Ranma ½: Kakugeki Mondou!! (らんま1/2 格劇問答?) is an RPG/quiz game. It was the third and final Ranma ½ game to be released for the Game Boy and debuted in August 1993, the second of three Ranma ½ games to come out that year. The title can be translated as "Character Q&A!!"


In Story mode, the player controls Ranma Saotome and navigates him through Furinkan, encountering two types of characters. The first type will engage Ranma in battle, while the second will ask him questions about the series. For the former, the player selects what moves Ranma will perform for a series of turns and the battle continues until all moves are exhausted or one fighter's health is depleted. Defeating opponents and correctly answering questions earns points to level Ranma up. The game has an unlimited amount of continues.

In Versus mode, two players select a character of their choice and alternate programming their moves to fight it out. This mode is also playable with a single cartridge or against an AI opponent.


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