Sarutoru is one of Toma's three human-animal hybrid warriors, being based on a monkey. He appears to be the leader of the three and Toma's second-in-command, as he is often seen trying to advise his lord, as well as being the only one that Toma calls by name.


Sarutoru is the shortest of the three henchmen, which is emphasized by his tendency to adopt a stooped forward posture. He has short brown hair with chin-length sideburns and dresses similarly to Torristan and Wanton, wearing a sleeveless shirt, pants, and studded two part cloth garment around his waist secured by a belt. Unlike the other two he wears a gold circlet around his forehead, a type of breastplate on his torso, and has elbow-length gloves and knee-high boots. These have identically coloured elbow and knee pads built in.

Sarutoru is the first inhabitant of Togenkyo Island to appear when he tries to kidnap Akane Tendo on the Unnamed South Seas Island. However her screams catch the attention of Ryoga Hibiki, who is able to grab her from the shadow trying to suck her in. When he hits the shadow with the Breaking Point, the sand explodes and Akane is released. Sarutoru then reveals himself perched on a palm tree and compliments Ryoga, but gets annoyed at being called a monkey. When Toma appears with Wanton and Torristan, Sarutoru brings him a coconut crab to demonstrate the power of he Togenkyo water. After Akane was secured all four return to Togenkyo by teleportation.

When Toma lets his men loose on the captured women, Sarutoru takes Ukyo and tries to woo her until Ryoga busts in. Ukyo tricks Ryoga into fighting Sarutoru, only for Sarutoru to unintendedly supercharge the lost boy's Lion's Roar move, which easily beats him.


Sarutoru is shown fighting within the confines of the illusory shadows that he casts.

Shadow IllusionEdit

Sarutoru is able to create an illusion of a shadow that he is able to hide in, move over great distances quickly, and attack while remaining unseen and unheard. He can hide others with this move as well. This technique can also be used by Toma and the other henchmen.

Shadow FallEdit

Sarutoru's ultimate move, he wraps an opponent in shadows, numbing their body and forcing them to experience their worst nightmares. While usually an unbeatable move, it is foolishly used on Ryoga, thus supercharging his Lion's Roar move, which feeds on depression.


  • The golden circlet on his head suggests that Sarutoru is based on Sun Wukong, the Monkey King.