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Proposal Accepted (縁談成立どす Endan seiritsu dosu?) is the 58th chapter of the manga it is also the third and the final chapter of the Martial Arts Tea Ceremony Arc.


The thought of beating up a monkey seems utterly stupid to Ranma, so he tries to quit before the match starts. "Miss Satsuki" gets angry and starts attacking Ranma anyway, so he has to fight back.

Plot Overview

Ranma has had enough and decides she's not going to fight a monkey.

Seeing that Miss Satsuki is actually a monkey, Ranma decides to end helping Sentaro and decides to walk out. As Akane sits in silence, Sentaro grabs Ranma and tells her she can't give up as she's already come this far. Ranma reiterates that she isn't fighting a monkey, causing Sentaro to finally decide that Miss Satsuki is a monkey. Still angered, Ranma shouts at Sentaro for having doubts when it's obviously a monkey.

Just then Sentaro's Grandmother appears on the ceiling and asks if "Miss Clumsy" has given up on taking Sentaro's hand. After Ranma gets Sentaro off her Kimono, she puts him with Miss Satsuki and says that they are made for each other. Ranma then continues to leave, while a teary-eyed Sentaro tries to protest.

As she's leaving, Ranma tells them to invite her to the wedding. Suddenly, Ranma is hit in the back of the head by an ashes pot thrown by Miss Satsuki. A now enraged Ranma turns to Miss Satsuki, but is then attacked again by Miss Satsuki scratching Ranma's face repeatably with a brush. Ranma has had enough of being abused and so tells the monkey that she's dead. Sentaro, meanwhile, is crying with joy that Ranma is fighting for him.

Before the fighting goes too far, Sentaro's Grandmother throws a piece of cloth around Ranma's legs, forcing her to adopt the correct seating position. Ranma and Miss Satsuki then continue to fight each other, launching techniques against the other in quick succession. While the two continue to fight, Sentaro's Grandmother looks on and notes that "Miss Clumsy" isn't too bad since she's holding her own against Miss Satsuki's best moves. She continues by saying that with this much talent Ranma'll make a worthy bride. Sentaro's Grandmother then turns to ask Sentaro what he thinks, but he's nowhere to be seen.

Sentaro decides he'll marry Akane.

Sentaro is revealed to have taken Akane with him outside while Ranma fights. Akane asks Sentaro why he's engaged to a monkey, to which Sentaro says he has no idea. This angers Akane, but before she can say much else, Sentaro tells her that should Ranma and Miss Satsuki be fatally wounded by this battle, nothing would be in the way for them to get married. Akane looks at Sentaro in disbelief and asks him that he can't be serious.

Just then the roof of the tournament hall explodes and Ranma appears, having seemingly heard what Sentaro just said. Miss Satsuki then uses this chance to get a sneak attack on Ranma. As the two continue their fight, Sentaro's Grandmother appears and notes that they've opted for an outdoor tournament, while Akane says it's more like an out-of-their-minds-brawl.

Ranma is about to win the fight, until Sentaro intervenes with an Umbrella.

Ranma chases after Miss Satsuki, but can't seem to catch up. Improvising, Ranma uses a ladle to break the branch which Miss Satsuki is currently holding, followed by throwing a handful of Tea Ceremony spoons in oder to pin Miss Satsuki's Kimono to the trunk of the tree. Seizing this opportunity, Ranma tries to end the fight there-and-then with a "Double-Decker Pot-Strike". Unfortunately for Ranma, just as she's about to make contact, Sentaro opens up an Umbrella which Ranma hits instead.

After Ranma falls through the Umbrella, Sentaro asks if she'd like some tea. Since Ranma is extremely angered by Sentaro's interference she asks Sentaro why she would want "any damn tea". However, as she says this, Sentaro throws some tea into Ranma's mouth, which he's mixed with paralysis potion. Sentaro then takes out a Tea Ceremony spoon goes to stab Ranma and Miss Satsuki, explaining that with them gone he can marry the noble Akane.

Luckily, just before Sentaro can stab Ranma, Akane turns up and kicks Sentaro into the air saying that'll only happen in his dreams. As the others watch Sentaro fly they notice that a girl holding desperately onto a runaway horse (the same horse Sentaro was seen riding when he met Ranma). While the girl cries for help, Sentaro lands into the horse, stopping it.

With the horse stopped and the girl thrown off it, Sentaro goes to ask her if she's alright. The girl raises her head and says that she's sorry. Miss Satsuki then runs towards the girl, who tells the monkey (who turns out to be called "Sanae") that she's sorry. The girl reveals that she's the real Satsuki and was looking forward to meeting her new husband, but she was too embarrassed so sent Sanae instead. Sentaro says that this is very maidenly of her, while Ranma can't see how sending a monkey in her place is less embarrassing.

As Ranma reads Sentaro's letter, he sudden gets stepped on by Sentaro's horse.

Some time later, Ranma has returned to the Tendo Dojo, where he receives a letter and picture from Sentaro. The letter says thanks to Ranma for his undeserved joy which he gave and how they'll probably never meet again (the picture also notes that Sentaro and Satsuki are going off on their honeymoon). However, as Ranma reads the letter, Sentaro's horse steps on Ranma's head. Sentaro says that he thought the would be the case, but fate is miraculous. Ranma tells the horse to get off his head, while Akane and Genma look on in silence. Kasumi asks if that's a runaway horse.

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