Rakkyosai (楽京斎 Rakkyosai?), also frequently translated as Lukkosai, is a manga only character who was an old friend of Happosai until he fell into the Spring of Drowned Child (Tontsūnīchuan) and spent many years trying to track down Happosai again in order to get some magical ink to complete his ultimate technique, the Kocho Ranbu.

The first character in Rakkyosai's name means "music, comfort, ease" the second character is "capital" and the third is "avoid". So "to avoid comfort or ease". The "sai" character in his name is the same as in "Happosai".[1]


As can be expected from a close friend of Happosai, Rakkyosai is extremely perverted. Similar to Happosai, Rakkyosai almost constantly wants to grab women's breasts and, once he gains his brocade from Happosai, make prints of women's breasts as well. Unlike him however, Rakkyosai doesn't seem to have much interest in women's underwear so doesn't get distracted by it as Happosai does. Despite this, Rakkyosai is able to steal underwear just as effectively as Happosai can due to his speed.

Manga Biography


Happosai steals Brocade

Happosai steals the Brocade from Rakkyosai.

Rakkyosai was a close friend of Happosai during his time in China. This friendship, however, was strained when Happosai stole the Brocade Butterfly from Rakkyosai (described by Happosai as Rakkyosai giving it him as a sign of eternal friendship). According to Happosai he looked everywhere for Rakkyosai but never found him so never knew if Rakkyosai was alive or not.

Rakkyosai gets Jusenkyo curse

Rakkyosai gets his Jusenkyo curse to get the Brocade back.

After trying to find Happosai to retrieve his Brocade, Rakkyosai decided to revisit his youth so as to be able retrieve the Brocade. Unfortunately for Rakkyosai he became too young so had to wait for several years in order for his cursed form to be able to still walk and communicate as his original form could.


Having arrived in Furinkan, Rakkyosai (in his cursed form) decides to go on a panty raid at Furinkan High School. However, he is mistaken for Happosai and is quickly set upon by Ranma Saotome and then subsequently attacked by Akane Tendo and other female students.

Rakkyosai knocked out

The students notice that it wasn't Happosai who was stealing the panties.

The real Happosai then arrives, which makes everyone stop beating up Rakkyosai to notice that he isn't Happosai at all. After Happosai is hurt by the comments of the female students and tries to steal the panties Rakkyosai took, Rakkyosai comes to and uses a stink bomb.

Rakkyosai attacks Ranma

Amongst the smoke Rakkyosai attacks Ranma.

While the smoke is still in the air, Rakkyosai attacks Ranma with his "Heavenly God's Fierce Writing" technique. Despite thinking he dodged Rakkyosai, Ranma still has the word "dope" written on his face, which causes Daisuke to note that it's even written in cursive (kanji in the original).

Meanwhile, Rakkyosai has taken Happosai with him while the students were distracted. When Happosai asks Rakkyosai (who Happosai doesn't recognise at this point) why he helped him, Rakkyosai gives the panties to his new "master" (much to Happosai's delight) and then presents Happosai with a letter.

Later on at the Tendo Dojo, Happosai shows the letter to Soun and Ranma (after initially giving them a picture of a topless female Ranma), which reads that this is the grandson of a "Rakkyosai", Rakutaro, and asks Happosai to look after him. When Happosai is asked by Soun what his relationship to this "Rakkyosai" is, Happosai explains about them being friends until Rakkyosai disappeared.

Happosai takes on Rakkyosai

Happosai decides to take "Rakutaro" as his pupil.

Soun then inquires to Rakutaro if he wants to train with Happosai as his methods are quite intense. Rakutaro doesn't have chance to answer as Happosai says that he has a feeling that Rakutaro may even be able to surpass Ranma's skill.

Rakkyosai grabs Akane's breast

Rakkyosai grabs Akane's breast after she tells him not to make Ranma angry.

Rakutaro then draws on Ranma's face, causing Akane to tell him not to do that as Ranma can be very scary when he'd angry. Rakutaro apologises, but continues by saying he feels so ashamed while he grabs Akane's breast and squeezes it (much to the distaste of Akane and Happosai).

Happosai quickly punishes Rakutaro, who in turn is quickly sent flying by Akane. Ranma then warns Rakutaro not to do that again, but Rakutaro puts a bomb on Ranma's head which soon explodes. Akane then asks Ranma is he's going to do anything, to which Ranma says he doesn't want to hurt the brat. Just then Rakutaro hits Ranma with a toy mallet, which is the final straw for Ranma who begins to chase after him, but just can't catch him.

Ranma manages to hit Rakutaro with a roof tile, this slows down Rakutaro momentarily but Ranma still can't catch him. Rakutaro uses his "Heavenly God's Fierce Writing - Nikawa Kinbaku-boku", which is ink mixed with glue that tightens the more the victim struggles. Rakutaro tells Ranma he's been waiting for an opportunity to talk to him alone.

