Quest for the Hidden Spring (めざせ、和風男溺泉 Mezase, wafu Nanniichuan?) is the 78th chapter of the manga and the first chapter of the Japanese Nanniichuan Arc.

Ryoga arrives in Furinkan hoping to ask Akane out for the first time. When he runs into her, he can't summon the courage to ask her, and misses his chance. Ranma meets up with him, and Ryoga explains that he won't be seeing P-chan ever again.

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Ryoga's ReturnEdit

Ryoga talks to Frog - Hidden Spring

Ryoga practices talking to Akane with a Frog statue.

Ryoga has returned to Furinkan yet again, and this time is determined to tell Akane his feelings for her. Before he does this, however, he practices by talking to a Frog statue outside a discount drugstore. Ryoga starts off by mentioning how he's going on another training journey, but can't say where. He then tells the statue that next time he returns he'll be a whole man. Ryoga then attempts to say "will you go out with me", but can't bring himself to say it, much to his frustration.

Just then Happosai appears and jumps on Ryoga's head, before Ryoga gets trampled on by an angered group of female Furinkan High students chasing him to get their underwear back. The group stop, and Akane tells the other girls that chasing Happosai is a waste of time, causing them to ask her if she has a plan. The girls then huddle up to her Akane, but she feels something under her foot which turns out to be Ryoga who she's stood on.

That afternoon, Ryoga explains to Akane that he's going on another training journey. Akane suggests to Ryoga that he goes to see Ranma, but Ryoga refuses as he's got something he wants to tell her. Ryoga attempts to ask Akane if she'll go out with him when he returns, but can't manage it so gives her a present instead. Akane is very happy at receiving the present and the pair part ways.

Goodbye... P-chan?!Edit

Almost immediately afterwards, Ryoga begins destroying a nearby wall, telling himself to just die now. Ryoga then hears a female voice behind him which he believes to be coming from Akane. The voice asks Ryoga to give her a goodbye kiss, but Ryoga is initially reluctant given they're not engaged. Ranma (in his female form) then appears in front of Ryoga and teasingly says that she won't then. Angered from having being fooled by Ranma's tricks, Ryoga beats her up.

A little while later, and Ranma and Ryoga are walking through the streets of Furinkan next to a storm drain (with Ranma walking on the fence as usual). Ranma comments on Ryoga's overreaction to her fun, Ryoga just calls Ranma a female impersonator and then tells her to just shut up. This prompts Ranma to jump on Ryoga and ask what's bugging "P-chan". After punching Ranma for what she just did, Ryoga tells Ranma he'll be saying goodbye to "P-chan" soon and takes out a map.

Japanese Nannīchuan legend - manga

The legend of the Japanese Nannīchuan.

Ranma then quickly takes the map off Ryoga before he can explain what exactly it's a map of. While trying to avoid Ryoga's attempts to reclaim the map, Ranma accidentally loses her grip and the map starts to float towards the storm drain. Panicking, Ryoga jumps in after the map so he can get to the "Japanese Nannīchuan". Hearing this, Ranma grabs the map while Ryoga falls into the cold water's, turing into P-chan.

After returning to the Tendo Dojo and having a bath so they turn back into their normal forms, Ranma learns of the story of the Japanese Nannīchuan. The story goes that long ago a pack of Foxes brought misery to the people, until a wise Monk from China came and brought forth a spring. The foxes went into the spring and turned into men, this freed the people from the foxes, although this didn't solve all their problems (as the men who were originally foxes continued causing misery).

Ryoga then starts looking for the spring, but Ranma insists on following. As they walk the darkened streets, Ryoga asks Ranma why he needs him since he's got a map, to which Ranma tells Ryoga that with his sense of direction a map is like giving a star chart to a mole. Ryoga dismisses these claims and says he'll find the spring with no help from Ranma. However, at the moment, Ranma takes the map off Ryoga and tells him he's already going the wrong way! Ryoga angrily demands Ranma give him back his map.

Finding the SpringEdit

The next day and the girls in Akane's class are dismissed so they can get changed for gym class. Some of the girl's are worried that Happosai will try and peep at them again, but Akane says that he won't be able to. When questioned if she did something, Akane notes that she did a little something...

Meanwhile, Ryoga questions Ranma if he followed the directions on the map correctly as they're right behind his High School. Ranma tells Ryoga that he is sure and looks at a statue mount while saying that there should be a statue of a fox right there. Out of sight, Ryoga takes out the fox statue from his backpack and uses it to render Ranma unconscious.

Spring under Locker Room - Hidden Spring

Akane and the other girls agree to defend the locker room as Ranma and Ryoga agree to get to the spring.

Ryoga then places the fox on it's mount and notes that the map says that the spring is 100 paces in front of the way the fox is facing. Ryoga then heads off in that direction, with Ranma quickly pursuing him. The pair reach 94 paces and realise that the spring must be underneath the hit they can see. Just then the pair and subject to a multitude of traps, which they are eventually caught out by.

Inside the hut, the girls hear all the noise and go to investigate. Despite all the traps Akane laid, they can't find any sign of Happosai, causing then girls to note that he'll be back. Akane then makes a quick speech to the other girls and they all agree to defend that girls' Locker Room to the death. Ranma and Ryoga, meanwhile, have hidden themselves up a tree and are shocked at learning about the spring being hidden under the girls' Locker Room. However, both are determined to get the Nannīchuan and make a pact to get to the spring to the death.

Back at the Tendo Dojo, Soun is playing a game with Genma and notices that Happosai is still here. Soun then asks Happosai if he isn't visiting the High School today, but Happosai is too distracted by the workout video on the television.

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