The restaurant's exterior.

Okonomiyaki Ucchan's is a small, two-storied restaurant in Furinkan owned and operated by Ukyo Kuonji. The name is derived from Ranma Saotome's childhood nickname for Ukyo, Ucchan. Like the Cat Café, it functions as both a restaurant and living space.

It is unknown where precisely Ucchan's is, but it may be closer to Furinkan High School than the Tendo Dojo, as it is quite popular with the lunchtime and after school student crowds. It is much smaller than the Cat Café. The lower level is dominated by the counter and grill at which the patrons sit and behind which Ukyo cooks and where the stores and kitchen area are. The upper level is her living space. It is uncertain whether she has space enough for bathing facilities or if she goes to a public bathhouse each night, as she is seen returning from one with Ranma Saotome after he moves in during the Gambler King Arc. Konatsu later began living and working here.

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