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Shampoo's Sudden Switch - The Curse of the Contrary Jewel (シャンプー豹変! 反転宝珠の禍 Shampoo Hyōhen! Hanten Hōju no Wazawai?), also listed by Viz Media as Desperately Seeking Shampoo, is the first Ranma ½ OVA.

Shampoo discovers a broach which makes her feel the opposite of her true feelings for Ranma. Ranma begins to panic at the thought of losing one of his fiancees, and plans to tell Shampoo that he loves her.

Plot Overview

One Morning in Furinkan

Ranma and Akane are running across a bridge on their way Furinkan High School, to which they are going to be late getting to. Just then the pair hear a bell ring and see Shampoo riding her bike along the railing that goes next to the river bank.

Shampoo plays with Ranma's mouth.

Shampoo quickly jumps off her bike, knocking it to the ground, so she can hug Ranma, who she is overjoyed to see. Shampoo stretches Ranma's cheeks and asks him if he's happy to see here, to which Ranma mumbles he's very happier. Akane, still running, steps on Ranma's face and tells him, in a rather annoyed tone, she's going on ahead and to take his time.

Shampoo wonders why Akane's such a violent girl. Ranma, meanwhile, tries to make Akane wait, but Shampoo interrupts and hugs him, asking if he wants to stay with her. Ranma tries to explain to Shampoo that she's going to make him late, to which Shampoo tells Ranma not to go to school and take her on a date instead.

At the Cat Café, Cologne is cleaning a large pile of jewellery when Shampoo returns from doing deliveries. After greeting Cologne, Shampoo notices the large pile of jewelry and notes how beautiful it is. Cologne tells Shampoo she used to wear it in her younger days and continues by telling Shampoo she can pick anyone she likes, before hoping off.

Shampoo finds a small jewelry box, which contains the Reversal Jewel.

Once Cologne has left Shampoo to it, she inspects the pile and notices an odd box mixed with the jewelry that has a sealed lock on it. However, Shampoo easily breaks the aged lock and sees the broach inside, which Shampoo describes as beautiful. Shampoo soon becomes entranced by the jewel and just stares at it in silence.

Back with Akane and Ranma, and Akane begins to enquire about Shampoo's relationship with Ranma, citing that the only reason she's still after him is because he leaves her hanging. Angered, Ranma asks Akane what is he meant to do, tell Shampoo to go and take a hike?

An angry Shampoo grabs Ranma's shirt, just before punching him.

Just then Shampoo appears and slams Ranma in the face with her front bike wheel. Shampoo asks Ranma why he's in here way, which angers Ranma who is about to shout at her. However, Shampoo interrupts by telling Ranma that if he has no business with her then he should get out of her hair and then punches Ranma into the air.

A slightly confused Akane observes this scene, as Shampoo cycles away the broach she found and is now wearing glints.

After Ranma Gets Attacked by Shampoo

At the Tendo Dojo, Genma and Soun are trying to cool themselves off with a fan. Ranma, screaming, then falls into the Koi pond and splashes the pair with the cold water, turning Genma into his cursed form, while Ranma (who’s also in his cursed form as well) lies face down in the pond, gurgling something.

Some time passes and Ranma is out of the Koi pond and being seen to by Akane. Akane asks Ranma if she did anything to anger Shampoo, to which Ranma says that she couldn't be happier as it would be nice to get rid of her once-and-for-all.

Ranma becomes angered when Nabiki says that the word is Shampoo's dumped him.

Nabiki then walks in and begins to tell Ranma that she heard that Shampoo gave him the old "heave-ho". Nabiki continues to comment about this until Ranma angrily shouts that they weren't exactly dating, so it's not like she dumped him. In his anger, Ranma accidentally puts soy sauce on his shaved ice and is obviously disgusted by the taste when he tries it.

As Ranma coughs in reaction to the horrible taste, Nabiki says she's unconvinced, while Kasumi notes that it seems Ranma cares after all.

Ranma Goes to See Shampoo

After returning to his male form, Ranma goes to the Cat Café in order to talk to Shampoo. When he enters, Shampoo believes him to be another customer until she looks at his face and is put aback in disgust.

Ranma says hi to Shampoo, but she just pouts in reply. Undeterred, Ranma asks her why she's mad, but Shampoo says that she isn't mad. Continuing, Ranma says that's fine but then asks her what's with her attitude and places his hand on her shoulder.

