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Run Away with Me, Ranma (ボクと駆け落ちして下さい Boku to Kakeochi Shite kudasai?) is the 126th episode of Ranma ½ Nettohen.

The astral projection of a pervy old man forces Ranma in female form to go on a date with him by haunting her dreams.

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Plot Overview

Ranma's Nightmares

At a local hospital in the dead of night, a young man watches his Grandfather lying in bed when he suddenly says the name "Gyoko" before a bright light shines through the window of the room.

Meanwhile, at the Tendo Dojo, Ranma awakes in shock after experiencing a terrifying dream. No sooner does Ranma comment to himself about how he'll never get any sleep if he keeps having this dream, Genma awakes and subsequently hits his son over the head for making so much noise whilst he's trying to sleep.

Akane asks Ranma why she's trying to avoid sleeping.

By the next morning an extremely sleep-deprived Ranma slowly makes his way to school with Akane in tow when she begins asking him what's wrong. Akane continues by asking Ranma if he got enough sleep last night, to which Ranma attempts to reply, but just ends up yawning.

After seeing Ranma struggling to stay awake during the day's classes, Akane decides she'll ask him what's wrong once school finishes. That afternoon, Akane heads off with Ranma to a local café, where Ranma transforms into her female form so as she can enjoy the café's parfaits without fear of embarrassment. Shortly after the pair sit down, Ranma starts to nod off again but barely succeeds in staying awake.

With Ranma continuing to lazily eat her parfait, Akane questions her about why she doesn't just sleep if she's so sleepy, especially since she usually sleeps through Japanese history class whilst today she appeared to do her best to stay awake. At that moment Akane hears what she's positive is the click of a camera, although Ranma is too concerned with her depleting parfait to notice.

Meeting Harumaki

Ranma has her recurring dream again.

Once night falls across Furinkan again, Ranma tries his best to stay vigilant but soon succumbs to his lack of sleep and collapses onto his bed. As he sleeps Ranma begins having the same dream once again, where his female form, under the name of "Gyoko", finds herself amongst Cherry blossoms. The dream continues with a young man named "Harumaki" appearing before her and commenting about how they promised to kiss each other if the cherry blossoms are still in bloom upon his return. Unfortunately, just as the pair kiss, Harumaki turns into an old man, scaring Ranma awake once more.

Three days pass and Ranma informs Akane about how he's had the same dream each night. Curious, Akane asks what sort of dream Ranma's having, but Ranma refuses to describe it. With just the thought of the dream sickening him, Ranma tries to run off but trips and lands in the Koi pond.

Just then a young man appears on the wall of the Dojo's garden and asks the now female Ranma if she keeps having a dream about the man in the photo he's holding. Ranma gets a better look at the photo and soon realises that the man pictured is the same one she keeps dreaming about. Overjoyed at finding who he's been searching for, the young man embraces Ranma and tells her to come with him for a date. Ranma responds by punching the man into the ground before asking why she should date a total stranger like him, however, the man informs Ranma that he isn't the one she'll be dating...

Harumaki's family beg Ranma to help his spirit pass on.

Upon arriving at the hospital where the man Ranma's been dreaming about, Ranma is introduced to the Harumaki's wife and doctor. Moments after the doctor explains that the next few days will be crucial to his development, a bright light projects out of the sleeping Harumaki's mouth from where his spirit materialises. Whilst Harumaki's spirit begins harassing Ranma, the doctor explains that Harumaki is currently "soul travelling" where the person's spirit leaves the body and acts independently.

Despite now knowing why Harumaki's spirit is floating around, Ranma still wishes to learn more which leads to Harumaki's grandson handing over his grandfather's diary. Ranma then opens the diary and notices that the spirit has been following her given her resemblance to his wife during her youth.

After getting the persistent spirit to stop taking pictures of her, Ranma reads on that Harumaki wishes to date her before he passes on. At this moment Ranma finds herself under pressure from Harumaki's family and his own floating spirit to agree to his wishes, leaving Ranma with little choice but to accept the offer.

The Odd Couple

Unsurprisingly a floating disembodied spirit attracts a lot of attention towards Ranma, much to her irritation. Harumaki eventually catches up with Ranma and tells her not to walk so fast, to which she retorts that this is her normal pace before telling Harumaki to stop dangling his arms like he's a ghost.

Ranma on her date with Harumaki.

As Ranma continues to walk off with Harumaki, his grandson and Akane look on; with Harumaki's grandson overjoyed to see them seeming to have such fun. He then proceeds to put his arm around Akane's, forcing her to promptly slam Harumaki's grandson into a nearby lamppost whilst she asks for an explanation to his actions, to which Harumaki's grandson replies that he just got carried away with the romantic mood and apologises for his actions.

