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Ryoga Inherits the Saotome School? (早乙女流の跡継ぎは良牙? Saotome Ryū no Atotsugi wa Ryōga??) is the 100th episode of Ranma ½ Nettohen.

When Ranma and Genma get into a fight over sweets, the angry Genma decides to denounce Ranma as his heir and take Ryoga Hibiki under his wing instead!

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Plot Overview

The New Heir

Genma discovers his Manjū's been eaten.

After suffering some minor verbal abuse from two passers-by, Genma returns to his room at the Tendo Dojo, only to find that Ranma has eaten the Manjū he'd hidden away after attending a funeral service. Genma is infuriated by this as he had hoped to eat it so that he could get enough energy to endure the next day of hardship. Ranma opens his mouth to show he's already finished the Manjū, but Genma still demands he return it as he's been looking forward to it all say. However, when Genma forcibly opens his son's mouth as wide as possible, Ranma tires of his father and sends him flying through the Dojo's roof. As Genma flies away he declares that this action won't go unpunished...

Meanwhile, Ryoga wanders around what he believes to be Sichuan province, China, busily thinking about getting Akane a panda souvenir which he believes she'll hold at night, imagining it to be him. After walking a little further, Ryoga encounters Genma (now in his panda form) who greets him warmly.

Some time passes and Ryoga watches Genma devour multiple desserts before asking him why he's treating him this way. Genma stops eating and solemnly declares that he's getting old and as such needs to choose a successor to the Saotome school of Anything Goes Martial Arts. Ryoga immediately reminds Genma that his successor is Ranma, but Genma retorts that Ranma may not have the ability to succeed him. After finishing off the last bit of his most recent dessert, Genma adds that kinship has no place in Martial Arts and only the truly strong should be successors. He continues by adding that, as Ranma's father, he may have overestimated Ranma's abilities before adding that after comparing the two them, he's decided that Ryoga may be a more talented successor.

As Genma asks Ryoga if he'll be his disciple, Ryoga just sits in silent shock before declaring his refusal on the basis that Genma and Ranma are probably trying to trick him. Ryoga then attempts to leave, but Genma stops him and begins publicly begging to accept, this pushes Ryoga into noting that he'll think about the offer. However, this is still unacceptable for Genma who stops Ryoga yet again, but this time changes the subject and attempts to pass Ryoga the bill. Unfortunately for Genma, Ryoga isn't having any of his foolery and slaps the bill back in Genma's face, causing Genma to have to work off the debt, using his panda form to attract small children to the restaurant.

Ranma and Genma argue over who eat the dessert which had been left out.

Having left Genma behind, Ryoga notes how ludicrous the whole situation was. Suddenly Ryoga hears Genma shouting at Ranma and is shocked to find himself at the Tendo Dojo. Ryoga manages to sneak into the Dojo's garden as Genma and Ranma argue with each other which convinces Ryoga that Genma must've been serious after all. At that moment Genma spots Ryoga and notes his gladness that Ryoga changed his mind. Before Ryoga has time to object, Genma runs up and hugs Ryoga out of gratitude (much to Ryoga's discomfort).

Ryoga's Initiation

That evening Genma reveals the situation to Soun and the other Tendos, again citing that kinship should have no footing in choosing a successor. Everyone's attention then turns to Ranma as Nabiki notes that if Ryoga becomes Genma's successor, who will become Akane's fiancé? After taking multiple pauses to stuff his face with rice, Genma explains that Ryoga will naturally become Akane's fiancé. Ryoga is obviously overjoyed at this, but desperately tries to hide it, whilst Akane demands that everyone stop making decisions for her before storming off.

Ranma hears his father's voice coming from Ryoga's tent.

Later that evening and the sounds of Ryoga and Genma's training echoes throughout the Dojo. After a long and fierce training session, Ranma heads up to his to talk with his father. When Ranma walks in he's surprised to see his father backing some of his belongings. Genma explains that a master and disciple must eat and sleep together. Ranma retorts that, although he doesn't know what Genma's trying to prove, he finds it very childish. This causes Genma to turn and tell Ranma that he needs to see his own weaknesses before he leaves the room and walks downstairs.

Elsewhere, Akane struggles to get to sleep and decides that they just can't change things to suit themselves. She then heads downstairs for a late-night snack, but is disappointed when she can't find any milk. Just then Ranma appears and offers to go get her some. Akane assures Ranma that there's no need to given how late it is, but Ranma ignores her and heads off.

As Ranma walks back home, he passes Ryoga's tent where Genma's laughing can be clearly heard. Ranma is unimpressed by this and thinks about Ryoga must think his father's being serious about all this. As Ranma continues his journey home, Ryoga tells his new master that he'll surely defeat Ranma. Genma declares that for the sake of Martial Arts he must lay bare his son's fatal weakness and crush him into the ground! The pair exit the tent and Genma points at a bright star in the sky which he declares that star of the school of Anything Goes Martial Arts. Genma instructs Ryoga to aim for that star and shine the brightest of all.

Heir vs. Heir

Genma and Ryoga pass Ranma and Akane while out training.