Cologne enters the room, just as Ranma gets thrown against a wall.

This is viewed as a step too far by Shampoo who proceeds to slap Ranma repeatably as punishment. Cologne hears the ruckus and asks what all the fuss is about, just when Ranma is thrown against a wall. A cold tension is past between Ranma and Shampoo, when Mousse appears and stands on Ranma's back. Drawing from his years of experience of being rejected by Shampoo, Mousse determines that Ranma is now 120 times more disliked by Shampoo than he is. This statement shocks and surprises Ranma.

Cologne, meanwhile, looks at Shampoo and notices she's wearing the Reversal Jewel, a secret jewel of their tribe that when worn rightside-up amplifies a wears feelings for a person, but when upside-down turns that love into bitter hatred. Shampoo is wearing the broach upside-down, explaining her hatred towards Ranma.

Mousse tries to ask Shampoo what's the meaning of all this, but is interrupted by Ranma who tells Shampoo he's not leaving until she tells him what's going on. Shampoo throws a bucket of water over Mousse and Ranma, turning them into their cursed forms, saying that if Ranma won't leave then she'll just leave.

Ranma chases after Shampoo to try and find out what's going on.

Undeterred still, Ranma chases after Shampoo and tells her to wait. After the two have left, Mousse quacks frantically while Cologne says that this is the terrifying power of the Reversal Jewel. Cologne then continues by saying that this could be a blessing in disguise as when one runs the another must pursuit, so is the way of human emotion and perhaps Ranma will even catch Shampoo!

After chasing Shampoo over several rooftops, Ranma catches up and the pair stop on the roof of a large, concrete, building. Shampoo asks Ranma when he'll stop chasing her, to which Ranma replies he will when she tells him what's going on. Shampoo says she'll tell and signals Ranma to come closer so she can say it in her ear.

However, Shampoo screams down Ranma's ear and begins to beat him up. As she beats Ranma up, Shampoo says she never wants to see him again and if she does she'll scrape him off like soap scum. Ranma is then punched in the face by Shampoo and sent him flying into the air.

Landing atop the roof of a house, Ranma stands up and begins to laugh. While laughing, Ranma says that if that's the way she wants to play it, he won't stop until Shampoo says "I love you!" to him.

Meanwhile, Akane, who's cleaning plates with Kasumi, suddenly breaks one in half. As Akane stands in shock at what she's heard, Kasumi wonders if it was a battle cry.

Ranma is confused at Shampoo's sudden change in behaviour again.

That evening, Ranma goes to where Shampoo is, While Shampoo was taking a shower. Ranma enters, carrying a rose bouquet and notifies Shampoo of his presence. Shampoo, who was having a shower in the other room when Ranma entered, wraps a towel around herself and runs up to hug Ranma, delighted he's come to see her.

As a confused Ranma wonders why Shampoo's suddenly in a better mood, Cologne notices the pair and panics. Cologne grabs the broach off Shampoo's top and puts in the back of her towel, causing it to take effect again. Shampoo angrily looks up to Ranma and punches him, sending Ranma skyward, while calling him a peeping-tom.

Mousse appears and asks Cologne what she did to Shampoo, but not before calling her a "dried-up monkey". This angers Cologne who hits Mousse face-first into a wall with her walking stick. Cologne then takes Mousse away and explains to him about Shampoo wearing the Reversal Jewel. Mousse believes this to be his chance to go out with Shampoo, but when he tells her he loves her, Mousse just gets beaten up as usual. As Mousse lies on the floor beaten up, Cologne goes up to him and asks him if he'll remain quiet about the Reversal Jewel.

The Next Day

Ranma reads the "Saotome's School of Making Women Fall in Love with You".

On another bright day at Furinkan, Ranma is sat atop a telephone pole and reading a scroll called the "Anything Goes Martial Arts Saotome's School of Making Women Fall in Love with You". Ranma reads the first step which is that if she's cold make her laugh as she'll love you for it.

Ranma tries out the step by tracking down Shampoo, who's out on deliveries. After jumping on the back of her bike, Ranma tells Shampoo a joke and asks her "Why does the Weeping Willow weep?", but Shampoo quickly replies "Because the mother was a Pine". Shampoo then tells Ranma if he wants to make her smile then he should go and jump into a Cursed Spring. Just then Shampoo rounds a corner and as Ranma isn't concentrating, he slams straight into a wall.

