Picolet Chardin II (ピコレット・シャルダン Pikoretto Sharudan?), commonly referred to as Picolet Chardin or simply Picolet, is a member of the wealthy Chardin Family. He is also a "speed eater" from the La Belle France School of Martial Arts. Picolet is named after a Japanese diaper type product, while his last name Chardin is taken from "My Shaldan" air fresheners.[1]

Manga Biography


Before his birth his father got Soun Tendo and Genma Saotome to promise a future daughter of them to marry into his family. In the Chardin family, they had a lot of troubles finding a bride, and Soun and Genma owed their restaurant a debt after losing an eating challenge.

Martial Arts Dining

Picolet Bread Theif

Picolet steals the bread.

Ranma Saotome, with Hiroshi and Daisuke, have just gotten some bread before the canteen sold out. Just then several students begin saying that their bread has gone. A man then is about to take Ranma's bread but he jumps out of the way while Hiroshi's and Daisuke's bread get's taken. Ranma then looks back and asks the person taking the bread who they are. Ranma then asks Picolet to give them back the bread to which Picolet responds by asking why he would have the bread. Hiroshi and Daisuke then begin making conclusions and believe that the bread is under Picolet's cape. However, Picolet reveals that the cape is actually to be used as a table cloth along with other dishware. Some students are shocked that he didn't even break a glass.

Just then Nabiki Tendo, Akane Tendo and Kasumi Tendo appear for a french dinner, as they received invitations from Picolet. Picolet welcomes them while Ranma asks how she knows Picolet to which Akane replies she doesn't know anyone from France. Picolet toasts his future wives this causes Ranma to throw some bread at Picolet, however, the bread simply disappears; much to the shock of the Furinkan High School students. Ranma then notices the piece of food on Picolet's face and so throws some more food at Picolet all of which disappears as well. Picolet then removes one of the foods thrown at him from his mouth fully intact.

Picolet Speed eating - Manga

Picolet's speed eating.

Picolet decides he's had enough so he challenges Ranma where they have to eat the food as fast as possible and the loser has to pay for the meal. Despite Ranma's best efforts he loses very quickly to Picolet, due to his mouth not being as fast as his hands. Picolet then reveals the reason why he so easily won and pulls at his mouth to reveal how large it actually is, much to the horror of everyone present. Picolet then leaves, dropping a the ¥100,000 bill in the process, while the students are shocked at Ranma's loss.

Picolet's "kiss"

Picolet "kissing" Ranma.

Later that day Picolet arrives at the Tendo Dojo where he demands to have his bride. After an explanation from Soun as to why all this is happening Ranma arrives (in his female form) and offers to be Picolet's bride. Picolet accepts Ranma's offer for her to be his bride and be taught in the style of Martial Arts Dining. Picolet greets Ranma, Akane and Soun at the Chateau Chardin. Picolet then "kisses" Ranma by engulfing her in his mouth and is quickly sent flying by Ranma.

Picolet serves Ranma, Akane and Soun some tea while commenting on Ranma's strong reaction to his kiss. Picolet offers Ranma some gâteau but when is about to eat it some knives get thrown at her. Ranma avoids the knives and notices a woman with glasses standing by the window. Picolet introduces the woman as Madame St. Paul. After Ranma fails to impress with her lack of elegance at eating food, Picolet demonstrates how it should be done and at first it seems to food simply disappears from the top of his head, however, Picolet then reveals that he actually used his exceptionally long tongue to grab the food.

Picolet watches training

Picolet cries as he watches Ranma train.

Later that day, after Akane and Soun have left and Ranma is forced to wear The Iron Corset, Picolet escorts Ranma to a feast that turns out to be full of Battle Dinners. Afterwards when Ranma eats the Super-Digestion Pill that Akane gave her, Picolet tells Madame St. Paul that they'll watch over Ranma personally. Sometime later Picolet watches Ranma training and comments on how she hasn't eaten anything in a week, and how he shares in her suffering (as he then eats some fruit from a plate on his head), only to get kicked in the face by Ranma. Back in Ranma's room, just after Akane comes to work at the Chateau Chardin and gives a Croissant, Picolet enters and says he'll always be looking over her for je t'aime and then eats Ranma's Croissant. This angers Ranma and she promptly kicks him out of the window.

