Secret Treasure * Brocade Butterfly (秘宝・錦の蝶 Hiho * nishiki no cho?) is the 324th chapter of the manga and the second chapter of the Rakkyosai Arc.

Rakutaro is in a fanatical search for Brocade Butterfly while Ranma wonders just what it is.

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Search for the BrocadeEdit

Rakkyosai and happosai

Flashback of Rakkyosai and Happosai. Happosai is on the right.

Long ago in a distant land, Happosai overheard that Rakkyosai had made something wondrous. Rakkyosai reveals it to be the brocade butterfly, but upon revealing it to him Rakkyosai is hit on the head by a mallet and the brocade is stolen by Happosai.

One night in the dojo, Rakutaro rummages through Happosai's room to find the missing treasure. He is interrupted by Ranma, who confidently steps on his head so they can finish their fight. Rakutaro then leaps into the air and prepares his attack, but Ranma is able to easily counter the move and write "idiot" on his forehead with a marker.

Unexpectedly, Rakutaro begins crying, which gets the attention of Akane, Nabiki, and Soun. Upon seeing Akane, Rakutaro jumps to her chest to be embraced by her. But before he can reach her, Soun gets between them and offers to comfort him instead. Rakutaro is horrified and changes course, splashes Ranma with water and snuggles in her breasts instead.

The ruckus is loud enough to wake Happosai, who hits Ranma and Rakutaro hard enough to be ejected through the roof. The hole created by Happosai reveals a hidden box, which falls on him as the rest of the spectators return to bed.

Brocade butterflyEdit

Among the items strewn around when the box fell on his head, Happosai notices a box labeled "Brocade Butterfly".

Next morning, Akane asks why Ranma is so hard on Rakutaro. Aside from being a pervert, Ranma is also suspicious of the child's motives, and wonders why he needs the so called Brocade Butterfly. He fears it to be some object of great secrecy for him to be hiding it when Happosai shows up from behind them and presents it as a gift to Akane.

Ranma easily subdues Happosai and takes the box to finally see what it is. Inside the box, he finds an inkstick labeled "Brocade Butterfly". Just then a huge web made of ink unleashes on them and Ranma moves Akane out of the way. Happosai, however, only sees a bra in the middle of the web and reaches out to grab it before getting caught.
Brocade Butterfly

Brocade Butterfly revealed.

Rakutaro shows up and demands possession of the Butterfly Brocade. He flings a brush attached to a rope and steals the box from Ranma. But when he opens it, Rakutaro finds it to contain a strange statue instead. Ranma shows up behind him holding the inkstick and tells him that he must fight to get it.

Battle for the InkstickEdit

Rakutaro accepts the challenge and immediately goes on the offensive. He draws a circle of fire, shoots a bomb made from brush head, and Ranma falls to the ground completely helpless. Akane finally finds him and tells Ranma to stop picking on a small child when he is hit on the head with Rakutaro's large brush and the inkstick is stolen away.

Happosai catches up with Rakutaro and with tears in his eyes tells him that the inkstick was a willful gift to him by Rakkyosai, and he will do his best to have it remain in his hands. Rakutaro makes a single swipe with his brush and knocks Happosai down. Meanwhile, Ranma devises a plan to retrieve the inkstick. He splashes himself with the water and runs off. When she catches up with them, Ranma sees them fighting over the stick on a rooftop. Ranma unbuttons her top and shows her breasts to them, enticing both perverts to come to her.
Ranma falls towards Bathhouse

Ranma, holding onto Rakutaro and Happosai, falls towards the bathhouse.

Ranma grabs them both and crashes through the roof of a bathhouse. She falls in the hot water and turns back to his normal self, horrifying the perverts snuggled in his man-chest. Just then he hears Rakutaro talking in an unfamiliar tone. He lets him go and the figure that emerged was a much older man who was furious at Ranma. Happosai instantly recognizes him to be Rakkyosai, his long lost friend.

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