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Oh, Brother! (おかえりなさい おにちゃん Okaeri nasai oniichan?) is the 104th chapter of the manga and the second chapter of the Ryoga Goes Home Arc.


Ryoga has a look around his house to see his mother and father, but finds notes from them and can tell from the way the house has been left that they have been gone for a long time. Ryoga says that they have as bad of a sense of direction as he does, and that he rarely ever gets to see them, even when he does find his way back home.

Plot Overview

After complimenting Ryoga's home, Akane takes a seat near Shirokuro and her puppies whilst Ryoga goes off to make some tea. In the kitchen, Ryoga finds a note from his mother telling him that she's gone out shopping and left him some noodles for lunch. Ryoga looks at the noodles and judges from their rigidity as well as the crispiness of the withered green onions that it's been at least 10 days since they were made.

Ryoga is shocked when a girl appears and hugs him, whilst calling him "big brother".

Ryoga then notes to himself that his mother must be lost again. He then sees a note from his father saying he's doing business in Hokkaido and will be back in the Summer, but Ryoga knows his father has no direction either so will probably return by Christmas. At that moment, Ryoga realises that this means only him and Akane are home and is overjoyed at this revelation.

However, as Ryoga rushes back to Akane with the tea, the door suddenly opens and slams into his face. While Ryoga wonders what's going on, a girl appears and hugs Ryoga, whilst welcoming home her big brother. Extremely confused, Ryoga asks the girl who she is, but the girl soon sobs that her brother doesn't remember his own sister. Ryoga's sister then comments on how it shouldn't be too big a shock since he's almost never home these days. Ryoga is shocked that he didn't know he had a sister for all these years, but then thinks about he didn't know about Shirokuro's puppies either, so having a sister isn't that far fetched.

Ryoga tells Yoiko not to get in the way of him and Akane.

At that moment, Ryoga realises that this means he and Akane aren't alone after all and his fantasy of him with Akane shatters. A little while later, Akane is with Shirokuro and her puppies. Just as Akane notes to Shirokuro about how many puppies she's had, Ryoga walks in with his sister and Akane initially believes it to be Ranma. However, these thoughts soon dissipate when Ryoga's sister introduces herself as Yoiko.

Now knowing his sitter's name, Ryoga tells Yoiko that Akane is an important guest and also tells her not to get in the way. Yoiko says okay and Ryoga takes Akane up to his room, whilst Yoiko tells them to have fun.

Once Akane goes into Ryoga's room, she's surprised how it's full of souvenirs and nothing like a Martial Arts room which she expected. Ryoga explains he only comes home to drop off the souvenirs he picks up on his travels. This prompts Akane to ask Ryoga if his parent's ever get worried about him being away so often, but Ryoga solemnly reassures her that it's fine since neither of them has a sense of direction he's usually alone when he does.

Ryoga throws Yoiko out when she stops him declaring his feelings to Akane.

Akane continues by asking Ryoga if he ever gets lonely, to which Ryoga replies he's gotten used to it. Seizing the moment, Ryoga attempts to tell Akane that with her at his side... however, Yoiko appears and believes that Ryoga's talking to her and tells her brother that she's here for him. After throwing Yoiko out of his room, Ryoga apologises for her behaviour. Akane tells Ryoga that it's fine. She then goes on to note how Ryoga doesn't really look like his sister, but Yoiko reappears and tells Akane that they both have "fangs" which proves they're related.

After getting rid of Yoiko for a second time, Ryoga asks Akane if she'd like to see a video of Shirokuro as a puppy, an offer which Akane happily accepts. Whilst Akane enjoys the video, Ryoga notes how quite the mood is. He then notices Akane starting to eat the crackers he brought and decides he'll pretend to pick one up too and nonchalantly touch Akane's hand.

When Akane reaches for another cracker, Ryoga seizes his chance and moves in. Unfortunately, Yoiko and Shirokuro appear and begin to fight over the crackers. Ryoga then angrily carries out Yoiko and asks her what she's up to. Yoiko is set aback slightly and asks Ryoga if this girl is more important to him than his own sister, which leaves Ryoga in a tough position.

Yoiko punches Ryoga for viewing Akane as more important her his own sister.

Becoming upset, Yoiko notes how lonely she's been, which surprises and touches Ryoga. Yoiko then proceeds to clench her fist and begins punching Ryoga repeatedly whilst calling him an idiot. When Ryoga ends up being slammed into a wall, Ryoga hugs Yoiko and can't believe he was so blind from concentrating so much on Akane. Ryoga continues by asking Yoiko to forgive him, and when she does, he drags her back to his room.

When they return, Ryoga asks Akane (who's busy playing with Shirokuro and the puppies) if it's okay for his sister to join them. Akane says it's fine, but... But before Akane can finish, Yoiko decides that if she's still got Ryoga hooked she'd better keep reeling him in. She then loudly apologises to her brother as he must've been trying to flirt. Panicked, Ryoga pokes Yoiko on the forehead and tells her not to tease her older brother. As Yoiko sits in the pile of collapses souvenirs, Ryoga notes that it's not so bad having a sister. Akane, meanwhile, looks on and thinks to herself about how much Yoiko looks like Ranma.

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