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Ranma Gives Up?! (乱馬リタイヤ!? Ranma ritaia!??) is the 162nd chapter of the manga and the fifth chapter of the Hot Springs Obstacle Course Race Arc.


Ranma and Akane argue while sinking into the sands. Mousse and Shampoo take this opportunity to pass them up as do Ryoga and Ukyo. Ranma uses one of the chains to get Ryoga to pull them out of the sand, but it does not quite work out. He and Akane begin to sink even further, and Ranma realizes there is no way he can possible save Akane from smothering beneath the sand.

Plot Overview

Ranma apologises to Akane for not realising she was inviting him.

As they slowly continue to sink into the sand, Ranma begins insulting Akane for blindly walking into the trap before adding that she should look where she's going in the future. This comment understandably angers Akane, but she soon puts that aside and calmly instructs Ranma to go without her burdening him further. Ranma, however, refuses to leave. With Ranma continuing by tell her that she says such stupid things sometimes, Akane's anger grows to the point that she decides to lift Ranma and throw him out of the trap.

Whilst he flies Ranma wonders what he ever did to Akane, when he suddenly recalls her saying that she invited him first. This jogs Ranma memory as he finally remembers Akane's offer.

Meanwhile, back in the sand trap, Akane thinks to herself how she wishes she never decided to take part in this race, especially as all Ranma cares about is winning a trip to Jusenkyo. Just then, Ranma emerges back in the sand trap and apologises for his behaviour as he didn't realise that she was inviting him. Akane is touched by this, but soon returns to being infuriated as Ranma notes how stupid she is for not asking him "properly".

Ranma and Akane are offered a lifeline, at the cost of forfeiting the race.

But before Akane can hit Ranma yet again, Mousse and Shampoo pass overhead (using Ranma as a stepping-stone). Determined not to fall behind any further, Ranma raises Akane above his head, planning to throw her to safety so that he can dig his way out. Unfortunately, Ranma's plan doesn't work out as he soon finds himself head-deep in the sand trap, unable to throw Akane.

After Akane swiftly digs Ranma out, Ranma himself comments that it feels like they're sinking even deeper. This leads Akane to wonder if the trap is bottomless just as member from the race council confirms that this is the case and suggests they grab onto the lifeline from the helicopter above them and retire from the race. Ranma, however, refuses to give up having come so far. The council member then informs them that the Yukata that the two of them are wearing was designed to get caught in the sand trap and that no one has escaped from the trap wearing it!

Still full of determination Ranma removes a link of chain from his Yukata and ties it to one his sandals. He then proceeds to swing it above his head whilst looking for something suitable to throw at. Luckily, Ryoga and Ukyo happening to be passing through, making them the perfect targets. Unfortunately, despite successfully wrapping the chain around the pair, Ranma and Akane are soon back in trouble when the chain drags them into the platform at the edge of the sand trap. As the pair destroy the platform, Ryoga finally notices the chain around him and promptly removes it, leaving Ranma tied to a piece of the now broken platform whilst Akane lies unconscious in the sand trap itself.

Ranma and Akane head to the last obstacle.

Upon waking up, Akane's sudden movement causes the sand beneath her to begin moving again. With no other option she calls out for Ranma, before seeing that he isn't in a much better predicament than herself. Seeing the state the pair are in, the councillor shouts down from the helicopter again, telling them to grab onto the lifeline and give up. At this moment a struggling Ranma turns his head to Akane and tells her to grab the lifeline as there's nothing he can do to help her like this.

This statement of Ranma's deeply touches Akane, who can't quite believe he'd give up Jusenkyo just to save her. Finding herself sinking further, the lifeline moves within touching distance of Akane's hand, but she forceful swats it away. She continues by mustering all her strength to get close to Ranma before finally lifting up the piece of the platform so as to stop the sand sinking any more.

Having at last escaped the sand trap, Ranma and Akane head towards the final obstacle.

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