The One-Punch Armor Arc is the 61st story arc covered in the Ranma ½ manga, spanning one chapter. This arc was included in volume 23 of the Weekly Shōnen Sunday tankōbon and volume 21 of the Viz Media tankōbon.

Plot Summary

Desperate to defeat Ranma, Gosunkugi purchases a suit from a magazine ad which claims to be able to defeat anyone with a single punch. After agreeing a location, Ranma and Gosunkugi face against each other. Unfortunately Gosunkugi is unable to land the fight-winning punch on Ranma, resulting in his new suit exploding.[1]

Chapters Covered

Image Chapter Number Arc Number English Chapter Name Japanese Chapter Name Anime Counterpart(s)
Faito Ippatsu
Stormy Weather Comes to School! Growing Up With Miss Hinako

Major Events

No major events occurred in this arc.

Characters Introduced


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