Ranma the Lady-Killer (ナンパになった乱馬 Nanpa ni Natta Ranma?) is the 84th episode of Ranma ½ Nettohen.

When Akane unknowingly attaches a magical bandaid to Ranma's face, she turns him into a suave, flirtatious playboy who starts hitting on every woman he looks at!

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Just Another DayEdit

After finishing watching Ranma participate in an intense game of Basketball, Yuka and Sayuri comment about how athletic and handsome he is before turning to the slightly blushing Akane and telling her how jealous she is that Ranma's her fiancé. However, before Akane can reply, she hears Ukyo's voice and notices her performing another attempt of flirting with Ranma leaving the infuriated Akane to describe Ranma as the lowest of the low.

Some time later and Shampoo lies in wait behind the wall to the male changing room, thinking to herself about how today will be the day when Ranma agrees to date her. As Shampoo struggles to calm down the thing wriggling underneath her shirt, Ukyo and a couple other girls appears and asks Shampoo what she's doing. Despite Shampoo's panicked lies about her doing nothing, Ukyo easily sees through the ruse and swiftly deduces that Shampoo's here to try and get Ranma to go on a date with yet again.

Ukyo with cat - Ranma the Lady-Killer

Ukyo tries out Shampoo's "trick" on Ranma.

Ukyo continues by telling Shampoo not to bother as she'll just knock herself out for nothing. Angered, Shampoo informs Ukyo that she has a trick up her sleeve to ensure Ranma will agree to date her. No sooner does Shampoo say this, however, than the cat hiding under her shirt squirms out and jumps straight into the male changing room.

Having seen Shampoo's "trick", Ukyo sarcastically comments how she's sure Ranma won't be able to resist. At that moment, Ranma's voice screams out from the changing room and he swiftly bolts out of the door (breaking it in the process) whilst demanding someone take the cat away. Using Ranma's Ailurophobia to her advantage, Shampoo picks up the cat and adds that she'll only send it away if he agrees to go on a date with her. In his panic-induced state, Ranma blindly agrees to the terms. Unfortunately, Ukyo decides to try Shampoo's "trick" herself and the pair begin fighting over the cat until it ultimately escapes there grasp and jumps onto Ranma's face.


Akane attends to Ranma's wounds.

Once the cat finally runs off, Ukyo and Shampoo continue arguing with each other as the excessively scratched Ranma sits in shocked silence...

Returning HomeEdit

When Ranma finally manages to get back to the Tendo Dojo, Akane helps to clean up his injuries, but still tells Ranma how foolish he was for letting Ukyo and Shampoo walk all over him. This prompts Ranma to remind Akane that he got caught in the middle as he doesn't want to date either of them. He then asks Akane is she's jealous, but Akane dismisses the idea as she goes to find a sticking plaster for Ranma.

After finding a plaster, Akane roughly sticks it on the bridge of Ranma's nose which causes Ranma to scratch at it in irritation. Unbeknownst to Ranma the middle portion of the plaster turns pink as he's suddenly overcome with feelings of wanting to protect women. He then asks himself how he never saw it before and tells Akane that she's rough around the edges with no figure but adds that she's very cute. Surprised by Ranma's sudden change in attitude, Akane asks him if he means what he's saying, which Ranma confirms he does. Akane is then overcome by how sudden this all is, but this mood is quickly broken when Soun and Genma appear to watch their children in love.

Ranma & Akane - Ranma the Lady-Killer

Ranma & Akane share a romantic moment, until Soun and Genma arrive.

Soun and Genma then proceed to talk to each other about how young this scene makes them feel before going on about they'll always be young at heart. Once the pair finish laughing with each other they notice that both Ranma and Akane have since disappeared.

Ranma, meanwhile, has wandered into the courtyard at the center of the dojo and begins pacing as he wonders what came over him and whether Akane took what he said seriously. After going continuously back-and-forth about whether or not what he said was serious or not, Ranma hears Kasumi asking him if he's alright and when Ranma looks at her he's immediately overcome with romantic feelings again.

