The Red Hot Tea House Kunoichi was a small tea house located near a kunoichi village in the wilderness that was run by Konatsu's stepfamily. Although called a "tea house", it was more of a hostess bar where the patrons interacted with the three hideous kunoichi running it, Kotetsu and her two daughters, Kome and Koeda. Konatsu was relegated to performing manual labor and did not interact with the patrons because of his stepfamily's jealousy of his looks. Despite the three's appearances, it is listed in Secret Men's Playgrounds, a guide that Happosai consulted, suggesting that it attracts men who are actually drawn by the hostesses' ugliness. This is also hinted at when Konatsu later tried to offer Ranma Saotome a frequent customer coupon when he heard the latter called a pervert.

Happosai dragged the Saotomes to the tea house while the three of them were on a training trip as he was looking forward to the process of interacting with the sexy kunoichi who were supposed to be running it. However when he saw how ugly they actually were, he destroyed the tea house in disgusted horror with the Happo-Fire Burst. Konatsu saw the ensuing blast and thinking that his stepfamily was in the rubble, set it on fire to finish them off, but they had escaped safely, and tasked him with avenging the tea house. The three later suggested that Ukyo Kuonji and Akane Tendo would be popular attractions at the tea house, implying that they planned to rebuild it.

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