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Step Outside! (おもてに出やがれ! Omote ni deyagare!?) is the 141st chapter of the manga it is also the first and only chapter of the Yotaro Arc.


Genma and Ranma head to the beach for some summer training, but Genma disappears for a week. Ranma finally finds him living it up in a big mansion by the sea. Ranma discovers that Genma has been adopted by a boy named Yotaro who has always wanted a pet panda. The boy has named him Kumahatchi and Genma seems to be enjoying his new life of leisure.

Plot Overview

After having not seen Genma for over a week when they're meant to be on a training journey, Ranma finally gives in and starts searching for her father.

Ranma is surprised when a small boy tells her not to hurt his "Kumahachi".

Shortly after starting her search near a tropical port, Ranma finds her father (in his panda form) relaxing outside a large mansion. Angered at Genma's laziness when they're meant to be training, Ranma starts beating up her father until a small boy cries out to her to stop hurting his "Kumahachi". The boy then calls over "Kumahachi" which makes Ranma wonders if this panda isn't her father after all, but she quickly changes her mind when she sees the boy give "Kumahachi" some rice and fish to eat which the panda breaks some chopsticks to eat with.

Just as Ranma goes in to beat up her father, a woman appears and is shocked at Ranma's presence. The small boy then runs over to her (identifying her as his mother) and asks for reassurance that "Kumahachi" is his panda.

Some time passes and the mother of the boy explains to Ranma that her son, Yotaro, has been very weak from birth and detests going outside to play. She continues by explaining that Yotaro told her that he would only go out if he got her a panda, which left her in despair as she'd already tried everything she could to get her son go outside, until about a week ago when "Kumahachi" appeared.

With this information in hand, Ranma takes back everything she ever said to her father for doing this for Yotaro's mother until she (Yotaro's mother) also reveals that all "Kumahachi" has done since arriving is sleep, eat and lounge around in the house. Seeing that her father has a heart of Brass rather than Gold, Ranma starts dragging Genma away with her when Yotaro reappears and begs for "Kumahachi" to stay.

As Ranma hits Genma for continually eating, Yotaro's mother informs her son that "Kumahachi" belongs to Ranma, but adds that she's agreed to play with him. Ranma initially disagrees with the deal, but is forced to accept when Yotaro's mother lists all the many expensive meals which "Kumahachi" has had.

Some time later and as Yotaro lies in his bed, Ranma tells him that he's making his mother cry before suggesting that he goes outside just for a minute to make her happy again. Yotaro, however, retorts that he'll only do it if Ranma gives him "Kumahachi". Irritated when Genma holds up a sign agreeing with Yotaro's request, Ranma throws hot water other her father in order to reveal his true identity to Yotaro. Unfortunately, Yotaro has suddenly fallen asleep, giving Genma the chance to change back into his panda form.

Ranma nearly punches Yotaro until she sees how scared he is.

Once Yotaro wakes up again, Ranma continues with her suggestions that Yotaro go outside if he doesn't want to be a weakling for the rest of his life and attempts to drag him out of bed. Yotaro, however, holds on with all his strength and manages to maintain a firm hold of his bed (despite Ranma using all her strength to lift it). With Yotaro still in bed Ranma starts losing her patience and tells Yotaro outright that she thinks he's just lazy. This deeply upsets Yotaro who starts throwing a tantrum at Ranma who panics and feebly attempts to calm Yotaro down. Unfortunately for Yotaro he continues by hitting Ranma with small mallets and eventually a large Vase which causes Ranma to finally lose her temper and shout at Yotaro, only to try and calm herself when she sees how frightened Yotaro is.

After calming herself down, Ranma turns to the cowering Yotaro and warmly asks him if he'd like to take her out on a date so that they can cherish the blue skies, white clouds and sparkling rays of sunshine together. However, when Ranma finishes her fantasising she turns to Yotaro and sees he's gone back to sleep again. After Genma holds up a sign commenting on how stupid she looks, Ranma decides she's finally had enough and starts dragging Genma back home with her.

Yotaro's mother is overjoyed at seeing her son running outside.

As Ranma walks to the door Yotaro wakes up and starts chasing his precious "Kumahachi". Ranma, however, ignores Yotaro's pleas and continues heading home. Fortunately as Ranma continues the journey home along the beach outside Yotaro's home they pass Yotaro's mother, who's shocked and overjoyed at finally seeing her son running outside, and watches as Ranma starts running home in the hope of losing the persistent brat.

It's all for nought, however, as Yotaro succeeds in following Ranma back to the Tendo Dojo. Once they return, Kasumi and Akane are surprised at the stamina of the pair to run all the way back from the beach. Yotaro, meanwhile, prepares to have a nap next to "Kumahachi" as Ranma (extremely out of breath) comments on Yotaro's obviously false claim of him being weak and sickly.

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  • This is chronologically the first single-chapter story arc.
  • Yotaro's name for Genma, "Kumahachi", is a combination of the two most popular characters in Rakugo theatre, "Kuma" and "Hachi".


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