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Ryoga's What?! (私は良牙の許婚 Watashi wa Ryoga no iinazuke?) is the 90th chapter of the manga and the sixth chapter of the Ukyo Kuonji Intro Arc.


Akane and Ryoga's date starts off well enough until Ukyo tries to leave and give them some privacy. Ryoga freaks out and begs Ukyo to stay which makes Akane think he doesn't really want to be there. Out of nowhere Ryoga's "fiancé" show up who is actually Ranma in disguise.

Plot Overview

After putting up a "Private party" sign so that they won't be disturbed, Ukyo attempts to leave Ryoga and Akane so they can continue their date alone. Ryoga, however, doesn't want Ukyo to leave as he has no idea what to do. Akane looks on and realises that Ryoga doesn't really want to be here either and Ukyo just talked him into it.

Akane tries to stop the date, but Ryoga and Ukyo want it to continue.

Ukyo, meanwhile, tells Ryoga that if he likes Akane he should just tell her, but Ryoga asks how he can do that when he doesn't know if Akane likes him back. Annoyed, Ukyo continues to leave, but Ryoga grabs hold of her leg and refuses to let go, forcing Ukyo to begin hitting him with her giant Spatula. This causes Akane to rush over and tell them that if Ryoga doesn't want to date her then he shouldn't be forced to, however, Akane is quickly met by Ukyo and Ryoga both declaring that Ryoga does want to date her.

Ryoga continues by attempting to tell Akane that he's always loved her, but he can't finish his sentence before another girl (who's actually Ranma in disguise) appears and kicks Ryoga while calling him a two-timer. The girl continues to walk over to Ryoga and notes how Ryoga dare date another woman when he has her. Ryoga proclaims his innocence, causing Ukyo to ask the girl just who she is, to which the girl exclaims that she's Ryoga's fiancé!

This revelation strikes a cord with Ryoga, who begins to wonder how he could have never known about having a fiancé. The girl says that it's no surprise as they were just children when their parents arranged the union. As the girl says this, Akane pulls on her hair, revealing it to be Ranma using a wig as a disguise, fortunately, Ukyo is too busy dealing with the panicked Ryoga to pay attention to this, giving Ranma chance to sort her wig out.

Disguised, Ranma declares herself to be Ryoga's fiancé.

Ukyo then asks Ryoga if he's just going to let some girl come out of nowhere and proclaim herself to be his fiancé. This spurs Ryoga to tell Akane he loves her, but he can't finish telling her as Ranma throws a bucket at him (which Ryoga manages to avoid) and tells Ryoga that if he tries to leave her she'll throw water over him.

Dealing with Ranma

After narrowly avoiding the water thanks to his umbrella, Ryoga runs out of the store with Ranma in pursuit. Ukyo then joins in as Akane and Ryoga were just about to get together and begins to throw several smaller Spatulas at Ranma. Ranma then takes Ryoga's wrist and tells him that they must flee from those who envy their love.

Some time later, Ryoga and Ranma have gone to the local park and hidden under a bush, out of sight of Ukyo and Akane who followed them there. After a few moments thought, Ryoga attempts to tell the girl that he already has a girl he's in love with, but Ranma easily stops Ryoga in his tracks by revealing she knows about his cursed form. Ryoga then begins to panic and demands to know how she knows and, after a brief moment of surprise that Ryoga still hasn't figured it out yet, says she's his fiancé so she should know everything about him.

Ukyo asks Ranma what he was doing, while Akane decides she will date Ryoga.

Suddenly, Ryoga begins to accept his new "fiancé" since she knows about his curse, yet still appears to want him. This panics Ranma greatly, who ends up having to beat Ryoga unconscious and mess up her disguise before he stops. Akane happened to overhear the commotion and rushes over, quickly pushing Ranma out of the way. She then returns her attention to Ryoga and tells him he doesn't deserve to be mixed up in this. Just then Ranma reappears and pulls on the sides of Ryoga's mouth, making Akane hit her in anger before asking if there's a reason she hates Ryoga.

Ranma quickly changes the subject and tells Akane that she's sorry her date didn't work out. This makes Akane decide that Ranma must've been jealous, but Ranma tells her that she knew she was easy but asks when she went insane, what with her rushing off to see Ryoga just because he dribbled her a love-letter in sauce. Akane then proceeds to pour some hot water over Ranma and kicks him into the air whilst saying that he's one to talk. With Ranma gone, Akane thinks to herself that thought it was a duel, not a date, but if that's the way Ranma wants to see her.

Meanwhile, Ranma has landed in a trashcan in another part of the park, unfortunately, as he emerges from the trashcan a group of women see him and are horrified at the sight of a man with women's clothing and begin to beat him up. Luckily, Ukyo happens to be passing by, so drags Ranma by his pigtail and asks him what he was doing there, but Ranma just curses Akane. Elsewhere in the park, Akane is dragging Ryoga while thinking that just for Ranma's earlier comments she will date Ryoga.

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  • This is the last chapter until Get Lost, Yoiko! which depicts the chapter's "part" number with numerals as apposed to words.


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