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Ryoga Explodes! (良牙爆発 Ryoga hakuhatsu?) is the 29th chapter of the manga and the seventh chapter of the Martial Arts Figure Skating Arc.


With the ice breaking up the Golden Pair are still not backing down. Ryoga and Ranma seem more interested in fighting each other though, and Mikado keeps trying to step in.

Plot Overview

Ryoga thinks to himself about what options he has.

The Announcer says that the match has become a battle on the drifting ice floes. Akane watches from the sidelines as the Announcer continues by saying that one wrong step and the icy waters await. Meanwhile, Ryoga thinks to himself about the two options he has, one being him falling into the water and turning into a pig before Akane's eyes, or become champion and hold Akane in his arms. Ranma stares at Ryoga and thinks to herself about how she can't allow Ryoga to have Akane.

Ranma continues to think to herself about how she's the one who's going to win this, but just then Ryoga picks her up. Ryoga then declares that the last one standing must be him and then throws Ranma at Mikado. Ranma flips midair and asks Ryoga what he thinks he's doing, to which Ryoga replies to Ranma that she too is his enemy and throws a large chunk of ice at Ranma, Mikado and Azusa.

The three of them manage to avoid the icy projectile and land on the smaller chunks. Ranma then calls Ryoga a jerk, causing Ryoga to remind Ranma that first one beaten gives up on Akane. Angrily, Ranma throws an ice boulder at Ryoga and says she heard him. Luckily for Ryoga he manages to destroy the ice boulder by punching it, but Ranma just used it as a distraction so she could kick Ryoga. However, Ryoga grabs Ranma's ankle and slams Ranma onto the ice floe he is standing on.

Mikado kicks Ryoga, just before he touches the water.

Unfortunately for Ryoga, the force he used to slam Ranma into the ice floe tips it over and Ryoga is about to go under the water. However, just before Ryoga touches the water, Mikado reappears and kicks Ryoga, sending him flying onto another ice floe. Ryoga lands, but quickly slips over onto his back. Mikado lands on Ryoga's chest and says he can't stand by and watch any longer, he continues by telling Ryoga that isn't any way to treat a lady. Ryoga is now more angered so he grabs Mikado's leg and tells him he shouldn't butt in on a man-to-man fight, Ryoga then sends Mikado into the air.

The ice floe splits in half.

Ryoga picks up yet another large ice boulder, while the Announcer says that the Furinkan High School pair has started fighting each other, Akane wonders what Ryoga and Ranma are doing. Ryoga then lifts the chunk of ice over his head, before he launches himself at Ranma with a high jump (much to the shock of the crowd), while declaring that Akane is his. Ranma punches and destroys the ice boulder, but similar to what Ranma did earlier, it was just a ploy by Ryoga, who grabs Ranma's waist. Ryoga then performs a german suplex, slamming Ranma's head on the ice floe she was standing on, and breaking it in half.

Ryoga crushes Mikado with the ice floe.

The pair then begin to slide towards the water below the ice flow, but manage to stop just before they reach to water. Ryoga tries to climb back up as he wouldn't allow himself to turn into a pig, but as he climbs, Azusa appears lands on Ryoga pushing him back down. With Ranma being to only thing between Ryoga and the cold water, Mikado decides to deliver the finishing blow. Ryoga prays to Akane to give him strength, and this works as Ryoga is able to lift both halves of the ice floe and crush Mikado between them, while using Ranma's head as a float to avoid the water (although Ranma is nearly drowned in the process).

Ryoga then tosses away the two ice floes with Mikado still pinned between them, and then he and Azusa jump away in different directions, while Ranma remains in the water. As Ranma is buried under piles of ice Ryoga looks on at the rubble left of the frozen skating rink. Ryoga glances upwards and believes he's finally won, however, Ranma emerges from underneath the ice and tells Ryoga it's not over yet.

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