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Please Hate Me (嫌われたくて Kirawaretakute?) is the 198th chapter of the manga it is also the fifth and last chapter of the Sauce of Ten Years Arc.


Ranma is desperate to get Ukyo to hate him to ease the tension.

Plot Overview

Ranma believes that the best way to get rid of Ukyo is to make her leave on her own accord. He plans on acting in a cruel manner towards her with hopes of dissuading her from staying. He sees no problem in hurting his fiancée to the point of leaving him.

Ranma plans on making Ukyo leave.

Meanwhile in Akane's room, Nabiki is trying to convince her sister to take Ranma back. But upon closer inspection she realizes how incompetent he is and takes her leave, convinced that Akane made the right choice by being angry at him.

Dinner time rolls in and everyone gathers to the table. Ranma comes to see that the meal was made by Ukyo. He sees this is as the perfect opportunity to be mean to her by turning over the table and spilling the food. However, when he goes through with his plan, everyone else manages to salvage the food and only the table remains turned. Ranma, now left in an awkward position, remains still until Soun kicks him through the roof for attempting to waste food.

Ranma's next plan is to splash himself with alcohol. He plans on causing disturbance while under the influence, but as soon as he steps in the house Ukyo douses him with water and he turns sober. Now a girl, Ranma puts on a lipstick and begins kissing her shirt so Ukyo would think him to be unfaithful. But before she can go through with the plan, Ukyo catches her with the lipstick and turns her back into a man. Finally he steps out and tells Ukyo that he will be leaving for the night to see his lover.

Ranma comes home drunk.

Ranma then heads to Akane's room, where he is met with violence. After taking several hits on the head, he explains the situation. Akane suggests that all he has to do is to treat Ukyo like he does her. Ranma begins to think that his past actions and insults may have hurt his fiancée. Akane tries to hide her feeling by telling him that it wasn't a big deal and Ranma is booted out of the room when he continues his usual name-calling. Unfortunately for him, Ukyo was just outside the door listening to their every words.

Ranma rushes to find Ukyo. Upon opening the door he finds her unconscious on the floor next to the sauce jar. He is so moved by her decision to keep the sauce even though it was made by him that Ranma forgets his reason for being there. Akane gives him a kick to the head to remind him.

Ukyo subconsciously flips Ranma.

Now confronted by his fiancées, he figures that the only way to resolve the situation is to permanently get rid of the sauce. He does this by gulping down every drop of the horrid concoction while the 2 girls watch in horror. He soon collapses and Ukyo, without saying a word, takes out some fried noodles and begins cooking Ranma as if he was an okonomiyaki. She did this all out of reflex. When she finally comes to her senses, Ukyo finally begins to feel at ease with herself. Ranma briefly regains consciousness and tells her that he likes her better this way. Ukyo is disappointed at this remark knowing what she had to go through to please him. But she goes back to her shop and promises to return when she's capable of being both a chef and woman. Ranma meanwhile, has to stay in bed from chugging the entire jar.

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  • This chapter indicates that Ranma's entire physiology is reset when he is turned into a girl, as he is no longer drunk after being doused in cold water.
    • This is also seen in a previous chapter where Akane turns Ranma into a girl to sober him up [1].


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