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Ryoga vs. Ukyo (良牙VS.右京 Ryoga vs. Ukyo?) is the 88th chapter of the manga and the fourth chapter of the Ukyo Kuonji Intro Arc.


Ryoga arrives amidst talk of Ranma's new fiancé, Ukyo. Ryoga is extremely mad that Ranma would once again hurt Akane by having another fiancé, but when Ukyo arrives Ryoga mistakes her for a boy and attacks her.

Plot Overview

The revelation of Ukyo Kuonji also being a fiancé of Ranma's has become the hot topic amongst the students of Furinkan High School. It doesn't take for long for Ranma to be the focus of his friends, who note how lucky Ranma is for having two fiancés. However, Ranma doesn't view it this way as he had enough troubles with his un-cute fiancé (referring to Akane). Obviously angered by this comment, Akane begins to attack Ranma while telling him just to switch to his cute fiancé instead.

Ryoga returns to Furinkan, with a Tanuki for Akane.

As Ranma jumps around to avoid Akane's attacks, he is soon squashed under a large Tanuki, which turns out to belong to Ryoga who bought it for Akane. After Akane greets Ryoga, he explains he heard about the rumours of Ranma having another fiancé. Akane tells Ryoga that it's okay as she doesn't care who Ranma goes out with, a fact which Ranma reiterates. Ryoga, however, isn't having any of these excuses and declares that even if the new fiancé was hideous he won't see Akane insulted by a two-timing lout.

Ryoga then proceeds to attack Ranma, but Ranma easily avoids the attacks and kicks Ryoga in anger at suggesting he would get engaged to an ancient clay statue. Ukyo then joins the fray by throwing some smaller Spatulas at Ryoga (all of which he avoids) before affirming that she won't have her engagement ridiculed and demands Ryoga take back what he said. After Ryoga blocks an attack from Ukyo's giant Spatula he notes that it appears Ranma has gotten an ally, he then runs towards Ukyo with his umbrella.

Akane swiftly calls out to Ryoga and tells him that Ukyo's female. This stops Ryoga momentarily, but after looking at Ukyo he still believes her to be male and continues with his attack. Struggling to avoid Ryoga's attacks, Ukyo uses a flour bomb to get the upper hand. Amongst the smoke from the flour, Ukyo attempts to hit Ryoga with her Spatula again, but he manages to avoid her and subsequently jumps into the air and throws his umbrella at Ukyo, managing to cut open Ukyo's uniform.

With Ukyo more concerned about covering her cleavage, Ryoga is able to right next to her to deliver a punch. While Akane shouts to Ryoga to stop, Ranma steps in and shows Ryoga Ukyo's cleavage before asking him if still thinks Ukyo's a guy. Ranma then proceeds to kick the stunned Ryoga into the side of the school building, although Ukyo isn't impressed with Ranma showing his fiancés chest to another man so hits him with the handle of her giant Spatula.

Ryoga and Akane are shocked at Ranma's trickery and Ukyo hears the aftermath.

Some time passes and Ryoga awakes in the school nurse's office, where Akane is sat by his side and happy to see he's awoken. Akane then begins to apologise to Ryoga for getting hurt because of her, but Ryoga tells her not to as he did it on his own. This causes Akane to thank Ryoga anyway, she then touches his hand, causing great for Ryoga. Seizing this opportunity, Ryoga starts to cry into her hand while shouting her name, unfortunately, it turns out that it was Ranma's hand the whole time (who's disguised his hand with his female form).

Ukyo then overhears the commotion caused by Ryoga as he attacks Ranma for his antics. To stop the fighting, Akane changes Ranma back into his male form before kicking him out with the Tanuki statue. Akane then shuts the bed curtain, she then turns to Ryoga and smiles at him while telling him not to worry about them as they'll be alright. Meanwhile, Ranma and Ukyo listen to this conversation from the other side of the curtain.

After leaving the school, Ryoga returns his travelling as he walks the streets of Furinkan. He then thinks of Akane telling him not to worry about them and he initially seems rather solemn about this, but soon goes on a frustrated rampage. Ryoga then punches a nearby lamppost, thinking to himself about how Akane doesn't know how he feels, he then hears Ukyo's voice asking what's got him so worked up.

Just then Ukyo appears on the letterbox next to the lamppost which Ryoga punched, she continues by rhetorically asking him if he likes Akane. Angered, Ryoga begins attacking Ukyo for a second time, but Ukyo quickly dispels the situation by telling Ryoga that she's on his side. Ukyo proceeds to introduce herself, as Ran-chan's (Ranma's) cute fiancé.

Ukyo promises Ryoga she'll get him a date with Akane.

The pair then go to Ukyo's restaurant, Okonomiyaki Ucchan's, where Ukyo (while she cooks some Okonomiyaki) tells Ryoga that she'll set it up so that he can date Akane. Ryoga is slightly sceptical of this and decides that Akane would only say no, this prompts Ukyo to call Ryoga a coward which makes him angrily slam his hand on Ukyo's cooking grill. Ukyo then looks at Ryoga and tells him to leave it to her and promises she'll get Akane to go out with him, Ryoga looks back at Ukyo and thinks about how true Ukyo will be to this "promise". Later that day at the Tendo Dojo, Akane is cleaning the Tanuki statue and wonders out loud if Ryoga went on another trip, to which Ranma says, while looking at P-chan, that Ryoga's a lot closer than she thinks.

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  • This chapter introduces Ryoga to Ukyo and also introduces Ukyo's restaurant, Okonomiyaki Ucchan's.
  • Although visible in the previous chapter, Ukyo is shown in this chapter to make use of sarashi (cloth strips, traditionally wound around the waist of male warriors) to bind her breasts in place of using a bra.
  • When Ryoga mentions how he wouldn't allow Ranma to have a second fiancé, no matter what she looked like, the three figures which appear are a Haniwa, a Dogū and a Heart-shaped female figurine, which are some of the oldest artefacts found in Japan.


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