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Plum (プラム Puramu?) is the Jusenkyo Guide's young daughter. She knows much about Jusenkyo and its relationship with Jusendo, but does not yet have her father's breadth of knowledge about both subjects. Although none of the five main cursed characters meet her until she arrives in Japan, Plum knows a lot about them as well. In her father's absence, Plum proves to be a brave and steadfast ally who is unconditionally willing to help Ranma Saotome and his friends despite her young age.

Manga Biography

After her father disappears following his confrontation with the Phoenix People, Plum makes her way to Japan on her own in order to bring the Jusenkyo map to the main five cursed characters. Ranma saves her from a large flock of crows commaned by Koruma and Masara, taking her to the Cat Café where she reveals the map and a warning that all the Jusenkyo springs will dry up if the Phoenix people recover it.

Although she is able to warn Ranma that Shampoo was able to defeat the other bearers of the Jusenkyo map one on one just before he fights her, the warning proves moot as Shampoo simply transforms into a cat and gets Ranma's piece of the map when he subsequently crashes into a tree. Plum returns to China with Ranma, Ryoga, Mousse, and Genma to serve as their guide. She stays with them after their encounter with Saffron and subsequent infiltration of his palace on Mt. Phoenix. After the Jusenkyo map is recovered, she becomes its guardian, but Kiima is able to steal it back after disguising herself as Akane.

Following the drying up of the Jusenkyo springs, Plum reveals that she knows the way to Jusendo, but can only recall half of what its interior is like. When the group runs into difficulties after encountering Shampoo and Genma switches sides thanks to the imprinting eggs, Plum activates a hidden door that enables them to escape from Shampoo and brings them to a passageway leading to the boiler room. It ends up opening into the interior of Mt. Phoenix however, where they come across Akane attempting to escape. Ranma tries to rescue her, but he and the others end up falling into a fish-shaped pipe, eventually coming out of the Phoenix tap. Plum is reunited with her father after Saffron begins his transformation and the group escapes to the Jusenkyo guide’s retreat home on Jusendo. After Ranma slices the Phoenix tap with the Gekkaja and the group loses track of him, Plum discovers where he and Shampoo are by listening through a wall in the house with a glass.





  • Ai ya! This is the end for me! What a tragic story this is! - Plum running away from a murder of crows controlled by Koruma and Masara just before Ranma saves her.


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