Serious Side Effects (副作用の悲劇 Fukusayo no higeki?) is the 113th chapter of the manga it is also the third and final chapter of the Super Soba Arc.

Akane refuses to believe Ranma about the side-effects thinking he is only jealous of her power. Ranma agrees to have a badminton match against her, and show her that power is not everything. Once he has her pinned, Akane feels something on her face and scrambles out of the ring.

Plot Overview

Ranma vs. Akane?!

Ranma in explosion - Serious Side Effects

Ranma is caught in an explosion from the Birdies.

Ranma has changed into his female form in order to fight Akane in Martial Arts Badminton. After Akane swinging the giant racket she got earlier with ease (much to the audience's awe), she begins to remember back to when Ranma told her the side effects of the Super Soba, which'll cause Akane to grow whiskers. The flashback continues with Akane commenting on how Ranma is just jealous of her power before telling Ranma that she'll only take the antidote if Ranma beats her in Martial Arts Badminton, a challenge which Ranma accepts.

Back in the present time, Ranma decides to test Akane's skill by hitting five Birdies at her at once. Unfortunately for Ranma, Akane is easily able to swat back the Birdies with her giant racket. Unable to hit the Birdies back again, Ranma suffers from the ensuing explosion due to her not hitting them in time.

The Fight Continues

As the smoke clears, Ranma seems to have disappeared with only her Kimono falling to the floor of the ring. As Akane angrily looks for where Ranma has run off to, Ranma has managed to sneak behind Akane and bats a Birdie directly onto Akane's head, hoping for it's contents to help her. Sadly a rather harmless Kagami mochi appears from the Birdie and Akane immediately takes a swing at Ranma with the giant racket.

Giant Birdie - Serious Side Effects

Soun and Genma decide to help Ranma by throwing a giant Birdie full of large chains.

After avoiding the attack, Ranma hits another Birdie in Akane's direction, this time missing and causing a flurry of forks to fly towards her. Seeing that Akane's on the defensive, Soun and Genma decide to help Ranma out and throw a massive Birdie. Unsurprisingly Ranma is unable to hit the Birdie and a maelstrom of large chains come flying out of the Birdie. Akane quickly slices the chains with the racket, but Ranma swiftly uses the sliced chains to pin down Akane's arms and legs before securing the rest of her body with the remaining chain.

Ranma looks down at the pinned Akane and declares herself the victor, meaning Akane will have to take the antidote now. However, Akane refuses to give up and musters all her strength to lift the chains off her. At that moment Akane feels something on her face and quickly runs away in embarrassment. As Akane flees, Ranma comments on how it must've been too late. She continues by saying it was Akane's own fault before being hit by the portion of the ring Akane lifted up while escaping from the chains.

Comforting Akane

Akane with whiskers - Serious Side Effects

Ranma can't help but laugh at the sight of Akane with whiskers.

Some time passes and Ranma (now back in his male form) finds Akane hiding away from everyone atop a tree. Ranma tells Akane that her whiskers look pretty good on her, but can't stop himself from laughing when he actually sees them when Akane starts crying. Akane quickly stops Ranma laughing by attempting to hit him with the top portion of the tree. In order to make her feel better, Ranma gives Akane the antidote to which Akane responds to by apologizing to Ranma for believing him to be jealous of her power. As Akane takes the antidote, Ranma tells her not to be so stupid and asks her if she thinks he's that kind of guy.

Sure enough after taking the antidote, Akane's whiskers disappear. Seeing her back to normal, Ranma happily tells Akane that she's the he knows before noting how glad he is. This comment from Ranma surprises Akane.

That evening at the Tendo Dojo, Ranma gets his own back by having multiple arm wrestling contests against Akane and winning each time. As Ranma comments that in a fair fight Akane doesn't stand a chance and Akane prepares to hit him with a mallet, Kasumi and Nabiki wonder if Ranma's been holding a grudge since Akane beat him in arm wrestling. But Nabiki sarcastically notes that they must be mistaken.

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  • When Ranma breaks the Birdie over Akane's head, the item that comes out is called a Kagami mochi, an item commonly associated with New Year's in Japan.


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