again.

Akane and Ranma are now walking back together, with Ranma walking on the fence next to the river while Akane walks on the pavement. Akane then tells Ranma she had a weird dream recently and Ranma nervously asks what kind. Akane blushes a little, tells him not to laugh and tells him that he was a prince and he was about to... then Akane laughs wondering what sort of dream that was. Ranma blushes and tells Akane to cut the jokes since there's no way he'd ever get that close to someone like her. This angers Akane and the two begin to argue and insult each other.

Cast in Order of Appearance

Character Name Japanese Voice
Happosai Ichirō Nagai
Akane Tendo Noriko Hidaka
Ranma Saotome (Male) Kappei Yamaguchi
Ranma Saotome (Female) Megumi Hayashibara
Genma Saotome (Panda, human) Kenichi Ogata
Hikaru Gosunkugi Issei Futamata
Hinako Ninomiya (younger form, older form) Yumi Tōma
Hiroshi and Daisuke Kōji Tsujitani (Hiroshi)
Takehito Koyasu (Daisuke)
Ukyo Kuonji Hiromi Tsuru
Shampoo (Human, cat) Rei Sakuma
Ryoga Hibiki (P-Chan, human) Koichi Yamadera
Mousse (Duck, human) Toshihiko Seki
Tatewaki Kuno Kōji Tsujitani
Principal Kuno Hochu Ohtsuka
Soun Tendo Ryūsuke Ōbayashi
Cologne Miyoko Asou
Jusenkyo Guide Kōichi Yamadera
Picolet Chardin II Keiichi Nanba
Kodachi Kuno Saeko Shimazu
Yuka and Sayuri Yoshiko Kamei (Sayuri)
Nabiki Tendo Minami Takayama
Kasumi Tendo Kikuko Inoue



Akane shows off her newly bought incense, sparking the events of the chapter.

  • The OVA is based on a single chapter from the manga and greatly expands on it. In the chapter Akane does not get out of the classroom. The chapter also differs as follows:
    • Akane buys some new incense which she shows off to Kasumi and Ranma. Happosai notices this and tries to put her to sleep with another incense that he created, but is foiled by Ranma. This drives him to create the Incense of Spring Sleep.
    • Happosai uses a surgical mask instead of a gas mask and tries to get Ranma to smell the Incense of Spring Sleep in the morning.
    • When Akane falls asleep from the incense in class she punches Ranma away and slams Happosai into a desk.
    • In Akane's first dream she is Ranma's "Wife number one". He, Shampoo and Ukyo are on a tiger skin rug and P-chan is not in the meal that Akane prepares.
    • When Akane catches Ranma off guard she punches him.
    • Kuno's horse hits Ranma in the face with a hoof. Akane only sends Kuno flying.
    • Akane has a dream of a Happosai demon stealing her underwear.
    • Ukyo ensnares Akane with her thrown spatula rope inside the classroom. However Hinako fell asleep on her desk and cannot absorb her battle aura.
    • Hiroshi plays soothing music on a gramophone. In her dream Akane is wrapped up in a futon and rips this apart when she dreams that her prince Ranma saves her. However she slaps him away for being too forward.
    • Nabiki sells Ranma an "Incense for the Coming Summer" to wake Akane up. She dreams that it is summer and slaps a mosquito, which turns out to be Ranma's face, waking up. The "incense" Nabiki sold turns out to be just a mosquito coil.
  • During Akane's first dream during the big party, Lum from the Urusei Yatsura briefly flies past the camera, making her trademark flying sound.
  • At one point several InuYasha characters, Kagome Higurashi, Shippo, Miroku, Inuyasha and the Tessaiga make a cameo appearence when Akane is having a nightmare about Hinako:
    • Inuyasha, Shippo, and Tessaiga are located to Akane's left. Shippo's body is on top of Inuyasha while Tessaiga (in its true form) is stuck in the floor behind Inuyasha. Kagome in her normal school uniform is to Akane's right and her back is to the viewer. Miroku is behind Akane but can only be recognized by his sandals and purple robe.
  • One of Akane's dreams is based on Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • Yuka and Sayuri have their hairstyles reversed.
  • The pig-shaped burner used by Happosai could be a reference to the 80th episode of Urusei Yatsura, "Panic at the Ghost Inn", where Ataru straps one onto his head in order to scare away hotel owners.
  • This episode proves that Akane is in love with Ranma as it shows that she had various romantic dreams regarding her relationship with him.
  • Koji Tsujitani and Hochu Ohtsuka replace Hirotaka Suzuoki and Tatsuyuki Jinnai as Tatewaki and Principal Kuno respectively as both of the latter had long since passed away since before the creation of this OVA.
  • The ending features an artwork landscape featuring not just the characters who appeared in the OVA, but as well as characters who were not present in anyway. They are the following: The Orochi, Azusa Shiratori, Mikado Sanzenin,Yotaro & his mom, Harumaki, Kome, Densuke, The Civil Engineer, The Oni, The Legendary Phoenix, The Niku Men, Maomolin, Shussemaru, The Dojo Destroyer, Shirokuro, Akari Unryu, Katsunishiki, Pantyhose Taro, Rouge, Saffron, Kiema, Kinnosuke Kashao and his ventriloquist dummy April, Sanae, Sentaro Daimonji, The Gambling King, The Mushroom of Time affected Ranma & Ryoga, Shinnosuke & his grandfather, Ryu Kumon, Doodle Panda. The Cursed Bathing Suit, Konatsu, Tsubasa Kurenai, Ranma as Yoiko Hibiki, Mariko Konjo, Mint, Lime, Herb, Yohyo Tsuruyasennen, Nodoka Saotome, Dr. Tofu Ono with Betty, Pink, Link, Old Washer Woman, & Plum.
    • While not in animated form, this marks the first Ranma related anime to depict artwork of many manga exclusive characters who have never made any anime debut.


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