Not Your Typical Juliet (ジュリエット ゲーム Juliet gemu?) is the 76th chapter of the manga and the third chapter of the Romeo and Juliet Arc.

Ranma refuses to kiss Akane, and the other Romeo's quickly try to step in and show they aren't afraid to do it. Akane freezes up at the thought of kissing Kuno or Happosai, but Kasumi encourages her from the audience to do her best.

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Ranma won't kiss Akane - Typical Juliet

Ranma declares he won't kiss Akane, but still claims he's Romeo.

Ranma declares to the audience that he won't kiss Akane, but reinforces that he is still Romeo. This causes a very negative reaction from the audience so begin booing him, with some members asking him what Romeo won't kiss his Juliet. Akane looks on from the balcony and decides that if that's how Ranma wants it...

The other would-be Romeos then reappear, with Kuno noting that the inability to play the love scene is grounds for impeachment and Happosai quickly follows this up by telling Ranma he's not Romeo before he throws Ranma into the air, telling him to hit the showers. While recovering from the throw, Ranma reiterates that he is still Romeo, but Akane interrupts him by saying that he wouldn't mind if Kuno or even Happosai kissed her instead if he won't do it.

With Ranma heading backstage again, the other Romeos seize their chance and move in, but Akane punches them all away. Backstage and Ranma comments on what a dumb play this is, while the Director continue narrating by saying that Juliet is stricken with grief. As the Director asks if Romeo will ever return, Ranma turns into his female form and decides to give the audience a love scene they'll never forget. While Ranma removes his Romeo outfit, the Director is shocked at the sight of Ranma's exposed breasts.

Back on the stage, and Kasumi speaks up from the audience to Akane and reminds her about how excited she was to play this role and that she shouldn't give up. This makes Akane decide that she'll go on, no matter who Romeo is. Kuno then declares "Come to me, Juliet" which she responds with "Oh, Romeo!!". However, Akane does a complete 3-60 and hits Kuno away, saying that she just can't do it. A net then appears, which ensnares Akane as Happosai carries her off. The Director narrates that an evil beast has captures Juliet, which causes Happosai to hit the Director for describing him that way.

The New JulietEdit

New Juliet - manga

Ranma appears as a new Juliet so she can deal with the other Romeos, starting with Happosai.

Just then a hand emerges from the net, only this time it's Ranma (still in his female form) dressed as a new Juliet. Ranma then forces Happosai to drink some alcohol as way of a wedding toast. The audience are surprised at the appearance of this new Juliet (Akane, meanwhile, has been tied up and gagged backstage).

As Happosai becomes more and more drunk, Ranma decides to give him a "token of her love" by pulling out a bra from underneath her outfit. This only serves as a distraction for Happosai, however as Ranma quickly puts Happosai and the bra into a barrel, quickly followed by nailing the lid shut and tying a rope securely around it. With one Romeo down, Kuno appears behind Ranma and hugs her. Ranma angrily kicks Kuno away while asking "wherefore art thou, Romeo?", but Kuno quickly returns and shoves some alcohol into Ranma's mouth which she starts to drink. The school Truant officer then appears to try and stop a minor consuming alcohol, but Kuno slices that Shinai he's carrying and tells the officer that it isn't alcohol, it's the dew of love. Worried for his own safety, to truant officer lets the play continue.

Akane challenges Kuno - Typical Juliet

Akane fights Kuno while Ranma sobers up.

Kuno then tells the now drunk Ranma to come to him, which Ranma replies by telling Kuno he asked for it. The pair then begin fighting, with Ranma using the guise of "Drunk-Fu" for her bizarre movements.

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The alcohol soon gets to Ranma and see falls asleep. Kuno then moves in to kiss his Juliet, but when he's about to perform the kiss, Akane reappears and holds a sword to Kuno's face and tells him he's got the wrong Juliet. Akane continues by telling Kuno if he wants to fight Juliet, then fight her! The pair begin attacking each other with great quickness, while Soun and Genma take Ranma off the stage to sober her up.

Back on the stage, Akane is beginning to regret challenging Kuno to a sword fight and soon loses. Luckily, just before Kuno moves in to kiss her, Ranma returns and jumps on top of Kuno in order to stop him. Akane tells Ranma that this isn't fair as she's Juliet, to which Ranma remarks if this means that Akane does want a love scene with Kuno. As Akane frustratingly notes that isn't what she said, Ranma just dismisses her and tells her to stay out of this as she's getting the role to see China no matter what. Ranma then appears to kiss Kuno straight on the lips, much to the excitement of the audience.

Ranma, however, had used tape to cover Kuno's mouth, but still finds kissing Kuno to be disgusting. As Kuno follows Ranma offstage, she ties him up in tape so that he can't cause anymore trouble. Ranma then turns back into his male form and goes back on stage as Romeo. However, he's met with an exceptionally upset Akane who asks Ranma if he hates her that much that he'll kiss Kuno for his gain and not her! Akane then slaps Ranma and starts walking away, while Ranma stands on stage confused and the Director narrates, asking what will become of Romeo and Juliet?…

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  • Ranma probably got the idea of making Happosai drunk so that he could be sealed away from the story Soun and Genma told him about how they got rid of Happosai during their youth in The Evil Wakes.


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