After realising that unless she removes the Corset she can't be a guy again, Ranma visits Picolet and says she wishes to leave. Picolet protests, to which Ranma asks if he can at least remove the corset. Picolet then asks if the training so hard for her to bear that she'd want to leave. He then throws some food in the air as a gift, to which Ranma chases after and eats mid-air. This impresses Picolet and the maids present, commenting on how elegantly she ate the food. Madame St. Paul, who witnessed the event from behind a door, says she'll have to be even more strict now; to which Picolet wishes Ranma bonne chance.

Picolet's Foie Gras reaction

Picolet's reaction to Ranma asking about the Foie Gras.

Picolet then sits with Ranma and Madame St. Paul as Ranma begins to eat the meal set in front of her. After Ranma learns of the Parlay du Foie Gras from Soun she asks Picolet is he knows anything about it. Picolet has a quite obviously negative reaction to Ranma's question, but promptly denies any knowledge of the technique. After Ranma asks if lies are the language of love Picolet says that for now his lips have to remain sealed and is very sorry for things having to be this way. However, when Ranma threatens to leave Picolet breaks down and says he'll tell her. He then explains that the Foie Gras is made from fattened Goose Liver and is a delicious food. When Ranma asks what the Parlay du Foie Gras is again Picolet simply says that it is a clever maneuver. When Ranma tries to get more information Picolet simply says that is it, much to Ranma's annoyance.

Once Ranma and Picolet have gone their separate ways, Picolet goes to Madame St. Paul and explains how Ranma asked about the technique. Once Madame St. Paul recovers from the shock knowing about the technique she tells Picolet that they have to prepare the wedding so that Ranma can't learn about the technique. Next morning, Picolet wakes Ranma with one of his "kisses" and is once again kicked out of the window. Picolet then shows Ranma her bridal dress, he then begins to watch as Madame St. Paul tries to widen Ranma's mouth by shoving a Watermelon in it.

Bill hasn't been paid

Picolet reminds Ranma his bill hasn't been paid.

With Ranma's starvation resulting in the Iron Corset falling off he is now able to turn back into his male form. Ranma then challenges Picolet. Picolet recognises Ranma immediately, to Ranma's surprise, since he's yet to pay the ¥100,000 bill. Ranma quickly leaves and bids Picolet au revoir. Just as Picolet sits down again wondering what all that was about Ranma, now back in his female form, arrives and tells Picolet that if they are to be married she wishes to test Picolet's skills first, and should Picolet lose he can't have Ranma as her bride. Picolet says this is very cute. Before Ranma can ask why Madame St. Paul explains that the day before a wedding the bride-to-be has to prove her worthiness at a dinner party.

Ranma vs Picolet - Manga

Ranma and Picolet face off.

When Ranma leaves Picolet asks Madame St. Paul is Ranma's mastered the Parlay du Foie Gras yet, to which she replies oui; much to Picolet's horror. Madame St. Paul says that they must parley the parlay, which causes slight surprise to Picolet as he didn't know there was a counter to that technique. The next day at the Furinkan High School gymnasium and boxing ring has had a large table placed in it and a large number of students have gathered to spectate. When Picolet is introduced he runs through the crowd stealing more bread, much to anger of Hiroshi and Daisuke. Once Madame St. Paul has explained the rules the battle begins.

Anti-Plate du Foie Gras

Ranma's solution to the Plate du Foie Gras.

At first Ranma uses the Parlay du Foie Gras to force feed Picolet, and gains an early lead. However, Picolet mentions that she's hardly eaten a thing just as a cooked chicken lands on Ranma's side of the table. Ranma attempts to try the Parlay du Foie Gras again but Picolet blocks it with the Plate du Foie Gras which places a plate in Picolet's moth preventing food from entering it. Just then Ranma throws a second plate into Picolet's mouth creating a gap for her to force feed him again. Picolet then spits out the plates and Ranma is about to use the Parlay du Foie Gras again, however, Picolet uses his flexible mouth to avoid the food that Ranma lunges.

