Saucy Reply (お好みデスマッチ Okonomi desumatchi?) is the 86th chapter of the manga and the second chapter of the Ukyo Kuonji Intro Arc.

Ranma meets his former best friend outside for the match, but still doesn't understand what he's so upset about. The match begins in a giant ring that is acutally a hotplate, but soon the action spills out onto the school grounds.

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Ukyo waits for Ranma - Saucy Reply

Ukyo waits for Ranma so their fight can begin.

Ukyo is waiting for Ranma to appear for their fight on a rather impressive sized ring, while a group of students arrive to the watch the fight. Ukyo doesn't have to wait long as Ranma soon arrives by jumping onto one of the ring's posts and getting Ukyo's attention by calling him by his childhood nickname of "Ucchan". This just angers Ukyo further as they're here to fight each other, so he attempts to attack Ranma with his large Spatula while demanding he stopping calling him by that name.

Ranma easily dodges the attack and asks why he can't call him "Ucchan" as he thought Ukyo liked it when he was called that. Ranma continues by asking why they can't just be friends like before, but Ukyo angrily shouts at Ranma and asks how he dare call himself a friend. As more students gather, Akane is watching the fight with Genma and notes that there's still something that doesn't seem right about Ukyo.

Back in the ring, Ranma reminds Ukyo that it was his father that took the Okonomiyaki cart and left Ukyo in the dust, so then why is Ukyo mad at him. Ukyo doesn't give Ranma an answer and just attacks him whilst demanding he shut up. This causes Akane to turn to Genma as she's realised there's something he's not telling them, but attempts to question Genma he's already turned into his panda form and refuses to communicate, reenforcing the idea he's hiding something. Ranma then proceeds to jump onto the end of Ukyo's Spatula and tell him that he's the most stubborn guy he's ever met, this angers Ukyo greatly who throws Ranma off the large Spatula before throwing several smaller spatulas at him.

Ranma manages to avoid all of the smaller spatulas, but ends up touching the black, outer portion of the ring and suddenly burns his hand when he touches it. Genma then breaks an egg onto the black portion of the ring and it cooks instantly, causing the spectators to realise that the edge of the ring is in reality a large hot plate. Ukyo then dips her Spatula into a bowl of Okonomiyaki batter and throws it towards Ranma, and despite avoiding most of the batter some lands on Ranma's foot, making him unable to move.

With Ranma's speed reduced, Ukyo wraps some long strands Yakisoba noodles around Ranma's arms and legs. Ukyo then proceeds to move in to hit Ranma with his Spatula, however, Ranma is able to dodge the attack at the last possible second, but ends up on the hot plate yet again. The smell of the cooking food that's still attached to Ranma starts to make some of the spectators feel hungry.

Not slowing down the onslaught, Ukyo slides a greasing brush across the ring, making the sing very slippery and difficult for Ranma to stand. Ukyo then takes out a bucket of Tempura flakes... mixed with gunpowder!

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Ranma throws Ukyo - Saucy Reply

Ranma throws Ukyo out of the ring to settle the matter is a less dangerous location.

Once the dust settles, Ranma emerges and darkly tells Ukyo that as they were friends once he'll be nice and won't settle this in such a dangerous place. Ranma then quickly takes the noodles from around his body; ensnares Ukyo with them and spins him around continuously before letting go, forcing Ukyo to fly out of the ring before following himself.

As the pair disappear, Genma suddenly shouts why beloved friends must fight like this. Akane then pipes up and asks Genma why indeed. After a moment of silence, Akane reminds Genma she's waiting for an answer, but Genma turns into his panda form so he can't answer. As Akane looks at Genma's reaction she thinks to herself that maybe she should sell Genma to a circus.

Elsewhere on the school grounds, Ranma is busily chasing after Ukyo. Ranma eventually tells Ukyo to fight like a man, which angers him that he turns to attack Ranma with his large Spatula. The attack isn't very successful, however, Ranma just kicks Ukyo in the stomach, whilst grabbing the end of Ukyo's Spatula and taking it off him.

Ukyo's SecretEdit

Extremely angered, Ranma begins to attack Ukyo with his own Spatula and manages to cut into the front of Ukyo's clothes. As Ukyo places his arms over his ripped clothing, Ranma bends Ukyo's Spatula and notes that although Ukyo got to have his fun on the giant grill, it's his turn now. Ukyo begins to demand that Ranma wait just for a second, but Ranma is having none of it as it was Ukyo who started this whole thing.

Saucy Reply - last panel

Ranma notices that Ukyo has breasts.

Ranma then punches Ukyo in the stomach and the pair of them begin to fall towards the P.E. equipment room, as they fall Ukyo quickly pulls out a bag of flour and throws it onto Ranma's face and the smokescreen it creates as well as the noise of the crash attracts the attention of the other students nearby.

Inside the equipment room, Ranma looks for Ukyo amongst the powder from the flour. He soon sees a dark mass and jumps for it, luckily it does turn out to be Ukyo, however, when Ranma puts his hand of Ukyo's chest he squeezes something. Ukyo quickly slaps Ranma for this and after Ranma recovers shortly afterwards he can see something under Ukyo's clothes and nervously asks "'Scuse me... Are those Breasts...?"

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