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Showdown! (続・対決 Zoku・taiketsu?) is the 12th chapter of the manga and the third chapter of the Ryoga Hibiki Intro Arc.


Ryoga continues to amaze everyone with his incredible strength as he lifts himself and Ranma into he air with one hand.

Plot Overview

Ranma dodges Ryoga and kicks him.

Akane shouts towards Ranma about Ryoga's strength and warns Ranma to get away as fast as he can. Ryoga smirks and says he's been found out, but it's too late. Ryoga then tries to attack Ranma, but Ranma ducks underneath Ryoga, spins round, and kicks Ryoga in the back of his head. Ranma then sits on Ryoga asking him what he found out too late. This angers Ryoga who then pushes and lifts both himself and Ranma off the ground, much to shock and surprise of the audience.

Continuing the show of his strength, Ryoga manages to launch himself and Ranma into the air with his one free arm. While is the air Ryoga spins Ranma back round to face him and tries to kick Ranma, but Ranma dodges the kick and is able to spin over Ryoga and break free of Ryoga's bandana. Ranma then proceeds to kick Ryoga, sending him flying and narrowly miss the crowd of students and land on the surrounding grass. Ranma then comes in for another attack, but Ryoga kicks the area in front of Ranma making him flinch just long enough for Ryoga to roll over and grab his Umbrella.

Ranma angrily tries to hit Ryoga.

Ryoga then turns and lunges at Ranma with his Umbrella, but Ranma kicks Ryoga in the face simultaneously making it so that Ryoga's Umbrella only grazes Ranma. However, despite being only grazed Ranma's shirt gets ripped by the Umbrella, much to Ranma's anger as it's his favourite shirt. Ryoga tells Ranma to stop behaving like a girl. This strikes a cord with Ranma, who then angrily attacks Ryoga with a series of kicks. However, Ryoga jumps backwards and over the fence to avoid the kicks.

Ranma quickly follows after Ryoga and, after Ranma sees Ryoga taking a quick breather, Ranma shouts to Ryoga who he's calling a girl. Ranma then tries to kick Ryoga again, but Ryoga jumps away causing Ranma to destroy the water fountain he was stood on instead. The other students run towards the large upsurge of water that came from the destroyed fountain. While Akane fears what could've happened to Ranma, Ryoga uses his Umbrella to stop the water from touching him.

Ranma manages to hit Ryoga again.

Just then the now female Ranma tries to punch Ryoga, but he avoids it. Ranma then lands in front of Ryoga and causes him great confusion as to why he is now a girl he's fighting. Ryoga then tries to make Ranma wait so he can know who she is, but Ranma doesn't listen and jumps towards Ryoga and kicks him (as Ryoga had become distracted by Ranma's exposed breasts). Ryoga wonders if this is Ranma and Ranma says who does it look like. Akane then turns up and informs Ranma he's become female (as Ranma himself obviously hadn't noticed).

Ranma, having realised her breasts are exposed, covers them up and begins to ask Ryoga why he doesn't just start laughing. Ranma continues saying she doesn't know what made Ryoga so bitter, but she has to deal with this cursed body and still in stride as well as still treating other's with kindness (Akane looks on unimpressed with Ranma's speech). Ryoga then begins laughing and asking Ranma why he calls that a "curse". While doing this Ryoga also takes off several more bandanas from around his head.

Ryoga's Umbrella about to hit Ranma.

Ryoga then grips the bandanas very tightly while continuing to say to Ranma that it isn't a curse and she shouldn't be whining about misery when she has that figure. Ryoga then proceeds to throw the bandanas at Ranma, which to begin to spin almost like Shurikens. The students then finally appear to see the rest of the fight, but are terrified when their hair gets cut by the spinning bandanas.

Akane then begins to run in order to get some hot water. Seeing this Ranma tells her not to move, but she refuses to listen and keeps running, only to get her foot caught on a Tree root and trips over. Some bandanas then but Akane's skirt as she falls and Ranma runs towards her. Ryoga takes advantage of this opening and throws his Umbrella towards Ranma and Akane.

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  • Ranma! Get away from him! fast!! He has the strength of a monster! - Akane warning Ranma about Ryoga.
  • Well?! Who're you calling... a girl?! - Ranma's response to Ryoga calling him a girl.
  • Water! They've cracked the very earth! Even worse! It's the water fountain! - A student's comments about the sudden upsurge of water caused by Ranma and another student's response.
  • Ra... Ra... Ranma? Who do I look like you stupid jerk?! - Ryoga looking at the now female Ranma for the first time and Ranma's response.
  • [laughs] It is to laugh! That... you call a curse? Whining about misery... with such an adorable figure! - Ryoga's response to Ranma's speech about him living with his curse.


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