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Nihao! Jusenkyo Guide (ニーハオ! 呪泉郷のガイドさん Nihao! Jusenkyō no Gaido-san?) is the 121st episode of Ranma ½ Nettohen.

When the Jusenkyo Guide arrives in Nerima looking for a once-in-a-thousand-years Japanese outlet of Jusenkyo, the cursed residents of the ward see the chance to be rid of their Jusenkyo curses at last.

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Plot Overview

Cast in Order of Appearance

Character Name Japanese Voice English Voice
Genma Saotome (human, panda) Kenichi Ogata Robert O. Smith
Ranma Saotome (male) Kappei Yamaguchi Richard Cox
Ranma Saotome (female) Megumi Hayashibara Venus Terzo
Nabiki Tendo Minami Takayama Angela Costain
Akane Tendo Noriko Nagai Myriam Sirois
Soun Tendo Ryūsuke Ōbayashi David Kaye
Kasumi Tendo Kikuko Inoue Willow Johnson
Jusenkyo Guide Kōichi Yamadera Michael Donovan
Ryoga Hibiki (piglet, human) Kōichi Yamadera Michael Donovan
Cologne Miyoko Asō Elan Ross Gibson
Shampoo (human) Rei Sakuma Cathy Weseluck
Mousse (duck, human) Toshihiko Seki Brad Swaile



  • This is the only instance in either the manga or anime that the Jusenkyo Guide is seen outside of China.
  • The music playing while Ranma and Akane are in the cafe is an instrumental version of Don't Mind China Boy, which was the ending theme for the second season.
  • The flashback to Ranma and Genma's training in Jusenkyo is far more faithful to the manga in comparison to how it was originally presented in the show.
  • Despite Ryoga almost letting her know about his curse when the Guide reveals his secret, Akane never questions it.
  • Ranma's slides include instances of past episodes from his first falling into the spring of drowned girl, his match with Kodachi, an unknown time when Kuno tried to take him out, and his bridal training for Picolet's wedding.
    • Ryoga's flashbacks include when he was almost boiled by the Guide, being kicked by Ranma, and another instance of the match with Kodachi.


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