Pantyhose Taro Returns! (パンスト太郎の逆襲 Pansuto Taro no gyakushu?) is the 235th chapter of the manga and the first chapter of the Pantyhose Returns Arc.

Akane finds Happosai badly beaten on the Tendo doorstep. Soon a large fist breaks down the wall and Pantyhose Taro emerges. He tells everyone how he tried to live with his name but upon meeting some young girls he was unable to tell them his name. Determined to make Happosai give him a new name Pantyhose Taro travelled to Jusenkyo to get some water from Shannannīchuan - the Spring of Pious Man.

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The Demon ReturnsEdit

After completing another one of his regular panty raids, Happosai himself chased after by a large group of infuriated women. Happosai easy manages to escape his pursuers, however, after jumping over several rooftops the old lecher notices multiple roof-tiles flying off and is subsequently attacked...

Happosai returns - Pantyhose Returns!

Akane is shocked to see Happosai return home covered in ink.

Some time later and Akane heads out to sweep up the entrance to the Tendo Dojo. Shortly afterwards Akane notices Happosai returning, however, she soon sees what a horrible state the old lecher's been left if from his earlier fight.

Happosai is then quickly taken inside, where the news of his getting beaten up shocks Ranma, Soun and Genma. Oddly, when the group inspect Happosai then notice that what they initially thought was blood is actually ink, leaving to some confusion to who, or what, Happosai fought exactly. This thought is soon put aside, however, as Ranma, Soun and Genma realise that whoever did this must be more of a monster than Happosai is.

Suddenly the trio decide to seize this opportunity to tie up Happosai and throw him into a trash can in the hope of finally getting rid of the old freak. At that moment, a creature breaks through the ceiling which Ranma almost instantly recognises as Pantyhose Taro's cursed form.

Searching for HapposaiEdit

Pantyhose flashback - Pantyhose Returns!

Pantyhose explains how he couldn't tell the attractive women he saved his name out of embarrassment.

After Pantyhose tries to get revenge on Ranma for using his full name, he demands to know just where Happosai is. This prompts Soun to tip up the trash can which Happosai was placed in moments prior, unfortunately, Happosai has somehow managed to escape; leaving behind a note telling Pantyhose that he refuses to change his name.

Once Pantyhose calms down he explains that, after accepting the burden of his accursed name, he returned to China. Despite this, one day he found himself saving a young girl named Fua Fua from a bear who wished to thank him, but not before learning his name. Ashamed, Pantyhose felt he had no option but to run away. To makes things worse, the very next day Pantyhose saved another girl who also wanted to know the name of her saviour, again forcing Pantyhose to run off without saying a word.

With Pantyhose about to reveal the same thing happened the day after that, Ranma decides to cut him as they now get picture. Having heard Pantyhose's struggles, Soun reiterates that by the traditions of Pantyhose's village only Happosai is able to change his name.

Taro's PlanEdit

Moments after Akane wishes that there was a way to get Happosai to change his mind, Pantyhose reveals he has a plan to do just that. He then proceeds to take out a large sphere that contains water from Jusenkyo... from Shannannīchuan - the Spring of Pious Man! Upon hearing the legend the Jusenkyo Guide told Pantyhose about a nice person who drowned in the spring some 1,000 years ago which turns whoever falls into the spring into a nice person too, the group quickly realise that Pantyhose plans to use the water on Happosai in order to get him to agree to change Pantyhose's name.

No aware of Pantyhose's plan, Ranma cockily offers to help Pantyhose in fighting the old freak. Pantyhose, however, proceeds to pour some cold water over Ranma before telling her that he doesn't accept help from cowards.

As Soun and Genma hold Ranma back, Akane asks Pantyhose if this means plans on taking on Happosai by himself. After smirking at this comment, Pantyhose decides to inform the group that he was the one who beat up Happosai this morning in the first place, much to everyone's shock.

Akane panics - Pantyhose Returns!

Akane tells Ranma they have to stop Pantyhose from using the Jusenkyo water he has.

Once Pantyhose leaves, Soun and Genma begin discussing how overjoyed they are at their master finally being reformed. Ranma, meanwhile, continues pouting about what Pantyhose said to him earlier. At the same time Akane hears the phone ringing and is surprised to find that the Jusenkyo Guide is on the other end. When she hears what the Guide has to say, however, Akane is shocked and immediately rushes to Ranma before declaring that they have to stop Pantyhose from using the Jusenkyo water he brought with him...

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