Picolet then goes on the attack, as does Ranma, but Picolet uses his mouth to avoid the food again, while Ranma is left with a large chicken in her mouth. Madame St. Paul the issues Ranma with a -150 point penalty. Picolet comments on how Ranma can no longer feed him, as Ranma tries to think of way past this defence. After another bout Ranma manages to trick Picolet by throwing the chicken into the air and then making it land in Picolet's mouth. However, Madame St. Paul is deliberately looking the wrong way so Picolet doesn't receive a penalty, much to the crowd's anger.

Ranma defeats Picolet

Ranma defeats Picolet.

Picolet is very impressed with Ranma's ingenuity. Picolet then says he's not wasting anymore time and he's now going to use his most powerful move The Picolet Clan Secret Blow! Picolet then drops his knife and fork and leans forward until his head is over his plate. He then begins to suck up the food on the plate, much to the disgust of the audience. Madame St. Paul and Picolet believe they've won now, however, Ranma begins using the Parlay du Foie Gras on the crowd (since Ranma can no longer place food in Picolet's mouth). Just as Picolet is about to eat his last plate of food Ranma throws it into the air and, while Picolet waits for it to land in his mouth, she begins to use the Parlay du Foie Gras on herself. Due to the extreme hunger Ranma's been dealing with she is able to quickly eat the food in front of her, just before Picolet's last plate is about to land in his mouth.

Once the battle has ended Picolet, Ranma and Akane go outside where Picolet releases Ranma from her betrothal. While Picolet leaves he says his heart will forever be a captive of Ranma's. Later on, Picolet visits the Tendo Dojo and tells the male Ranma that as compensation for him losing Ranma must give one of his future daughters, while Ranma looks at Picolet in disbelief Soun tells Akane she better had have any girls.

Anime Biography

Martial Mayhem

Picolet Buffet

Picolet treats the Tendo Sisters.

Picolet came to Furinkan High School in order to meet the new bride that he was promised. After stealing the food of the Furinkan students (except for Ranma). It turns out that the possible brides are Kasumi, Nabiki and Akane. Picolet then begins to serve the sisters the Buffet lunch that they were promised on their invitations. Ranma then throws a sandwich at Picolet but it seems to disappear right in front of him. Picolet is angered by Ranma interrupting his toast. Ranma then notices some Seaweed on Picolet's mouth and so throws him more sandwiches at Picolet, all of which disappear, and other students deduce that he just must eat really quickly.

Picolet then challenges Ranma to Martial Arts Dining in which the winner is the first person to eat all of the food placed before them, and the loser has to pay for both of the diners. The challenge begins and Picolet rapidly eats all the food in front on him, while Ranma ends up having his mouth stuffed full of his own food. Picolet declares his victory and explains that in order for Ranma to win he must make his mouth very wide like his, much to shock and disgust of the Furinkan students. Picolet then says he expects to see one of the sisters later and that if they wish to know what he's talking about they should speak with their father. He then leaves whilst dropping the bill, which amounts to ¥100,000.

Chateau Chardin

Ranma, Akane and Soun go to the Chateau Chardin.

Akane, Soun and Ranma (who is in his female form) visit Chateau Chardin. Picolet opens the large doors and at first is surprised to see Ranma's female form (as he has only met the male Ranma and thus doesn't recognise his female form), Ranma then introduces himself and explains that she is her to do her bridal training, this pleases Picolet and he puts his mouth over Ranma's head and is then sent filling by Ranma. Picolet then brings the group into the Chateau and offers Ranma a Petit four but just as Ranma is about to eat it a woman throws several forks at Ranma. A woman is then seen holding a fork and asks Ranma if she was raised in a barn. Picolet introduces the woman as Madame St. Paul.

Picolet's Tongue

Picolet demonstrates how to eat the food.

Madame St. Paul begins training Ranma in the ways of Battle Dining and after Ranma fails his first attempt Picolet offers to show what to do, revealing that the food has to eaten without using your hands. Later that day Picolet escorts Ranma to a dinner with a large number of other people, all of who are also Battle Dinners. The following days after the party Picolet watches Ranma training and is greatly saddened by her not eating for the past week. One night Ranma asks Picolet about Parlay du Foie Gras (which she learned about from Soun) at first Picolet denies any knowledge of the technique but after some persuasion from Ranma Picolet agrees to tell her. He then goes on the explain that it based on the delicacy Foie Gras, which is made from the Liver of a fattened Goose, and is prized by people all over the world. Ranma then tries to get more information but Picolet doesn't say anything else about it. Picolet then goes to Madame St. Paul and tells her that Ranma asked about it, much to her horror, the two then decide there's only one way to stop Ranma.