At Furinkan High School's footlockers, Ranma reads the second step which is if you can't push, pull, as a woman spurned is a woman intrigued. Ranma sees Akane and tells her to come over to him. The two are then walking briskly towards the Cat Café, with Ranma tightly holding on to Akane's hand.

Akane beats up Ranma for him using her to get to Shampoo.

Shampoo then comes into view and so Ranma puts his arm around Akane's shoulder, while saying hi to Shampoo. However, this causes no reaction from Shampoo who cycles away, much to Ranma's disappointment. Unfortunately for Ranma, this display has angered Akane considerably and so she beats him up for it.

Now struggling to stand thanks to Akane's beating, Ranma reads step three which says that to play on her natural instincts and show her that you need her and she'll be all yours. Ranma then hears Shampoo's bicycle bell ring, but before he can try anything, Ranma gets run over by Shampoo who tells him to get out of the road.

That night, Ranma returns to the Tendo Dojo and has his injuries seen to by Kasumi. Soun enquires to Ranma what these things he's hearing about him chasing after Shampoo, to which Ranma replies that it's a guy thing and it has nothing to do with him. Nabiki then pipes up and reminds Ranma the only reason Shampoo ever liked him in the first place was because of her tribal law and he should get a hold of himself.

This strikes a cord with Ranma who exclaims with excitement that he wonder's why he didn't think of it sooner. Akane, with her back to Ranma, looks on at the garden with a shocked look on her face.

Ranma's Puts His Plan in Motion

Ranma challenges Shampoo to a fight.

The next morning while students are going to Furinkan High, Shampoo is out doing more deliveries. She is then intercepted by Ranma who reminds her about her being forced to marry the person who beats her, as set by the rules of her tribe. Ranma continues by declaring a challenge to Shampoo, which she accepts.

The two of them begin to fight and seem easily matched at first, but Ranma grabs both of Shampoo's wrists making her lose due to being unable to fight back. Ranma waits for Shampoo to say that she loves him, but instead Shampoo begins to cry and tells Ranma that although he can have her body... he can never have her heart!

Shampoo tells Ranma he can't have her heart.

As Shampoo withdraws and holds herself, her words have echoed across the crowd of students which have gathered. This creates a backlash for Ranma as people are seeing this as him forcing himself upon Shampoo. Nabiki, also amongst the crowd, asks a completely shocked Akane if she knew this was getting to Ranma so much.

While Ranma stands, slightly panicking, Kuno appears behind him and tells Ranma to keep his love platonic. Ranma ignores Kuno and uses him as a step so he can jump away from the other students.

Ranma ends up atop a roof and screams at the top of his lungs, soon followed by asking himself how this happened to him. Cologne then appears behind Ranma and notes that he seems to be having trouble, and goes on to suggest that they join forces.

Offscreen, Cologne explains to Ranma that in order for Shampoo to say she loves him, he must first admit his love for her and by losing he'll win. (Back onscreen) Ranma goes off to Furinkan High School building, where he thinks about what Cologne said and wonders if it can really be that easy.

Mousse Interferes

Back in the Cat Cafe kitchen and Mousse, in his duck form, is pecking away vigorously at the bottom of a bar of the cage he's been put it. Mousse only stops when he hears Cologne return and begin to talk to Shampoo. Cologne informs Shampoo that she has great news, which is that Ranma has declared his love for her. Due to the Reversal Jewel, Shampoo is angered by the news and wishes Ranma was boiled alive.

Cologne removes the Reversal Jewel from Shampoo.

Hearing this, Cologne is reminded about Shampoo wearing the Jewel, so uses he walking stick to remove it. Now no longer under the Jewel's influence Shampoo becomes overjoyed with the news and asks Cologne is the news is true. Cologne confirms the new is true and that when Ranma confesses his love to her they'll have the wedding at the Cat Cafe. Still overjoyed with the news, Shampoo says that she never realized that she'd become a bride so soon. Mousse quickly ceases his chance and grabs the Reversal Jewel out of Cologne's hand and flies off.

Mousse continues to fly until he arrives at Furinkan High. Akane is eating outside with Yuka and Sayuri when they hear Mousse's voice, declaring that he's glad he's finally found Akane and has urgent news for her. However, when Akane turns around, Mousse is actually talking to a statue of Principal Kuno.

