Special Move * Wild Butterfly Dance! (奥義・胡蝶乱舞 Ogi * kocho ranbu?) is the 325th chapter of the manga and the third and last chapter of the Rakkyosai Arc.

With his true identity revealed, Rakkyosai prepares to obtain the Brocade Butterfly at all costs.

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The scene is quiet as Ranma and Happosai learn Rakutaro's true identity was that of Happosai's old friend Rakkyosai. He tells them that he purposely jumped into the Spring of Drowned Child in order to regain his youth, but became much younger than he had expected.
Rakutaro origin

Rakkyosai reveals the origin of his disguise

Rakkyosai then decided to use his young body as a disguise to retrieve his treasure, the Brocade Butterfly. As he was finally in possession of the inkstick, he deems Happosai obsolete and attacks him. Happosai, in a last minute panic, tries to blame Ranma for stealing the inkstick but fails.

Dance of the Butterflies

Rakkyosai uses a foul-smelling attack bad enough to make eyes well up. While distracted, Ranma is suddenly splashed with water and transformed. Rakkyosai claims that by using the inkstick his technique will be complete. Ranma recalls all the attacks that have been unleashed on her previously and fears the worst. Happosai is also worried as to what this new technique entails.

In a single swipe, he uses the Brocade Butterfly to generate sparkling butterflies made from ink. Ranma finds it hard to move away from the enchanting ink and Rakkyosai takes this opportunity to strike. He takes out a piece of paper and lunges toward Ranma, who fortunately snaps out in time and throws several water basins and thwarts the attack. His first attempt fails, but Rakkyosai remains undeterred.
Dance of the Butterflies

Dance of the Butterflies

On the other side of the bathhouse, Happosai is touched that Ranma would sacrifice herself to save him and tries to run away, but is hit by another of Ranma's water basins. As Ranma tries to bring Happosai back, Rakkyosai attempts another Dance of the Butterflies attack.

Before the blow can strike, Ranma uses Happosai as a shield and the paper lands on his face instead. Her angry master presents them a gift of firework. The resulting explosion is large enough for Ranma and Happosai to get away.

Ranma vs Brocade Butterfly

On a rooftop they wonder what the technique is capable of. Ranma looks at Happosai, who appears just fine despite taking a direct hit to the face. She is also unable to comprehend what the paper is used for. Happosai meanwhile thinks back to when he first stole the inkstick. Knowing his old friend to be a giant pervert, he manages to figure out the secret behind Dance of the Butterfly just as Rakkyosai finds them.

Once more the ink butterflies appear and Happosai tells Rakkyosai to use the technique. As Rakkyosai descends, Happosai opens Ranma's shirt to expose her breasts. Ranma doesn't understand what he is trying to do until the papers land directly on Ranma's breasts.

Rakkyosai removes the paper and joyously runs away, stating that he now has Ranma's breast prints on the paper. Ranma is utterly speechless as she realizes that the entire purpose of the technique is to fulfill one's perverted desires. Happosai follows his friend and stands in awe of the ink print made in seven different colors. They rekindle their friendship and Happosai apologizes for what happened 100 years ago.
Rakkyosai overjoyed - Wild Butterfly Dance!

Rakkyosai obtains Ranma's breast prints.

As they frolic across the rooftop Ranma steps on both of their heads and reclaims the paper, tearing it to bits to the horror of the perverted duo. They jump with their weapons in hand and prepare to make more prints. Ranma attempts to fight, but is easily outmatched by the two.

With Happosai and Rakkyosai fighting together Ranma can do nothing but run. As Rakkyosai prepares another Dance of the Butterflies, he suddenly realizes that the inkstick has been replaced by an eraser. Happosai, now in possession of the Brocade Butterfly, thinks about using it for himself. He is ultimately distracted when Ranma shows him a bra, to which he is immediately attracted to. After disposing of Happosai, Ramna takes the inkstick with the intention of destroying it to protect other women that may fall victim to it.

Rakkyosai now comes to his friend's aid but the two are soon caught in Ranma's Hiryū Shōten Ha. But their unrelenting drive to have breast prints forces Ranma to do the unthinkable. She later gives each of them breast prints and tells them that the Brocade Butterfly was destroyed afterwards. They are both overjoyed by her generous gesture but Akane shows concern. She asks Ranma if it's okay for them to have her prints, to which Ranma replies that it was for the greater protection of women everywhere. Elsewhere, it is revealed that the breast prints are actually from a Tanuki statue, but Happosai and Rakkyosai are still blissfully unaware of this.

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