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Noodles, Anyone? (召しませ ラーメン Meshimase ramen?) is the 61st chapter of the manga and the third chapter of the Martial Arts Takeout Arc.


The fight begins to see who's food Kuno will eat. Ranma and Akane are early favorites, but Shampoo's suffocating noodles even the odds. As the battle rages on, Ranma accidently eats Akane's eel, causing her to be disqualified.

Plot Overview

The announcer explains that the Miss Martial Arts Takeout race is reaching it's climax. As an anticipating crowd look on, Ranma asks Akane why Kuno's here, to which Akane replies by telling Ranma not to ask her.

Kuno, meanwhile, is crying as the announcer declares that whoever can get him (Kuno) to eat their delivery first shall be the winner. Just then Kuno can't hold himself back anymore and hugs both Akane and the pigtailed girl as he never knew they both loved him this much. However, this angers both of them so they kick him into the sky through the roof.

Ranma stops Shampoo from giving her delivery and tries to make Kuno have her Ramen instead.

Ceasing this chances, Shampoo jumps up after Kuno and tries to feed him some of her delivery. However, just before the food reaches Kuno's mouth, Ranma appears and grabs Shampoo's arm between her legs. Ranma then offers Kuno her Ramen and Kuno gladly accepts it. By this time the trio are close to the ground, allowing Akane to interject by offering Kuno some of her eel just before Kuno eats Ranma's Ramen.

Angered by this interference, Shampoo kicks Akane so that she'll back off in response. As the others land (with Ranma and Shampoo lading on their feet, as Kuno falls on his head), Shampoo tells Akane she'll win the race and date Ranma and there's no way she's going to lose now. Shampoo then proceeds to use a Martial Arts Takeout special attack, "Chow Mein Strike"!

As Shampoo performs the attack, her Great-Grandmother explains that the extra-chewy noodles she's using are a speciality of the Cat Café and once they wrap around the victims face it's all over, as if you don't want to suffocate you have to eat the noodles. Back with Shampoo and Ranma stepped in at the last minute so the noodle got her instead of Kuno. Worried to well-being of his love, Kuno tells Ranma that he'll the Chow Mein to save her. Of course Ranma knows what this would mean, so she punches Kuno into the air so he doesn't eat the noodles.

Suddenly the floor beneath the three girls opens up and they fall into what Kuno's reveals to be the "Family Underground Training Facility". Kuno continues by saying that as they all want him so desperately that there's only one solution... that they must live together! Kuno then tries to hug Akane and the pigtailed girl but is quickly punched by Akane and kicked by Ranma.

Kuno welcomes Akane, Shampoo and Ranma to his "Family Underground Training Facility".

Shampoo sees this opening so attacks Akane and manages to knock Akane's delivery out of her hand. Akane chases after her delivery, but Shampoo kicks away the last piece of eel before Akane can catch it. Determined to not be knocked out, Akane tells Ranma to catch it for her. Unfortunately, Shampoo runs up to Ranma and meows in her ear, terrifying Ranma.

While Ranma screams, Shampoo grabs the eel and feeds it to Ranma. Ranma ends up chewing and swallowing the eel. Once Ranma finishes, Shampoo declares that since there's no more eel then Akane is disqualified.

Akane glares angrily at Shampoo and begins to stomp off, as Shampoo mocks Akane for running away with her tail between her legs. However, Akane grabs a nearby bucket of water and threatens to throw it over Shampoo. Shampoo just stares unimpressed, as Ranma tries to convince Akane not to do it. Ranma's request falls on deaf ears and Akane throws the water at Ranma and Shampoo, but Shampoo avoids it.

Continuing, Akane asks Kuno to get her more water, to which Kuno gives Akane a Garden hose. With this in hand, Akane continues her attempt to douse Shampoo with cold water. At first Shampoo is too quick, but Akane nearly manages to hit Shampoo, only for Ranma to jump in the way (out of fear of Shampoo becoming her cat form). As Akane continues shouting water everywhere, the spectators watch from above as the announcer notes what a bizarre race it has been.

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