A bit of time passes and Akane is now alone with Mousse explaining the Reversal Jewel to her. Akane then learns that this is now why Shampoo has been acting oddly. Just then a large number of envelopes begin to fall from the sky.

Akane opens the envelope and finds an invite letter.

After first wondering what's going on, Akane opens one the envelopes which contain an invite to Ranma declaring his love for Shampoo at the Cat Café today at 4 o'clock. Obviously concerned and angered by this Akane and Mousse decide to head out to the Cat Café together.

Meanwhile, Ranma is standing high up on a tree branch thinking about what Cologne said. After mulling it over a bit more, Ranma begins to think he's lost his control of women when suddenly he gets attacked by multiple spatulas. When Ranma gets out of the tree one of the envelopes that was falling earlier gets thrown at him, which he catches.

Ukyo demands and explanation from Ranma about the invite letters.

Unsurprisingly, the attack was from Ukyo who demands to know how Ranma can tell Shampoo he loves her when he's engaged to her. Mousse and Akane arrive at this point, but hide in some bushes and observe. Ranma places his hands on Ukyo's shoulders and asks her to tell him if she loves him, as it's really important to him.

Meanwhile, Akane gets angered by this scene, and Ukyo begins to get embarrassed but does manage to stutter out that she loves him. Ukyo continues, however, by slapping Ranma telling him how he can expect someone to just say it. She then attacks Ranma with her giant Spatula, slamming Ranma into a tree and runs off, declaring that she's so embarrassed.

Cologne renders Akane and Mousse unconscious.

Ranma backs up slightly from the tree he was launched in to and now knows from this exchange that he's still got it and now he'll make Shampoo declare her love for him. Akane and Mousse, meanwhile, stand almost speechless at this, and can only compare Ranma to Casanova. Mousse then says he wants to strike Ranma, which Akane invites him to, but Mousse gets splashed with cold water while Akane is rendered unconscious. It turns out to be Cologne who's responsible, who tells them its nothing personal, but she can't have them interfering.

The Time Arrives

Ranma wearing his tuxedo.

Ranma, now sporting a tuxedo and a rose bouquet, is about to leave when Soun grabs ahold of his leg not to go out like this. Ranma tells Soun not to worry as he'll make them all proud and then departs. After he leaves, Kasumi comments that she thinks Ranma's getting in over his head, to which Nabiki agrees.

Back at the Cat Café and a private party is being held, which includes students from Furinkan High. In one of the back rooms, Shampoo is putting on her makeup when Cologne tells her she isn't to speak or smile until Ranma confesses his love. Shampoo tells Cologne not to worry. Cologne tells everyone to get into their positions, which requires them to hide under the tables until Ranma confesses his love.

Cologne notes that the stage is set and all that remains is for the actors to say their lines, and with this many witnesses, Ranma can't back out. Shampoo then tells Ranma to hurry up and confess his love for her.

Meanwhile, Akane dreams about Ranma confessing his love to Shampoo and her arriving saying she loves him too, but gets turned down by Ranma and Shampoo. Akane wakes up and is reminded about the situation by Mousse, but has a change of heart and says Ranma can rot for all she cares. Mousse soon has his own interpretation, however, Mousse was served as Shampoo's dish for Ranma once Ranma had confessed his love for her, much to Mousse's surprise about Ranma marrying Shampoo and after waking up tries to change Akane's mind. After an unsuccessful attempt, Mousse sees no other choice so puts the Reversal Jewel on Akane, this time the right side up, making Akane fall madly in love with Ranma.

By now Ranma has actually arrived at the Cat Café and is sat next to Shampoo trying to confess his love. However, Ranma is struggling to do so and sits next to her saying nothing for 57 minutes.

Akane appears and confesses her love to Ranma.

Ranma soon plucks up the courage to tell Shampoo he loves her, but before he can Akane appears and tells Ranma she loves him. Having had enough of waiting, the witnesses jump out and do what they would have done if Ranma had done the same to Shampoo.

Suspicious to how this happened, Cologne notices that Akane is wearing the Reversal Jewel right side up. After Shampoo messes up by saying she loves Ranma, but he says he loves her, Ranma and Akane begin to talk. Ranma then says he was surprised that she's so cute, underneath that tomboy exterior of hers. Unknown to Ranma, Cologne removed the Reversal Jewel while he was talking, so Akane is insulted by Ranma's comment.