Meanwhile, Ranma and Harumaki take their date to a local restaurant where Ranma begins enjoying her drink whilst asking Harumaki if he still can't stop pining for his love from long ago. Just then Ranma looks to her right and sees Harumaki drinking with her, as the other customers scream in panic at the sight of a spirit floating in midair. The pair then take their date to a cinema, where Harumaki's appearance terrifies everyone once more.

Following this the pair head to a quiet park where Ranma hits Harumaki for scaring everyone all day. Just then Harumaki informs Ranma that the date was nice, but adds that he feels like he still has some unfinished business; much to his grandson and Akane's interest who reappear from behind a bush. Harumaki, meanwhile, continues to try and remember what his unfinished business is, but quickly gets distracted by feeling up Ranma's body. After stomping of Harumaki for what he just did, Ranma recalls that in their dream the two of them kissed, however this thought is too much for Ranma who quickly declares they should forget the past and concentrate on the present before running off with Harumaki down the park.

Parting Ways

Harumaki recalls why he and Gyoko had to elope.

After taking their date to the beach and a disco, Ranma and Harumaki go to a café where Harumaki suddenly notes that this isn't the sort of date he was expecting. Ranma almost loses it at this comment, give how much she went through, but is immediately calmed down by Akane. Just as Akane comments that Harumaki should be trying to remember what's so important to him, Harumaki's grandson emerges with his grandfather's diary and begins reading from it (despite opposition from Harumaki and Ranma). Harumaki's grandson reads that his grandfather and Gyoko had planned to elope together. As Ranma punches Harumaki for not mentioning this sooner, Akane asks why the two of them promised to elope in the first place. Harumaki explains that his and Gyoko's marriage was approved by their parents and they could've wed quite happily, but Gyoko's father lost all his money on azuki beans forcing Gyoko to marry a rich man in order to pay off the debt, leaving them with no choice but to elope.

Ranma, however, still wants to know what the significance of the late cherry blossoms in her dream is. After reading another excerpt from his grandfather's diary, Harumaki's grandson reveals that Gyoko said that if the cherry blossom is still blooming she'd elope with him, but as the blossom disappeared they never eloped together. Harumaki then tells Ranma that he saw the late cherry blossoms with her he'd have no more regrets. Hearing this Ranma agrees to take Harumaki to see the late cherry blossoms.

Having finally seen the cherry blossoms, Harumaki's spirit passes on.

Unfortunately as the group arrive they see that trees have been removed as construction site busily works away. With his memories of youth having been destroyed, Harumaki cries tears of despair. Ranma, however, tells Harumaki that his cherry blossoms are in full bloom which Harumaki eventually sees for himself. Suddenly a strong wind whips around the group as the cherry blossoms from Harumaki's memories briefly appear before them.

With his youth having finally ended, Harumaki takes Ranma's hands and thanks her for all she's down, moments before his spirit disappears.

The group swiftly return to the hospital where they tell Harumaki to keep hanging on. Harumaki's wife, however, tells them not to be so loud as she would raise a ruckus if noise could save her husband. Just then the doctor reappears and reveals that noise can save Harumaki, prompting his wife to take out a drum kit. Luckily the drum does work as Harumaki soon awakens. Overjoyed at finally waking, Harumaki apologises to Gyoko (his wife) for making her worry. Hearing this leaves the group in shock, prompting Harumaki to explain that they ended up eloping anyway. Ranma, meanwhile, can't believe this as Gyoko looks nothing like her. Hearing this Harumaki looks back and forth between Ranma and Gyoko before finally noting that Gyoko looks prettier, much to Ranma's infuriation.

Later that evening, as Ranma sleeps, Harumaki's grandson, Gyoko, Akane and Genma look on as Harumaki continually pesters Ranma to elope with her...

Cast in Order of Appearance

Character Name Japanese Voice English Voice
Harumaki's grandson (debut) Hisayoshi Izaki Bill Switzer
Harumaki (debut) Jouji Yanami

Shouji Matsuoka (Young)

Richard Newman

Kirby Morrow (Young)

Genma Saotome (panda) Kenichi Ogata Robert O. Smith
Ranma Saotome (male) Kappei Yamaguchi Richard Cox
Akane Tendo Noriko Nagai Myriam Sirois
Ranma Saotome (female) Megumi Hayashibara Venus Terzo
Gyoko (debut) Reiko Suzuki
Megumi Hayashibara (Young)
Cathy Weseluck
Venus Terzo (Young)
Harumaki's Doctor (debut) Unknown David Kaye




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