The next day, Picolet awakes Ranma with a "kiss" and is almost immediately punched out of the window by Ranma. Picolet then shows Ranma her wedding dress. Madame St. Paul then arrives with a servant pushing a trolley of Watermelons. Madame St. Paul explains in order to speed up the process of Ranma becoming a speed eater they will push the watermelons into her mouth until it's able to fit the watermelon inside. Madame St. Paul then begins to try and push the watermelon, quickly followed with Picolet assisting her.

Later that same day, Madame St. Paul informs Picolet that given Ranma's strange behaviour and weight lose, along with her own weight gain, that she must be practising the Parlay du Foie Gras. This shocks Picolet greatly, but he is comforted by Madame St. Paul who explains that it doesn't matter since everyone who's tried the Parlay du Foie Gras has met with "the bad end". Madame St. Paul then teaches Picolet the Anti-du Foie Gras. Ranma then challenges Picolet to a round of Battle Dining and should Ranma win she is allowed not to marry Picolet and gets the key to The Iron Corset.

Ranma vs Picolet

Ranma faces off against Picolet.

The challenge begins with Akane introducing the two combatants followed by Madame St. Paul explaining the rules, including that if the person can be seen eating they will be called pig and get an extra plate. The battle then begins and Ranma uses Parlay du Foie Gras to her advantage and gains a lead, however, Picolet then tells Ranma he's countered her attack when a large amount of food falls from the ceiling. Picolet reveals he's placed a plate in his mouth, preventing Ranma from placing food in his mouth. Ranma throws a second plate into Picolet's mouth creating a gap for Ranma to force feed him. Picolet has had enough of this so he begins to move his mouth away from the food.

After dodging several of Ranma's attempts Picolet decides to go on the attack and manages to force a chicken in her mouth, resulting in Ranma receiving a penalty plate. Ranma eventually gets a chicken into Picolet's mouth which he can be clearly seen eating, which should've resulted in a penalty plate, but Madame St. Paul deliberately looks in the wrong direction so says she can't see anything. Picolet then decides to use his ultimate technique and bends over in his seat and sucks up his food, thus preventing Ranma from using the Parlay du Foie Gras in him. However, with Ranma using the Parlay du Foie Gras on the audience she is able to keep up with Picolet's ultimate technique. Picolet almost wins the contest but Ranma eventually uses the Parlay du Foie Gras on herself resulting in her victory.

Later on Picolet agress to let Ranma out of the arrangement to marry him as well as giving her the key to the the Iron Corset. He then bids her farewell. However, this doesn't stop Picolet from visiting the Tendo Dojo to demand that for Ranma's loss to him at Furinkan High School he should receive one of Soun's daughters as payment.

Ranma Forever

Picolet won't eat flashback

Madame St. Paul's flashback of Picolet not eating.

After being told by Madame St. Paul about recent strange occurrences, Ranma and Akane return to the Chateau Chardin to try and find out what is the matter with Picolet. Picolet visits the pair along with Madame St. Paul at dinner. When Madame St. Paul asks Picolet to eat his food and he refuses saying that he doesn't have much of an appetite, which is just as Madame St. Paul described to Ranma and Akane while she was at the Tendo Dojo. Ranma and Akane then persuade Picolet to have a "little bit" and Picolet ends up eating every plate clean, however, Madame St. Paul comments on how once again Picolet has barely eaten anything.

Later that day, Picolet visits Ranma in her room and then takes her to the tower where he's been recently spending all day in. Picolet then begins to look at the moon and describe how beautiful it is, while a kettle boils next to Ranma. Picolet then turns around and says that tonight will be a night cherish for the both of them. Picolet makes Ranma a cup of Tea and asks Ranma to drink it before it gets cold, hesitantly Ranma drinks the Tea; hoping that it isn't poisoned. However, Picolet poisoned the Tea with some Chardin Bleu causing whoever drinks to become evil. Picolet tells Ranma that if she does as she's told everything will work out fine, Ranma tries to kick Picolet but he dodges, the effect of the poison increases and Ranma begins to suffer from diplopia.