Rakkyosai learns of Ranma's curse

Rakkyosai learns of Ranma's curse.

Rakutaro tells Ranma that Happosai has an item he wants, the Brocade Butterfly. Ranma says he doesn't know of such an object, which angers Rakutaro and is about to attack Ranma, when the rain which began to fall turns him into his cursed form. The sight of Ranma's breasts distracts Rakutaro from attacking and instead buries his head in Ranma's bust. This obviously angers Ranma, who kicks Rakutaro and sends him flying.

Back inside the Tendo Dojo, and Rakutaro presents Happosai with a large pile of panties. This overjoys Happosai and tells Rakutaro that he may be his best pupil ever. Meanwhile, Ranma, Soun and Genma are outside telling Ranma he can't lose to Rakutaro.

Rakutaro begins to search through Happosai's belongings, when Ranma appears and annoys Rakutaro to a point where he decides to attack Ranma again. Unfortunately for Rakutaro, Ranma is now able to counter him and quickly does so. Rakutaro then pretends to cry and causes the rest of the Tendo household to arrive to see what's going on.

After trying to grope Akane, only to have Soun intercept, Rakutaro throws some water over Ranma and begins to grope her instead. Happosai then awakes and punches the both of them through the roof of the Dojo.

Later that day and Akane, Ranma and Happosai are attacked by Rakutaro using his "Nikawa Kinbaku-boku - Spider's Web", which Ranma and Akane avoid, but Happosai gets hit due to him being distracted by the bra in the web. Rakutaro demands to Ranma he gives him the Brocade Butterfly (which Happosai found after he sent Ranma and Rakutaro flying and then presented to Akane), however, when Ranma refuses Rakutaro takes it anyway.

When Rakutaro opens the case for the Brocade Butterfly, he finds a haniwa inside instead. Ranma then reveals he has the Brocade and if Rakutaro wants it he'll have to fight him.

Seeing no other option Rakutaro fights Ranma and quickly defeats Ranma. Rakutaro then manages to get the Brocade and runs away, only to be pursued by a distraught and confused Happosai. Happosai says that even though he's Rakkyosai's grandson he can't allow him to steal it as it's a sign of everlasting friendship, but Rauktaro doesn't believe Happosai.

Ranma falls towards Bathhouse

Ranma, holding onto Rakkyosai and Happosai, falls towards the bathhouse.

Ranma (now in his female form) catches up to the pair who are fighting each other. Regrettably for Ranma she decides the only way to beat a pervert is to act like on, so shows the pair he chest. Both Happosai and Rakutaro fall for it and thrust themselves at Ranma. Ranma then grabs the pair in her arms and makes them experience their personal hell... felling a man's chest!

Rakutaro then calls Ranma a "pup" and demands he lets go. Slightly confused about Rakutaro's choice of words, Ranma lets go, revealing that "Rakutaro" was Rakkyosai all along.

Extremely confused about what's going on, Rakkyosai decides to explain that he went to Jusenkyo to re-experience his youth so that he could get back his Brocade. Rakkyosai then sets upon the two and, after Happosai tries to place the blame on Ranma (even though wasn't alive 100 years ago), Rakkyosai uses his "Wasabi Stink-Bomb Ink" to create a cloud of smoke in order to give him to turn Ranma back into his female form.

Dance of the Butterflies

Now with the ink from the Brocade, Rakkyosai uses his Dance of the Butterflies attack on Ranma.

Rakkyosai explains that with his Brocade his "Heavenly God's Fierce Writing" technique will be complete. This causes Ranma to worry about how much more powerful it must be in comparison to his previous attacks. Rakkyosai removes the casing of the Brocade and declares that his ultimate finale technique is now complete, the "Kocho Ranbu! Dance of the Butterflies!".

Ranma finds the hypnotising colours of the butterflies are making it difficult for her to move, giving Rakkyosai room to strike. However, Ranma manages stop Rakkyosai by attacking him with several dozen wooden buckets. Ranma then tells Rakkyosai that Martial Artists are immune to that sort of trick, to which Rakkyosai retorts that there's more than one way to skin a cat.

Ranma then tells Rakkyosai to bring his worst, to which Rakkyosai tells Ranma she'll have the honour of being the first victim of his new technique. While Rakkyosai goes in to strike Ranma, Ranma has an argument with Happosai and grabs him and ultimately uses him as a shield.

Rakkyosai overjoyed - Wild Butterfly Dance!

Rakkyosai is overjoyed at getting Ranma's breast print.

After Happosai destroys the bathhouse and he and Ranma go to a nearby roof, Rakkyosai uses his ultimate technique again while the two are off-gaurd. However, Happosai has figured out how to beat it and decides to pull open Ranma's shirt and tells her to keep perfectly still.