Just as Ranma rushes up to Kasumi and takes hold of her hands, Soun reappears and tells Ranma that it's not like him to be bashful before adding that he's glad that he's (Ranma) finally agreed to marry Akane. This causes Kasumi ask Ranma if this is true, but Ranma cryptically replies to Kasumi that if it's what she wants to do he'll do it. As Soun and Kasumi are left shocked at this statement, Ranma covers his mouth as he realizes what he's saying.

Having heard this, Soun warns Ranma that better be serious about marrying Akane, causing Kasumi to calm her father down by reminding him not to scare off Ranma when he finally agrees to marry Akane. But when the pair look back at where Ranma was standing they're both surprised to see that he's run off yet again.

The Flirting WorsensEdit

After running through the streets of Furinkan, Ranma eventually stops outside a flower shop where he tries to pull himself together before wondering why he said what those things moments earlier. At that moment, a group of girls walk past Ranma and, after seeing their reflection in the shop window, Ranma once again is overcome with romantic feelings and begins almost drunkenly following the group.

Happosai checks band-aids - Ranma the Lady-Killer

Happosai is disappointed to find that he has no more band-aids left.

At the Tendo Dojo, meanwhile, Akane assists Kasumi in cleaning some dishes whilst thinking about what Ranma said to her. Just as Akane starts smiling at her reflection in the plate, Kasumi suddenly speaks up and questions her sister if something's going on between her and Ranma. Akane retorts that there's nothing going on when Kasumi abruptly proceeds to ask Akane if she accepted Ranma's proposal. Shocked, Akane drops the plate she's currently holding before outrightly telling Kasumi that that's lie and demands to know who said it.

Elsewhere, Happosai walks into the living room after being beaten up by some women for trying to find out what "color" they were wearing. Happosai then proceeds to open the first-aid kit in order to find a plaster, but is disappointed when he appears to have none left (especially as he was sure there was at least still one). Believing that he must've imagined it, Happosai crushes and dispossess of the box before jumping off somewhere else.

Shampoo angry - Ranma the Lady-Killer

Shampoo asks Ranma why he's hanging out with girls other than her.

At the same time, Ukyo and Shampoo agree to call their fight a draw as Ranma isn't even around to fight over. Just then, the pair see Ranma escorting the girls who passed him earlier at the flower shop. Shampoo quickly becomes infuriated at the scene and demands Ranma tell her why he's dating other girls, but Ranma - who's blushing extensively - just tells Shampoo that she's cute when she's angry. Not wanting to be left out, Ukyo also begins fighting for Ranma's affection before Ranma suddenly suggests that they go out on a date together.

Not wanting to "share" a date with Ranma, Ukyo and Shampoo resume their fight in order to see who is worthy to date Ranma. After getting her giant spatula out, Ukyo tells Ranma to wait a little while for her to win, but this gives Shampoo an opening and she proceeds to throw multiple forks at Ukyo, pinning her to a nearby tree.

Despite Ukyo's protests at not being ready, Shampoo takes Ranma by the arm so that they can go on their date. Once the pair leave, the girls who Ranma was with earlier look on in confusion as Ukyo notes her irritation in Shampoo's dirty tactics.

Dating WarsEdit

Having rented a boat, Shampoo notes how much she's enjoying the date as Ranma takes the both of them around the park's lake. Just then Ranma comments about his worries regarding somebody ruining their happiness, prompting Shampoo to check the immediate vicinity before reassuring Ranma that there's no-one around to do so. The pair then move in to kiss each other when suddenly Ukyo uses her giant spatula to split the boat in half.

Unlike Ranma, Shampoo falls into the water and thus changes to her cat form, leaving her helpless as Ranma sees Ukyo on the shore before quickly accepting her offer of a date.

Nabiki-Ranma flashback - Ranma the Lady-Killer

Nabiki explains about how she saw Ranma flirting with any woman he met.

Meanwhile, Nabiki has just returned to the Tendo Dojo where she tells Soun and Genma that she's seen Ranma picking up girls all over the place. When Akane hears about this she swiftly dismisses it as false rumors until Nabiki suggests that Akane goes to the park to see for herself. Once Akane runs off to see if Nabiki's story is true, Soun and Genma start boasting about Akane's concern for Ranma until Nabiki reminds them this may affect their family's future. The pair then begin following Akane to the park, with Nabiki swiftly deciding that she doesn't want to miss out on the fun and goes too.

