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Say You Love Me!! (好きだと言え!! Suki da to ie!!?) is the 231st chapter of the manga. It is also the second chapter of the Reversal Jewel Arc.


Ranma is determined to get Shampoo to love him again one way or another.

Plot Overview

Ranma looks into a hand mirror to check himself before visiting Shampoo. He is carrying a bouquet of roses and is determined to make her love him again. Meanwhile at the Cat Café, Shampoo is happily sweeping the storefront. While Cologne is mopping the inside, she notices that Shampoo removed the brooch when she changed. Without the brooch, Shampoo will be just as happy to see Ranma as she was before she had it on.

Shampoo beats up Ranma with the roses after having the brooch back on her.

Ranma arrives to the restaurant with all the charm he can muster. He presents the roses to Shampoo who is more than happy to receive them. Her attitude baffles Ranma and Shampoo does not remember ever hating him, so Ranma assumes that she has gotten over it. Just then, Cologne puts the brooch back on Shampoo, prompting her to grab Ranma by his shirt and start slapping him with the bouquet, followed by a kick to send him flying.

Mousse watches from a distance and inquires about Shampoo's behavior, which Cologne gladly reveals. Mousse feels that this may be a chance for him to be in a more favorable light with Shampoo and rushes to her, but still receives a beating. Cologne then turns him into a duck and puts him in a cage so he doesn't tell anyone about it, especially Ranma.

In school, Ranma is studying a magazine to get some tips on how to be popular with girls. He reads that one thing he can try is to make Shampoo laugh. He snickers to himself and prepares his attack, while Akane looks on with disdain.

Ranma hops on top of Shampoo's bike during her delivery and starts telling her a joke. But before he can finish, Shampoo kicks him away to a nearby roof.

Akane beats up Ranma after Shampoo ignored him.

Next, he reads that he should try to make Shampoo come to him. He figures that the best way to do this is to be close to Akane. He asks her to walk home with him, but takes a detour in Cat Café's direction. As Shampoo approaches on her bike, he greets her while holding Akane close. This has zero impact on Shampoo's cold demeanor, but it does have an impact on Akane, who realizes what Ranma was trying to do. She gives him a beating and leaves.

As Ranma struggles with walking after receiving the beating, he reads that it would help if he can be a subject of pity. He sees her approaching again and attempts to get her attention with desire for sympathy, but instead is rolled over by her bike. Shampoo leaves to her next destination without ever turning back. Ranma, now beaten and with a tread mark, is laughed away by neighboring kids.

Ranma returns home to Soun smoking and Nabiki lounging. She tells him that the only reason Shampoo ever fell for him was because of the Joketsuzoku traditional law of marrying the man that bests a woman in a fight. While Nabiki probably said this to make Ranma stop thinking about Shampoo, it only makes Ranma realize what he could do to win Shampoo back.

He encounters Shampoo and this time she stops in front of him. He challenges her to a fight after reminding her of the traditional laws. Shampoo gives another cold look before accepting and preparing for the fight. She starts the fight by lashing out with punches, but Ranma easily dodges everything. He jumps behind her, grabs her hand and pins her against a wall, winning the fight.

Shampoo declares that she will never love Ranma.

Ranma believes that she will react in the same way she did when he first bested her as a male, but Shampoo only cries. She solemnly accepts her defeat, but proclaims that while he may have her body, he will never have her heart. These traumatizing words pierce into Ranma as crowds gather around the couple. Rumors begins spreading that Ranma is a pervert and attempted to force himself on poor Shampoo. Akane is befuddled at this news and Ranma, filled with embarrassment, flees to a rooftop. Just then, he encounters Cologne.

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