Picolet finds out about the curse

Picolet learns of the male Ranma.

The effects of the Chardin Bleu increase further and Ranma screams then faints. Akane then jumps through the wooden door of the room (having run to the tower with Madame St. Paul after they found the opened bottle of Chardin Bleu) and sees Picolet holding the now unconscious Ranma. Akane takes a Christian cross (which she was given by Nabiki) out of her bag and shows it to Picolet. Picolet asks her why she is holding the cross, Akane then brings out some Garlic but Picolet simply eats it. Picolet then says it's time to "go onto the main course" and, despite Akane's preconceptions, is simply Picolet kissing Ranma. This angers Akane greatly and she punches Picolet, Ranma and a table. The kettle on the table then spills onto Ranma and thus he turns into his male form.

Picolet recovers from the punch and notices that Ranma has changed. The addresses Ranma as "mademoiselle Ranma" but Ranma puts his head up and says "that's monsieur Ranma to you" and Picolet screams. Next morning Picolet waves farewell to Akane and Ranma. He then asks Madame St. Paul to fill him in what's happened over the last few days as he can't remember. Madame St. Paul says she'll tell him later put for now all he needs to do is never again drink any blue wine. Picolet then begins to cry slightly and asks Madame St. Paul if she can ever forgive him.


Akane - Picolet eating contest

Picolet in Akane's dream.

Picolet is one of the many characters invited to the Christmas party at the Tendo Dojo. He is seen after Kasumi, Nabiki, Akane, Shampoo and Ranma (who's in his female form) have finished singing and begin to serve the food.

Picolet also makes a brief cameo during one of Akane's dreams while she was being affected by Happosai's Incense of Spring Sleep. In the dream, Akane is participating in an eating contest with Picolet and, despite seeming to have to advantage, Picolet eats too much at once, chocks, falls backwards out of his chair, thus making Akane the winner (much to her delight).


Picolet Chardin II is the heir to the La Belle France School of Martial Arts, but whether this would enable him to defend himself is questionable, as his particular style is devoted to mastering the world of Martial Arts Dining, a uniquely regulated form of eating contest, rather then being of practical use in hand-to-hand.

Still, it's possible that Picolet would have some capability at defending himself. The striking speed developed to capture food faster then any competitor would enable Picolet to strike out at blistering speed, and his Absolute Face Control does present the possibilities that he could use his tongue like an extra appendage. Canonically, though, he has never been seen in any combat arena asides from Martial Arts Dining.

In terms of Martial Arts Dining, though, Picolet Chardin II is a master competitor, with extreme speed, very fine control over his facial features, and considerable craftiness and cunning.


Picolet Chardin II is closest to his governess and servant, Madame St. Paul, who acts as his advisor, assistant, and the instructor for any of his would-be brides. He respects her and heeds her advice in all things.

Picolet's relationship with Ranma Saotome is probably terse; Picolet has no particular grudge against Ranma, and Ranma did manage to defeat Picolet in a Martial Arts Dining duel, but Picolet's attempt at wedding the female Ranma, as well as his frequent upper-torso-enveloping kisses of her, would not have endeared the upperclass youth to the vehemently heterosexual Ranma. Nor would his requesting Ranma engage a daughter of his to Picolet's son have made Ranma any more inclined to like him. In the manga, Picolet is never made aware of the true nature of the two Ranmas, though this does happen in his second anime appearance.

Picolet is on somewhat more friendly terms with Akane Tendo, perhaps due to the fact that she was never made to act as Picolet's potential bride and his attitude of open-minded fair play about the whole arrangement, which allowed him to call it off with no regrets once he was defeated by female Ranma.

Non-canon Appearances


  • In the anime, he is referred to as Picolet Chardin III with his grandfather being Picolet Chardin I.
  • It's possible that he, and to a further extend the Chardin family, are based on Tarrare, an 18th century french showman who had a cripplingly voracious appetite, extremely high metabolism, and an abnormally wide mouth.




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