The next day, as they walk out of school, Akane asks Ranma if Genma's returned home yet, but Ranma angrily replies that his father probably enjoys roughing it now. Akane then moves on and asks Ranma if he thinks Ryoga will really become his successor....

Meanwhile, Genma continues to rigorously train Ryoga in order to built up Ryoga's stamina so that he can defeat Ranma. Eventually the pair cross paths with Ranma and Akane. Once Ryoga and Genma pass, Akane comments on how serious the pair are being, however, instead of giving a response, Ranma briskly walks off in the opposite direction.

Some time passes and the pair eventually end up at Okonomiyaki Ucchan's, where they order some takeout Okonomiyaki. Ukyo can't help but comment on how the pair are always arguing, prompting Akane to tell Ukyo to mind her own business. Undeterred, Ukyo tells Akane that she heard about Ryoga now being her fiancé. Akane outrightly states that Ryoga is not her fiancé, prompting Ukyo to remind her that Ryoga is currently in line to inherit Genma's school and suggests that as such whoever the current heir is should, in theory, become Akane's new fiancé.

When Ranma quietly subdues to Ukyo's logic, she immediately suggests that he move in with her. As Akane becomes more panicked by the ongoing scenario, Ranma tells her he'll be staying here a little longer. Infuriated, Akane leaves and wastes no time in venting her frustration on the Okonomiyaki. Back inside, Ukyo offers Ranma some Okonomiyaki, causing Ranma to ask for some "Stamina Okonomiyaki". While Ukyo blushes after misinterpreting what Ranma means, Ranma himself notes to himself that Ryoga should be calling him out any time soon.

Genma uses Ranma's "fatal" weakness of cats to try to help Ryoga win the fight.

Elsewhere, Genma's training of Ryoga still continues. After a flurry of kicks and punches between the two, Genma lands a hit on Ryoga and tells him that his fists still lack a certain speed. He then declares that the time Ryoga can defeat Ranma is drawing closer. Ryoga looks on as Genma, with tears rushing down his face, announces that he'll soon have to tell him Ranma's weakness, but Ryoga refuses to learn what it is, however, Genma retorts that Ryoga should stop being so noble. By this time Akane has returned to the Tendo Dojo, although Soun isn't impressed with what's happened to the Okonomiyaki.

By early morning the next day, Ranma and Ryoga prepare to fight over the inheritance of the Saotome school, with the Tendos and Ukyo looking on in anticipation. After Soun reminds the pair that this is a no-holds-barred match, where the first to be taken down will be the loser, Ranma and Ryoga being their fight. Ryoga makes the first move, launching multiple punches which Ranma narrowly avoids. As the fight goes on, Soun takes the role of commentator and soon becomes engrossed in the position. Ranma then begins to take an upper hand, Genma decides that it's time to stop playing around.

Genma then begins making hand gestures at Ryoga, allowing Ryoga to anticipate Ranma's moves. Akane quickly notices Genma's tactics, but remains silent about it. Meanwhile, Genma continues to make gestures at Ryoga so that he can avoid Ranma's attacks whilst countering with his own. As he goes on, Genma begins thinking to himself about how he hopes Ranma can forgive him as kin takes no precedence over Martial Arts. However, when Genma closes his eyes, imagines of him training with young Ranma play through his mind. Despite this Genma reaches into his gi and pulls out a cat which he immediately throws in Ranma's direction.

The explosion created by Ranma and Ryoga when they get revenge on Genma.

Sure enough the cat lands squarely on Ranma's head, causing Ranma to collapse to the floor in fear. Ryoga, however, is infuriated with this being Ranma's apparent "fatal" weakness. At this moment Genma commands Ryoga to defeat Ranma for eating his Manjū, unfortunately, both Ranma and Ryoga hears this and instantly move in to get revenge on Genma for putting them through all this over one little pastry. Genma tries to calm the pair, but is unsuccessful so they both attack Genma, creating a large explosion in their fury.

Some time later and, as Ranma trains, Akane brings some tea and Manjū. However, Akane can't help herself and eats both of the Manjū, causing her to rush back to the kitchen to get some more. As Ranma declares that this act will not go unpunished, Genma quietly looks on whilst commenting how Ranma is a chip-off-the-old-block…

Cast in Order of Appearance

Character Name Japanese Voice English Voice
Genma Saotome (human, panda) Kenichi Ogata Robert O. Smith
Ranma Saotome (male) Kappei Yamaguchi Richard Cox
Ryoga Hibiki (human, P-chan) Kōichi Yamadera Michael Donovan
Soun Tendo Ryūsuke Ōbayashi David Kaye
Kasumi Tendo Kikuko Inoue Willow Johnson
Nabiki Tendo Minami Takayama Elaina Wotten-Costain
Akane Tendo Noriko Nagai Myriam Sirois
Old Washer Woman N/A N/A
Ukyo Kuonji Hiromi Tsuru Kelly Sheridan



  • Ryoga becomes aware of Ranma's ailurophobia in this episode, which he had been previously unaware of.


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