Ranma's Tears (乱馬の涙 Ranma no namida?) is the 300th chapter of the manga. It is also the first and only chapter of the Ranma's Tears Arc.


Happosai seeks Ranma's tears to complete his potion. Ranma will do what he can to stop him.

Plot Overview

Happosai attempts to gather tears from Ranma.

Ranma has a dream that Happosai is crossing the Sanzu River into the afterlife. He cries tears of joy as he waves goodbye to Happosai, but cold water forces him to wake up. The cold water was used by Happosai to turn Ranma into a girl so he can snuggle up to his girl-form. Happosai admits that he is running a fever and Ranma chases him for acting this way so early in the morning.

Surprisingly for Happosai, Ranma manages to hit him. He uses Happo-Fire Burst but is easily thwarted when Ranma hits it back with a baseball bat. The defeated Happosai limps away, while promising that he will be much better soon. He begins concocting a rejuvenation potion to renew his strength, but upon drinking it he finds the potion is a failure. He realizes that he forgot the most crucial ingredient: the tears of a rare creature that is both male and female, e.g. Ranma.

Happosai uses tear gas to make Ranma cry on his way to school, but is kicked out of the way. During lunch time, hungry Ranma opens his lunchbox and finds it to be full of onions, which Happosai rubs in his face. When that fails, he hands Ranma some sushi, but they are distributed to his classmates instead and turns out to contain too much wasabi in order to force Ranma to tear up. He bashes Happosai's head on the desk but find it to be burning up from the fever, and is taken to the hospital.

Genma Saotome and Soun Tendo attempts to give what Happosai wants.

Happosai begins having hallucination where girl-Ranma is in a lingerie and offers to shed a tear for the master. When he comes to his senses, he finds that it was not Ranma, but Genma and Soun shedding tears for him while dressed in a schoolgirl outfit. The shocked master throws them out and challenges Ranma to a spar.

Ranma cries after being hit in a pressure point.

He throws some garlic as a distraction while he gets on Ranma's back and nails his pressure point, forcing him to burst into tears. Happosai collects the precious tears in a bucket and starts running to complete his rejuvenation potion, but trips and spills the tears on the floor. Kasumi and others mop it up for him, but tell him quite a bit of soy sauce got mixed in from the dirty rags they soaked it up with. Happosai refuses to drink the concoction, so Ranma dunks his head into the bucket to force him to drink it. The potion doesn't quite work out, and simply makes Happosai act like a baby instead of actually regaining his youth.

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  • Sanzu River mentioned in the beginning of the chapter is the Japanese version of the River Styx that acts as a boundary between Earth and the underworld. It is popularly believed to be located in Mount Osore.


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