The Ryoga Goes Home Arc is the 22nd story arc covered in the Ranma ½ manga, spanning three chapters. This arc was included in volume 11 of the Weekly Shōnen Sunday tankōbon and volume 9 of the Viz Media tankōbon.

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Ryoga's dog Shirokuro had puppies and Akane wishes she could hold one. Ryoga hears this and asks her if she wants to come see the puppies in his house[1]. She agrees and departs the next day. Ryoga, realizing his poor sense of direction, asks Ranma to act as a guide to his own house. Meanwhile, Akane is unable to find Ryoga's house because of the poorly laid out map given to her by Ryoga[1]. She is found by Shirokuro and follows her to Hibiki residence. Ranma disguises as Yoiko Hibiki and convinces Ryoga that she is his sister. Wanting to be alone with Akane, Ryoga tries his best to keep Yoiko away from them, while she tries her best to intervene as much as possible[2]. Akane begins to suspect that Yoiko is Ranma.

Tired of the charade, Yoiko attempts to leave the house. Ryoga, acting protective of her, searches for her while Akane grows increasingly suspicious that Yoiko is Ranma[3]. As the day winds down, Ryoga gets a call from his father who does not recognize Yoiko as his sister. Ryoga finally realizes that he has been fooled by Ranma[3].

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Anime Counterpart(s)
Ryoga, Come Home
良牙 家に帰る
(Ryoga ie ni kaeru)
Oh, Brother!
おかえりなさい おにちゃん
(Okaeri nasai oniichan)
Get Lost, Yoiko!
(Maigo no Yoiko)

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  • First time Ryoga's house and family are mentioned.

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