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Satsuki Miyakoji is the heir to the Miyakoji school of Martial Arts Tea Ceremony, and future bride of Sentaro Daimonji. Although she appears in both the anime and the manga, her appearances between the two continuities are somewhat different, and her characterization slightly changes between the two.



A decision was made by their elders to unite the Daimonji and Miyakoji schools of Martial Arts Tea Ceremony through an arranged marriage, and Satsuki was decreed to wed Sentaro Daimonji. However, shortly before the wedding, Satsuki got cold feet and, too shy to face her husband-to-be, sent her loyal pet monkey Sanae to take her place at the ceremony. Being unaware of the deception, Sentaro sought aid from outside to avoid marrying the monkey whom he genuinely believed to be Satsuki, enlisting the assistance of Akane Tendo and Ranma Saotome.

During the resultant chaos, Sentaro and Satsuki finally came face to face. The embarrassed girl confessed her deception, but she and Sentaro were smitten with each other at first sight. Shyness forgotten, the ceremony was held and they were wed, or at least betrothed.

Satsuki and Sentaro's honeymoon in the Manga.


The Miyakoji and Daimonji schools of Martial Arts Tea Ceremony fought a bitter feud for generations, but the feud seemingly ended when the Miyakoji fell into bankruptcy and seemingly disbanded. That changed when the Miyakoji elders Ino, Shika and Cho suddenly kidnapped Sentaro's Grandmother. Sentaro sought assistance from Akane Tendo and Ranma Saotome, pursuing the kidnappers to the Miyakoji estate.

However, he found when he reached the end of the maze that his grandmother had instead been summoned by the Miyakoji matriarch to discuss ending the feud forever by wedding the two schools' heirs. When Sentaro and Satsuki were introduced, it was love at first sight; after spending hours simply staring into each other's eyes, they agreed to wed.

But, it wouldn't be an uneventful wedding. Before the ceremony was to take place, a mysterious letter was sent to them, claiming to be from a "masked thief" who would come to steal the golden teapot of the Daimoji school, a family treasure used in its wedding rituals. Once again, Sentaro sought Ranma and Akane's help, but it would be Satsuki who would finally defeat the thief... revealing her to be none other than the matriarchs of the two schools, who had schemed up the whole plan to try and coax their followers into moving on from the past and learning to work together.

Satsuki and Sentaro's honeymoon in the Anime.


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Satsuki is a very sweet natured and traditional sort of girl; a "Yamato Nadeshiko" archetype character, similar to Kasumi Tendo.

In the manga, Satsuki is implied to be a little more of a goofball, not too dissimilar to her fiancé, Sentaro. Shy and a little silly, she was so overwhelmed by the thought of meeting him in person that she sent her pet monkey Sanae to take her place at the ceremony, not even thinking about how badly this might make her look.

In the anime, Satsuki is much more serious and charming. She rarely speaks; in fact, she doesn't speak at all in her introductory episode, and when she returns in Battle for the Golden Tea Set, she is shown to speak in a demure whisper that only Kasumi Tendo can understand. Only when she is pleading for "the masked thief" to return the traditional golden teapot needed for the wedding ceremony does she become audible. Despite her gentleness, she is still a strong-willed fighter who will not back down from any danger.


Satsuki is presumably a very skilled practitioner of Martial Arts Tea Ceremony. However, she has never been seen fighting in the manga. In the anime, it is shown during the episode Battle for the Golden Tea Set that she truly is a master of the Unorthodox School of Martial Arts Tea Ceremony, being the only member of the cast present, including Akane Tendo and Ranma Saotome, to actually bring the "masked thief" (actually Sentaro's Grandmother) to a stop with her use of an umbrella as a battle club. Sentaro's grandmother even admits that Satsuki's skills make her groom-to-be's look feeble by comparison.


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