Akane grabs Ranma by the scruff of his shirt and punches him out of the window and into a pile of garbage. As Ranma wonders why, Kuno and Ryoga appear and tell Ranma that it's time he paid for the crimes he has committed against Akane.

The Aftermath

Ranma is left in bandages from Ryoga and Kuno's attack.

A nurse removes a "no visitors" sign from a room. It is then revealed that Ryoga and Kuno beat Ranma so severely that he is now ended up in a hospital, covered in bandages and casts. Shampoo, Cologne, Akane and Ukyo are all gather around him, with Akane still mad at Ranma, Ukyo being furious demanding Ranma to explain who did this to him, while Shampoo just peeling an apple with a knife (Cologne obviously being neutral). Hiroshi and Daisuke walk in along with the occupants on the Tendo Dojo. Hiroshi and Daisuke note their jealousy of Ranma always being surrounded by girls, to which Kasumi adds it's like Ranma has his own personal harem. Ranma, meanwhile, sarcastically mutters that he couldn't be happier.

Cast in Order of Appearance

Character Name Japanese Voice English Voice
Ranma Saotome (male) Kappei Yamaguchi Sarah Strange
Akane Tendo Noriko Nagai Myriam Sirois
Shampoo (human) Rei Sakuma Cathy Weseluck
Cologne Miyoko Asou Kathleen Barr
Genma Saotome (human, panda) Kenichi Ogata Robert O. Smith
Soun Tendo Ryunosuke Ohbayashi David Kaye
Ranma Saotome (female) Megumi Hayashibara Brigitta Dau
Kasumi Tendo Kikuko Inoue Willow Johnson
Nabiki Tendo Minami Takayama Angela Costain
Mousse (human, duck) Toshihiko Seki Brad Swaile
Ryoga Hibiki (P-chan, human) Koichi Yamadera Michael Donovan
Hiroshi and Daisuke Koji Tsujitani (Hiroshi)
Takehito Koyasu (Daisuke)
Michael Donovan (Hiroshi)
Robert O. Smith (Daisuke)
Tatewaki Kuno Hirotaka Suzuoki Ted Cole
Yuka and Sayuri Masami Toshima (Yuka)
Yoshiko Kamei (Sayuri)
Willow Johnson (Yuka)
Kathleen Barr (Sayuri)
Principal Kuno (cameo, as statue) N/A N/A
Ukyo Kuonji Hiromi Tsuru Kelly Sheridan



  • When Shampoo hits Ranma with her bike a second time, during the screen flash a picture of Shampoo in a towel from later in the episode is shown.
  • There are numerous differences between the chapters on which the OVA is based:
    • Shampoo lands her bike on Ranma when he arrives at school in the morning.
    • Shampoo runs over Ranma on a fence after she begins wearing the Reversal Jewel.
    • When Ranma goes to the Cat Café he is with Hiroshi and Daisuke and it is the same day that Shampoo rejected him. Numerous other students also witness the rejection.
    • Ranma meets with Shampoo on the roof of a house in Furinkan as opposed to pursuing her. He is in his male form when he vows to get her to say that she loves him.
    • When he goes to the Cat Café with the bouquet Ranma is wearing his Mao suit.
    • Ranma gets his ideas of how to make Shampoo jealous from a magazine.
    • Mousse is able to fly while still in his cage and steal the Reversal Jewel. When he arrives at Furinkan High School he is wearing the cage around his neck in his normal form.
    • Ukyo is wearing her gakuran jacket when she confronts Ranma.
    • Shampoo is on a swing waiting for Ranma at the Cat Café, which is near a congratulatory ball. They end up falling off the swing and onto a table.
    • Soun tries to interfere dressed in his samurai armour.
    • Hikaru Gosunkugi is one of the guests waiting under a table, and is saddened when Akane tells Ranma that she loves him.
    • Akane punches Ranma through the roof when the Reversal Jewel is removed from her. Kuno and Ryoga do not appear.
    • The other members of the Tendo family do not visit Ranma in the hospital.
  • Ranma and Akane's school friends have different actors in this OAV instead of the ones from the TV series (given that this was dubbed into English first it's understandable).
  • During Akane's dream in the dub, Daisuke and Hiroshi's mouthes move but nothing can be heard.


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