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For the antidote to the Full Body Cat's Tongue, see Phoenix Pill.

The phoenix growth pill, referred to in the manga as phoenix growth-accelerating feed, is a pill that will greatly speed up the growth rate of the Legendary Phoenix and make it leave the nest in a much shorter than time than the 100 years it would normally take if nothing else is done. In the manga it is sold under the brand Phoenix-Gro, but in Team Ranma vs. the Legendary Phoenix it must be made from a recipe contained in a scroll. In both cases the pills or the scroll come from the owner of the Antique Shop Yamatai, who sold the phoenix egg to Tatewaki Kuno.

Manga history

The shop owner offered to sell Phoenix-Gro to Ranma Saotome after revealing that it would take 100 years for the phoenix to leave the nest and Ranma stomped on his head. His initial price was 100,000 yen, but he dropped it to 100 yen after Ranma stomped on his head again. However Kuno defeated single and rapid fire attempts by Ranma to feed the phoenix. Ranma then doused himself right in front of Kuno and stuffed a mass of feed in the phoenix’s mouth when Kuno jumped towards her. After the newly grown phoenix began pursuing female Ranma, Akane Tendo threw a tetsubin at her to change her back, but Kuno revived and broke the bag of Phoenix-Gro with his bokken. The feed fell into a public park, but Ranma was able to fire more into the phoenix’s mouth by grabbing the pellets off the ground despite Kuno’s attempts to stop him. After growing much larger, the phoenix flew away from Kuno’s head after laying an egg.

Anime history

The shop owner mentions that he has the scroll after revealing that it will take 100 years for the phoenix to leave the nest and Ranma pulls in him into the Tendo Dojo downstairs bath and jumps on him. His initial price is 1 million yen but he drops it to 100 yen after Ranma and five of the other characters stomp on him. Akane grabs the scroll and declares that she can make the pills, but as expected she botches the recipe and it comes out as an orange syrup that she forces the phoenix to ingest, making it go berserk. Sasuke Sarugakure then approaches first Ukyo Kuonji, then Shampoo to each make a batch of pills, claiming that this will help Ranma. The following day they both simultaneously bring the pills to the vacant lot where Ranma and Kuno had to camp for the night. Akane thinks that he put them up to this until they both see Sasuke bowing in apology. Sasuke then suggests that they feed the phoenix the pills and Ranma faces off against Kuno with both bags in hand. Kuno fends off single and rapid fire attempts to feed the phoenix. When Ranma tries to get Akane to distract the phoenix, she douses him with a bucket and pitches him at Kuno. Ranma is able to stuff a mass of pills into the phoenix’s mouth, forcing it to grow.

The phoenix being fed growth pills.

However it then begins to attack anyone indiscriminately, forcing the others to back up Ranma in feeding it the pills. He and Akane are able to feed it more pills in the air, but Akane gets knocked down and is saved by Shampoo. The phoenix grows larger and begins to damage rooftops because of the winds it is generating. After it tears off the roof of a sentō, Ranma and Ryoga Hibiki are able to fire more pills into its mouth despite dodging hot and cold jets of water. At the end of the day and after having used up all the pills, the phoenix is now the size of an aircraft, but flies away after laying an egg.