Rather anticlimactically, Rakkyosai places a piece of paper on Ranma's chest and jumps away saying that he's now got a print of Ranma's breasts. Happosai quickly follows after Rakkyosai to see the print and the two are in awe of the beauty the seven colours creates. The pair then make up for what happened 100 years ago and become friends again.

Annoyed by this sight, Ranma stands on the perverted pair and takes the print from them, before crushing it and ripping it up. Angered, Rakkyosai and Happosai say doing that is useless as they just make more to replace it. The pair then set upon Ranma, but when Rakkyosai tries to use the brocade ink again, he finds that Happosai has stolen it as he doesn't want anyone else to use it but himself.

Ranma gives breast prints

Ranma gives Rakkyosai and Happosai a fake breast print.

Using a bra as a distraction, Ranma gets the brocade off Happosai and quickly uses her "Hiryu-Shoten Ha" to send the pair flying. As the pair spin around they talk about how they'll never stop searching for it until they have their breast prints. This causes Ranma to deduce that there's only one way to stop the pair...

Back at the Tendo Dojo and Ranma hands Rakkyosai and Happosai some breast prints, which overjoys the pair. When Akane asks Ranma if she's sure about giving them her breast prints, Ranma says that it's a small price to pay to protect the women of the world (it is then revealed that the breast prints are actually from a Tanuki statue, but Happosai and Rakkyosai are still blissfully unaware of this).


Due to his small size, Rakkyosai if extremely quick and agile, but seems to lack any physical strength causing him to resort to his ink attacks to gain some advantage. Although Rakkyosai's style is unnamed, it is possible that it derives from Martial Arts Calligraphy given his use of calligraphy pens and ink as his weapons. As well as the below techniques, Rakkyosai is also shown to use stink bombs to make a quick get away, also giving him a chance to use one of his techniques as a parting gift.

Heavenly God's Fierce Writing (Raijin-Mouhitsuken): Rakkyosai's most basic technique and which all of his others are expanded upon. The technique consists of wiring a word on victims face, Rakkyosai is able to do this extremely well and can do it in an extremely short time span.

Inextricable Ink: An ink is mixed with glue that wraps around the victim and makes them unable to move and the more they move the tighter the mixture becomes. The mixture appears to be insoluble.

Rakkyosai demands Brocade from Ranma

Happosai caught in Rakkyosai's Spider Thread of Ink.

Spider Thread of Ink: A development of the above technique. This creates a spider web-esque structure out of the glue ink and is able to ensnare those who touch it.

Blazing Ink-Ring: Rakkyosai draws a rink of ink around the opponent and the ink then sets alight, surrounding the victim.

Wasabi-Ink Bomb: Rakkyosai blows into the end of his brush handle, which sends an explosive brush tip at the opponent that explodes on impact.

Wasabi Stink-Bomb Ink: Similar to his stink bombs, Rakkyosai does a downwards stroke with his brush, which throws several ink streaks that create a horrible smelling smoke which momentarily distract the victim enough that they don't move.

Wild Butterfly Dance: Rakkyosai's ultimate technique, which requires the seven coloured ink of the Brocade Butterfly in order to use. The technique uses the ink from the Brocade to create several butterflies in the air, whose colours distract and hypnotise the foe and make them unable to move. This then gives Rakkyosai time to place a piece of paper on the foe's breasts and obtain a breast print.


Rakkyosai and Happosai - 1999 Calendar

Rakkyosai in his cursed form with Happosai and how they imagined themselves to look like 100 years ago.

With Happosai: Rakkyosai was originally a very close friend of Happosai's and it is possible the pair did perverted acts together. However, Rakkyosai soon came to dislike Happosai when he stole his Brocade Butterfly, which he was presented with moments earlier. Wanting to find his Brocade again, Rakkyosai spent 100 years searching for Happosai and even got a Jusenkyo curse in order to get it back. The pair do eventually become friends again when Rakkyosai is able to get a print of Ranma's breasts and Happosai apologises for it taking 100 years for him to do so.

With Ranma: Rakkyosai seems to have a good rapport with Ranma, despite initially using him as a way to get back his Brocade. Rakkyosai eventually appears to be respectful of Ranma when she gives him and Happosai (what he believes) to be her breast print.


  • The reason why Happosai's nickname for Rakkyosai is "Lucky" is because in Japanese "lucky" is pronounced "rakki".
  • Daisuke's comment on the writing on Ranma's face being in cursive (or kanji in the original) is pointing out how it would be difficult for a child to write like that in that space of time (in the original version Rakkyosai wrote "大馬鹿者" (oobakamono) which conveys a similar meaning).
    • This ability to write so much in such a short amount of time is a hint to the fact that Rakkyosai isn't a child, but as old as Happosai.



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