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Super Badminton (剛力羽根つき Goriki hanetsuki?) is the 112th chapter of the manga and the second chapter of the Super Soba Arc.


Soun tells Ranma that the Super Soba has some side-effects and gives Ranma the antidote to give to Akane. If she doesn't take it, the male hormones involved in Akane's muscle development will cause her to grow whiskers.

Plot Overview

Akane and Shampoo prepare to fight each other.

As Shampoo and Akane attempt to unnerve each other, the announcer explains that the winner of the match will be decided when the other can no longer compete. He then attempts to explain what'll happen should the girls miss the special Birdies they'll be using. However, before the announcer has time to finish, Shampoo hits the Birdie towards Akane. Unfortunately Akane misses and is wrapped by a series of ropes that emerge from the Birdie. Shampoo quickly hits another Birdie towards Akane, which she obviously misses and as a result is covered in glue.

As the spectators realise that every time they pair miss the Birdie, the Birdie will fight back, Shampoo goes in to finish off Akane. Shampoo slams a third Birdie at Akane, only this time Akane manages to lightly tap it back to Shampoo. However, due to the Super Soba the Birdie flies towards Shampoo with great speed and as she tries to send it back to Akane, Shampoo is sent flying out of the ring. Determined to defeat Shampoo, Akane follows her with a bucket full of Birdies and begins launching them towards Shampoo. As Shampoo desperately dodges the Birdies she begins to wonder how Akane became so strong suddenly.

Meanwhile, Ranma learns from Soun about the side effects of the Super Soba. Soun explains that the Soba multiplies the male hormones many times over in order to increase muscle development. Ranma then jokingly asks if this means Akane will become a guy, but Soun tells Ranma not to be joking. He continues by revealing the Akane will grow whiskers. Ranma attempts to imagine Akane with whiskers, but Soun tells him not to go their. However, this doesn't stop Soun from dressing in a wedding Kimono and asking Ranma if he wants his wife to have a moustache, causing Ranma to reiterate what Soun just said about not going their. Finally, Soun shows Ranma a handful of the berries which counter the Super Soba and instruct him to feed one to Akane, a task which Ranma happily agrees to.

Shampoo steals Happosai's Super Soba to be equally matched with Akane.

Back with Akane and she's lost sight of Shampoo and stops atop a temple roof. She then senses something coming towards her and cuts some of the antidote berries with her bare hand. Ranma then shows up and tells Akane to take the antidote for her own good, but Akane refuses as she's finally stronger than Shampoo.

Unbeknownst to Akane, Shampoo was eavesdropping on the conversation and now knows how Akane became so strong. She then notices Happosai behind her who's about to tuck into another bowl of Super Soba in piece. Shampoo quickly moves in by sending Happosai flying and eating the Soba herself.

Ranma, meanwhile, continues to try to get Akane to take the antidote unless she wants to suffer the side-effects, but before he can finish Shampoo appears and accidentally encases Ranma inside a giant temple bell. Shampoo hands Akane an equally giant racket and Akane realises that Shampoo must've had some Super Soba herself, making them evenly matches. The pair begin to hit the bell back-and-forth between themselves.

Ranma pretends Shampoo is taking her clothes off so Akane will help get him out of the Bell.

As the terrified spectators below (including Soun and Genma in his panda form) look on, the near deafened Ranma decides he'll have to deal with each of the girls one-at-a-time. While he flies towards Shampoo, Ranma manages to shout to her that he wants to tell her something. Intrigued, Shampoo lets the bell fall around them so she can hear what Ranma has to say. When Shampoo gets close, Ranma feeds her the antidote. Shampoo tries to lift the bell again, but is surprised that she can't anymore. Ranma then realises the flaw in his plan as he can't get out either, and it doesn't take Shampoo long to take advantage of her and Ranma being in the dark alone together.

While Akane wonders what's going on outside, Ranma thinks up a plan to get him out. He then shouts loudly to tell Shampoo to put her clothes back on. Unsurprisingly, Akane demands to put a stop to it and cuts the bell in half with her racket. As Shampoo sighs at having her time alone cut short, Ranma laughs and notes how Akane may have muscles, but she still got no brains much to Akane's annoyance. Meanwhile, Genma (now in his human form) comments on Ranma making Akane angry again, Soun sobs and wishes his daughter will take the antidote.

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