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One Moment to Love (一瞬の恋 Isshun no koi?) is the 93rd chapter of the manga and the second chapter of the Amazon Love Pills Arc.


Cologne explains that the bracelet contains three pills that will make the person that swallows them instantly fall in love with whomever the first member of the opposite sex is that they see. Ranma accidentally swallows one and falls in love with Cologne.

Plot Overview

As Shampoo sits and tans herself in her swimsuit, Akane and Ranma enjoy some shaved ice whilst Cologne explains about the secret of the Love Pill Bracelet. Cologne reveals that the bracelet contains three pills, each of which, when swallowed will cause the consumer to fall in love with the first person of the opposite sex that they see. Ranma and Cologne then both agree that it would be disastrous if Happosai was to use the pills.

Happosai attempts to give Shampoo the Love Pill, but gets attacked by her and Ranma.

At that moment, the shaved iced maker begins to laugh and flap about. Happosai then reveals himself to have disguised himself as the shaved ice maker so he can learn the bracelet's secret. He continues by rushing towards Shampoo and attempts to give one of the Pills to Shampoo. Initially Shampoo seems willing to swallow the pill, but she quickly kicks Happosai whilst Ranma hits the old lecher with his elbow.

Ranma and Shampoo then proceed to wrap up Happosai in a fishing net. However, Happosai somehow escaped from the net (using his shaved ice maker disguise as a decoy) and hits Ranma with a large mallet, asking how he dare treat his master like this. Cologne then attempts to attack Happosai again, but he avoids her attack and makes his escape.

Ranma pretends to have swallowed the Love Pill so he can embarrass Akane.

While Cologne notes her disappointment at allowing Happosai to escape, knowing the bracelet's secret, Shampoo notes that he did leave one behind. When Ranma and Akane move in to inspect the pill themselves, Shampoo uses this opportunity to feed Ranma the pill which Happosai dropped. Akane instantly jumps onto Ranma so he would fall in love with Shampoo. After a quick conversation between Akane and Shampoo, Ranma looks up at Akane and immediately tells her how cute she is.

Akane soon remembers what the Love Pill does to whoever swallows it and begins to more embarrassed at Ranma's commenting on her being cute, especially as it's just the Love Pill talking. However, Ranma then stick his tongue out, revealing he was just pretending to have swallowed the Pill. Infuriated, Akane begins to attack Ranma and as he avoids her attacks, Genma suddenly appears and pats Ranma on his back, causing him to accidentally swallow the Pill.

Knowing full well the effects of the Pill, Akane and Shampoo rush over to Ranma to make sure he sees them first. Unfortunately for them, Ranma turns to Cologne, demanding an antidote, but the Pill takes effect before Ranma can realise what he's done and instantly falls in love with Shampoo's Great-Grandmother.

Ranma's reaction to Cologne while being influenced by the Love Pill.

With the Pill in full effect, Ranma declares that a woman in full bloom is beautiful and holds onto Cologne, as Shampoo tells her Great-Grandmother that this isn't fair. Shampoo then tries to come between Ranma and her Great-Grandmother, but Ranma begins to run off with Cologne, telling her to marry him right now. Akane and Shampoo realise that Ranma is being serious, causing Akane to desperate call out to him not to go.

At that moment, Soun appears and kicks Ranma in the face. Soun then tells Ranma that if he intends to marry "that woman", he must defeat him first. Ranma then angrily asks Soun just who he's intending to marry, causing Cologne to point out that Soun's referring to her. Ranma is instantly disgusted at the thought of marrying Cologne, causing Shampoo to ask if the Pill's worn off, to which Cologne affirms that it has.

Cologne continues by explaining that Ranma swallowed the "Instant Pill", she then reveals that the three Pills on the bracelet have a different duration of effectiveness. She then says that now only the Day and Lifetime Pills remain. After adding that the Day Pill lasts an entire day, Akane asks about the Lifetime Pill, to which Cologne simply puts that if Ranma had swallowed that Pill she'd be sending them wedding invitations right now. Shampoo then notes to Ranma about what a close call he had, although Akane adds that she doesn't think Ranma can hear her as he's still petrified at the thought of marrying Cologne.

Shampoo offers to date Happosai.

Some time later, Shampoo finds Happosai attempting to scout out a girl to use the remaining Pills on. She then offers to go on a date with the old lecher, an offer which he happily accepts. Meanwhile, Akane is tending to Ranma in the Inn. As Ranma continues to lie petrified at the earlier events, Akane tells him that she should just get over it already.

Just then Shampoo arrives and Akane soon notices that she's now got the Love Pill Bracelet (Shampoo had managed to tie Happosai to a tree and take the bracelet from him earlier). Shampoo takes out a Pill and explains that she'll make Ranma take it while he's sleeping. Akane, however, disagrees with Shampoo's plan and attempts to kick Shampoo, but Shampoo avoids the attack and pushes Akane out of the window.

While gloating at Shampoo, Akane accidentally swallows the Love Pill.

As Shampoo is about to put the Pill into Ranma's mouth, Akane manages to clamber back into the room and throws a bucket of cold water over Ranma so that the Pill won't work. Shampoo, however, managed to keep hold of the Pill before giving it to Ranma, so decides she'll give to Ranma and then change him back. She then proceeds to flick the Pill into Ranma's mouth, unfortunately it misses and as Akane gloats the Pill lands in her mouth and accidentally swallows it.

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