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Sanae (早苗 Sanae?) is the pet ape of Satsuki Miyakoji.


After agreeing to finally meet Sentaro Daimonji in person, Satsuki suddenly finds herself overcome with shyness, resulting in her sending Sanae in her place. Sentaro blindly believes Sanae to be Satsuki, but now finds himself unable to love her. Once Sentaro finds Ranma and trains her in the ways of Martial Arts Tea Ceremony he introduces Ranma to "Satsuki", only for Ranma to immediately notice that this "Satsuki" is not human. Ranma then refuses to go ahead with the proposed match to determine who Sentaro will marry. However, once Sanae attacks Ranma the pair soon begin fighting regardless.

Despite initially having the advantage, Sanae is eventually outwitted by Ranma and nearly loses until Sentaro intervenes so that he can dispose of both Sanae and Ranma so that he may marry Akane instead. Luckily Akane herself stops Sentaro by kicking him into the air for this plan. This unintentionally sends Sentaro flying into the real Satsuki, allowing a true romance between the two to finally blossom.


  • Although never appearing in the anime, Sanae does appear on the laserdisc (and later DVD) artwork of the Martial Arts Tea Ceremony arc. As seen here.