With her arms tightly wrapped around Ranma's, Ukyo wonders where they should go on their date when she notices that Ranma is checking out some other girls nearby playing tennis. Irritated, Ukyo pulls on Ranma's ear and tells him how rude he's being looking at other girls of their date, forcing Ranma to beg for forgiveness. Ukyo initially refuses Ranma's offer, but soon gives in when he puts his hand on her shoulder whilst whispering to her that he promises not to look at other girls anymore.

Now that he's apologized, Ranma tells Ukyo he'll get them something to drink before telling Ukyo to sit and wait for him on the nearby bench. Once Ranma leaves, Ukyo thinks to herself about how oddly Ranma's behaving today, but since this may be her only chance to do something like this she soon puts these thoughts aside. Suddenly, Shampoo appears behind Ukyo and demands she returns Ranma to her...

Akane slaps Ranma - Ranma the Lady-Killer

Akane slaps Ranma when he starts flirting with Nabiki.

Ranma, meanwhile, has just brought his drink for Ukyo when he notices some money lying on the floor, unfortunately, when he picks it up he sees Akane stood right in front of him. Wanting to know what's going on, Akane asks Ranma who the drink's for, to which Ranma retorts that it's for her. Akane doesn't believe Ranma's lie and goes in to slap him but is stopped by Ranma who tells her that she's the only one for him. Unfortunately, as Akane stares at Ranma romantically, a tennis ball rolls over and one of the girls shouts over, requesting if they could return it to her.

Completely forgetting about Akane, Ranma picks up the ball and prepares to return it, but Soun and Genma appear in his way and begin questioning him about the rumours of him flirting with every woman he sees. However, Shampoo sudden appears (pushing Soun and Genma out of the way) and instructs Ranma that they're continuing their date where they left off. As Akane asks Shampoo about just what she's been doing with Ranma, Ukyo arrives and also demands Ranma continue his date with her. Both then Ukyo and Shampoo then begin arguing about who Ranma really loves as he told both of them that they were the only girl he cares about, but when they turn to ask Ranma for a definitive answer, they're both shocked to see Ranma has started flirting with Nabiki.

As Ukyo and Shampoo stare in shock, Akane decides she's had enough and in a flash runs up and slaps Ranma while she holds back the tears in her eyes and thinking about what a fool she's been.

That EveningEdit

Deeply upset by the earlier events, Akane locks herself in her room and refuses to leave. Eventually, whilst Soun continues his desperate attempts to get Akane to exit her room, Happosai arrives outside her door and starts talking with Soun about how he's heard of Ranma's flirting. As Happosai continues talking to Soun, Akane overhears that Ranma has been shut up inside the training hall.

Magical Band-Aids

Happosai tells Ukyo and Shampoo about how the band-aid Ranma is wearing contains a powerful aphrodisiac which makes the wearer flirt with any woman they see.

Having learned where Ranma is, Happosai goes to see him in an attempt to rub it in to Ranma about what he's done. Upon seeing the state Ranma's been left in, Happosai starts trying to offer Ranma freedom in exchange that he does whatever he says. As Ranma shakes his head in disagreement of the old lecher's offer, Happosai sees Ranma's wearing on of his band-aids and realizes what's been going on, but decides that he'll leave things like this a little longer. Regrettably for Happosai, Ukyo and Shampoo appear behind him and demand to know what's going on.

Whilst Akane sneaks over with some food for Ranma, Happosai (who's been tied to a tree by Ukyo and Shampoo) informs the pair that the band-aid Ranma's wearing originate from China and reveals that the Gauze portion is soaked in a powerful Aphrodisiac which, when heated by the body, vaporizes and once inhaled causes the wearer to become infatuated with whatever woman they see. Having given the pair the information they wanted, Happosai demands to be untied, but Ukyo and Shampoo refuse the request given how the old lecher isn't the little bit remorseful for what he's caused. At that moment the pair realize the band-aid can be used to make Ranma fall in love with either one of them and they proceed to begin fighting each other once again.

