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Ranma Reborn (乱馬 復活!! Ranma fukkatsu!!?) is the 136th chapter of the manga it is also the twelfth and final chapter of the Ultimate Weakness Moxibustion Arc.


As Ranma and Akane fall, Happosai reawakens and throws a Happo-Fire Burst at Ranma. The blast slows them down enought that they are able to make a safe landing. Hiroshi, Daisuke and Ranma's other friends from school gather together all the shredded pieces of the chart, but one shred with the cure on it is still missing.

Plot Overview

Happosai uses his Happo-Fire Burst, saving Ranma and Akane from falling to death.

While Ranma and Akane continue falling towards the ground, the others look on in horror when suddenly Happosai emerges from the grave his was buried in by the Furinkan High students. Happosai then declares that he's come back from the depths of hell to see Ranma is punished by the ultimate technique of the Anything Goes Martial Arts, the Happo-Fire Burst!

Wasting no more time, Happosai launches his attack, which actually manages to slow down Ranma and Akane's descent. Suddenly Happosai appears in a Flying squirrel outfit, demanding Ranma hand over the pictures of his female form in lingerie as it's only fair given he just saved their lives. Ranma, however, disagrees with Happosai's point of view, so throws the pictures into the air and instruct Happosai to go get them himself. Sure enough the old lecher goes after the photographs, giving Ranma the oppurtunity to jump onto his back so that they can glide down safely.

Unfortunately, his plan has one flaw as Happosai starts blindly gliding towards a fence where a picture has gotten stuck. Despite Ranma's demand, he and Happosai slam head first into the fence, before the trio fall to the ground (crushing Happosai in the process).

Having regained consciousness, Akane asks Ranma where the Moxibustion Chart is.

As Akane comes around she remembers about the Moxibustion Chart and immediately questions Ranma about where it is. Ranma, however, can't think of a way to explain to Akane about the Chart getting shredded to pieces by the wind. At that moment Hiroshi, Daisuke and the other Furinkan High students return to Cologne with every piece of the Chart they could find, giving Ranma hope that there may still be chance after all.

Once the pieces are assembled, however, the only piece missing is the one which reveals the location of the Ultimate Weakness Moxibustion. Hearing this, Ryoga comments that this means Ranma will still die a weakling, before being told to be quiet as Ranma's right in front of him.

With this news ringing in his ears, Ranma glumly stands up before turning to everybody and thanking them for all that they've done before jumping over the nearby fence and disappearing.

Akane offers to go off training with Ranma.

While Cologne comments her hope that Ranma won't do anything desperate, Ukyo turns her attention to the still unconscious Happosai and begins hitting him repeatedly with her giant Spatula for everything he's caused until Ryoga stops her and points out the scrap of paper stuck to the old lecher's forehead. Once Cologne looks at the paper she instantly realises what it is.

Meanwhile, Ranma thinks to himself and thanks Akane for the memories when suddenly a large backpack appears from nowhere and leaves him trapped. Just then a voice calls out, angrily asking Ranma if he was going to walk off without a word. When Ranma looks over the backpack he sees the voice is Akane's, who then tells Ranma that she won't stop him, but requests that he allows her to go with him.

Ranma, however, tells Akane not to be so stupid as he can't go off training with a girl tagging along. But as Ranma thrashes out on his back since he can't carry the heavy backpack, Akane adds that she was offering to come along so that she could carry his stuff. As Ranma whimpers in the corner, Akane tries to comfort him by explaining that he doesn't have to be strong, however, when Ranma asks what he's got left once his strength's gone, Akane can't think of a single thing, so quickly changes the subject to her point being that he doesn't have to be strong.

With his strength returned, Ranma goes off on a week long rampage.

After Ranma agitatedly asks Akane if it would've killed her to come up with at least one thing, he feels a strange sensation down his back. As Cologne quickly leaves, Ranma turns around to punch whoever burned his back, but when he does he ends up destroying a grass flattener, much to his shock. Just then Mousse, Kuno and the Principal appear to attack Ranma, but are all quickly sent flying by the now-cured Ranma. Overjoyed, Ranma turns to Akane who goes in to hug him, but Ranma jumps away from her and goes on a destructive rampage at having his strength returned.

A week later, and Ranma has nearly brought the Tendo Dojo to the ground whilst also injuring Genma from their multiple sparing matches. As the other Tendos look on in shock, Kasumi comments on how happy Ranma must be, whilst Happosai asks if they want him to give Ranma another Moxibustion.

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