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Shampoo's unnamed father is a very minor character who traveled with his daughter and Cologne to Furinkan after Shampoo acquired her Jusenkyo curse. After settling in the area Shampoo's father became Cat Café's cook. It is unknown if Shampoo's father is a native Joketsuzoku, or just married into the family.


Shampoo's father sees his daughters curse.

After Shampoo is unable to defeat Ranma in Japan when she learns that male and female Ranma are the same person, she returns to China and meets with Cologne at Jusenkyo. Whilst the two fight above the cursed spring, Shampoo's father watches from the sidelines with the Jusenkyo Guide. Unfortunately, Shampoo falls into one of the springs, much to her father's concern. Once his daughter emerges from the water, the Jusenkyo Guide explains that Shampoo has fallen into the Spring of Drowned Cat (Maonīchuan).[1]

After this point Shampoo's father went with Shampoo and Cologne to work and live in the Cat Café[2], where he is occasionally seen cooking food to then be served by Shampoo.[3][2][4]


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  • Shampoo! My daughter! - Shampoo's father after seeing her newly acquired cursed form.

Non-canon Appearances

His most prominent role is as the boss of the video game Ranma ½. He challenges Ranma in anger over him "playing with his daughter's heart." [5] In the game he can shoot fireballs and create copies of himself. [6]


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