The Red Cat Gang, also known as the Crimson Cat Gang, are the antagonists of the RPG Ranma ½: Akanekodan Teki Hihou. The Japanese name for the gang is the "Akaneko-dan", a combination the words Akane and neko, Japanese for cat.

Key members


Ghost Cat King

Kamusaru as the Ghost Cat King.

Leader of the Red Cat Gang, he resembles Maomolin the ghost cat except that he is light purple instead of white and his bell is attached to a red collar. He was once the incredibly powerful Ghost Cat King until centuries ago he was beaten by a warrior and had his powers sealed in a magic gem called the Star Crystal. He was then sealed in a gravestone in the God and Demons graveyard. Centuries later, he was freed by a drunk Jusenkyo Guide who tripped over his headstone. Kamusaru forms the Red Cat Gang and seeks the three treasures that will allow him to reclaim the Star Crystal and his powers (becoming darker purple, gaining a crown, gloves and the crystal replacing his bell). By the end of the game he accomplishes this, and is almost able to beat Ranma Saotome an his allies until, using a gift from the ancient warrior, they weaken him enough to beat him for good.


Kamusaru's right hand man, a mysterious figure who helps the Red Cat Gang and slows down the party. Just before fighting him at the end, he was revealed to be Happosai, though his personality should have made it obvious earlier.


Leader and member of the "Four Gods of the Akaneko-dan," the strongest fighters within the group. He was actually stronger than Kasumaru before he regained his full power. His appearance is a suave-looking man in blue Japanese armor. Unlike the other three, he is fought only once in the game, and actually has a sense of honor, protecting Akane Tendo from Bujin, though he has his own reasons for being with the Red Cat Gang.


The only female member of the Four Gods, she dresses in a skin-tight white tiger outfit and fights with her claws and female charms. Chronologically the last of the four to appear.


One of the Four Gods, his is a scrawny-looking young man, riding a large red mechanical phoenix named Suzaku II. He brainwashes the Kuno family into serving him and occasionally flies by to bomb the party.


The first, weakest, and most encountered member of the Four Gods. His appearance is that of a rather fat, middle-aged man wearing a full body turtle suit. He uses the shell to hide various fire-arms and body slam his opponents.


A sumo wrestler and first member of the Red Cat Gang to appear. He kidnaps Genma Saotome for unknown reasons at first, thus starting the plot of the game, before being encountered later, trying to convince Akane to join. After Ranma beats him, he apparently gets very depressed and stops working. A running gag is that he always mispronounces the gang's name.


Yasha's wife, who is stronger than him. She is seeking revenge for her husband, although in reality she is just tired of him doing nothing but moping and playing a Super Nintendo all day. She does this by kidnapping a village elder's daughter to ransom for a seal needed to get the first of the three treasures, then attacking the party after giving it to Genbu. Her fighting style uses cold wind.

Minor members

Akira and his brother

Akira and his unnamed brother are brothers to Yasha and thus brothers-in-law to Rasetsume (much to her chagrin). They attempt to drive people out of a small village so they can turn it into a giant cabaret. Not really fighters at all, they run to Rasetsume after Ranma threatens them.

Fujin and Raijin

A pair of brothers who guard the entrance to the area where the Red Cat Gang's headquarters is located. Like the spirits they are named after, Fujin can manipulate wind and Raijin can manipulate lightning. They are beaten by Ranma and Akane fairly easily.

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