Back in the training hall, and Akane has just finished untying Ranma who thanks her. Akane, however, dismisses Ranma's thanks as she only wanted to know if he really loves somebody else given how rough, un-cute and tomboyish she is. Seeing Akane's saddened face, Ranma puts his hand on her cheek and starts telling her that he's very cute when suddenly Shampoo storms into the hall and grabs Ranma by the shirt before dragging him out again. Once the dust settles, Ukyo appears in pursuit and tells Akane that if she wants Ranma then this is her chance. Akane, however, doesn't understand what Ukyo's talking about and follows her to try and learn what's going on.

In order to get somewhere that they can't be disturbed, Shampoo takes Ranma to an empty construction site. Once they get their breath back, Shampoo asks Ranma if he loves her and when Ranma confirms he does, Shampoo takes out an official looking document before instructing Ranma to put his name on it. Luckily, before Ranma can sign the document, Ukyo arrives and throws several spatulas at Shampoo which causes Shampoo to move out of the way at the cost of the document being shredded.

Ukyo then proceeds to command Ranma to put his hand print on another hand print, however, Shampoo uses a cooking implement to knock it out of Ukyo's hand. The pair then decide they'll have to fight it out again just as Akane catches up with the group. Akane then proceeds to demand that the pair stop and explain what's going on, prompting Ukyo and Shampoo to reveal about the band-aid and how they plan to have Ranma sign marriage certificates whilst he wears it.

Despite Akane's protests Ukyo and Shampoo start fighting regardless, forcing Akane to get between the pair. Unfortunately, Akane is hit by Ukyo's spatula and starts sliding towards the end of the building before falling off it. Seeing that Akane's in danger, Ranma chases after her and protects her as a construction tent and the sand pile beneath it helps break their fall.

Akane holds Ranma - Ranma the Lady-Killer

Ukyo and Shampoo look on as Akane and Ranma embrace each other, despite Ranma no longer wearing the band-aid.

As Ukyo and Shampoo run back down to see if Ranma's alright, Akane regains consciousness and begins nudging Ranma to see if he's okay. Once Ranma opens his eyes he suddenly tells Akane that she's cute when she cries, although Akane believes this to be due to the band-aid so just calls him stupid before falling onto his chest. While Akane lies on him, Ranma wonders if the band-aid is making him feel this way as his heart is beating rapidly, but at that moment Ukyo and Shampoo arrive and question the pair if they're going to lie on each other all night.

Just as Shampoo informs Ranma he's not wearing the band-aid anymore, Ranma and Akane sit back up out of embarrassment. Feeling foolish for all that they've done, Ukyo and Shampoo decide to leave, but remind Ranma that they will be back.

After walking back to the Tendo Dojo, Ranma asks Akane if she's hungry. Akane admits that she is slightly. At that moment Ranma and Akane notice their family's stood outside, with Soun and Genma angered at what Ranma thinks he's doing whilst Nabiki and Kasumi are concerned at their sister being out so late. Genma then tells Ranma that he's grounded for a week, whilst Soun informs Akane that she won't get any allowance for three months. Devastated, Ranma falls to the floor before declaring that he hates girls after all...

Cast in Order of AppearanceEdit

Character Name Japanese Voice English Voice
Ranma Saotome (male) Kappei Yamaguchi Richard Cox
Yuka and Sayuri Masami Toshima (Yuka)
Yoshiko Kamei (Sayuri)
Cathy Weseluck (Yuka)
Willow Johnson (Sayuri)
Akane Tendo Noriko Nagai Myriam Sirois
Ukyo Kuonji Hiromi Tsuru Kelly Sheridan
Shampoo (human, cat) Rei Sakuma Cathy Weseluck
Soun Tendo Ryūsuke Ōbayashi David Kaye
Genma Saotome (human) Kenichi Ogata Robert O. Smith
Kasumi Tendo Kikuko Inoue Willow Johnson
Happosai Ichirō Nagai Paul Dobson
Nabiki Tendo Minami Takayama Angela Costain



  • Right after Ukyo wipes off Ranma, Yuka's hair is now midnight blue (same shade as Akane's) instead of the usual brown.
  • When Shampoo sticks her hand in the lake, she curiously does not change into her cat form.
  • In the sub, it is Genma who says Ranma is grounded while Soun suspends Akane's allowance privileges. In the dub, it's Soun who hands out both punishments.


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